Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)

Sambar Podi (Sambar Powder), is an important ingredient in most of our Kitchen, especially South Indian Kitchen. Sambar Powder is very handy and is helpful to make quick sambar and even for poriyal varieties, it would give a nice flavour. Even to make simple tomato rice, adding this sambar powder gives a unique taste compared to other masalas. If we need to make sambar for more persons, then it would be a good option to grind the sambar powder freshly and make Araithuvita Sambar instead of sambar made using sambar powder. But for a family of 4, Homemade sambar powder is the best option. Making homemade sambar powder is very simple. If you are in India, then we have mill and hence we can dry all the ingredients under sun and grind them all in a mill. But, people staying abroad has no option of mills. So we can heat all the ingredients separately in a pan and then grind them all in a mixer to a fine powder. Now, lets see how to make homemade Sambar Powder...

Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)
Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time2 mins
Cooking Time20 mins

Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)
Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)

Red Chillies350gms
Coriander Seeds350gms
Channa dal (Bengal Gram Dal)1/2 Cup
Thur Dal1 Cup
Fenugreek Seeds2 teaspoon
Peppercorns3 tablespoon
Cumin Seeds1 tablespoon
Turmeric Powder*1 tablespoon

* 1 Cup = 250ml
* Generally Virali Manjal (Turmeric Sticks) are used. But, if, we are grinding it in home, then we can use turmeric powder. 
Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)
Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)

  1. If have a nice summer, then dry all the ingredients under the sun. If, we need to make sambar powder during winter or if we are staying abroad, then we have an alternate option of dry roasting each ingredients in a pan. Take a pan and add red chillies. Heat the red chillies in medium flame till they are hot. Do not burn them. Take these hot red chillies in a plate and set it aside. In the same pan, add coriander seeds and saute them till they are hot. Remove these roasted coriander seeds and add it to the plate having red chillies

  2. Next, heat up the peppercorns and take it aside. Then, add channa dal and dry roast it till they are hot. 

  3. Next, dry roast the thurddal till hot and finally dry roast the cumin seeds . Allow all the  dry roasted ingredients to cool off. 

  4. Grind all the roasted ingredients to a nice powder in a mixer or you can also grind them all in a mill. If you are grinding it in home in a mixer, then do not overload the mixie. Grind it in little quantity and then mix them all.

  5. Allow the ground sambar powder to cool off completely and then store it in an air-tight container. Do not use wet spoon or wet hand to have a good shelf life. 
  6. Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)
    Sambar Powder(Sambar Podi/Masala)

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Your recipes are great ... tried some of daughter will be marrying into an Iyengar family and she wants me to learn your dishes. Really wonderful items. Thanks.

ur recipes on pathiya samayal is very useful and great. thanks a lot.

i just saw u r site let me try and comment

your recipe of sambar podi is wonderful! it reminds of the sambar my mom used to make! thankyou

your sambar podi reminds me of the one my mother use to make. thankyou for the recipe.

Thanks a lot for all ur wonderful recipes vegetarian food. Would like to know more about different rice varieties for lunch packs.

All the recipes are nice .iam noting down in my recipe notebook.also trying in my home

One request mam. Can u also gv the proportion of ingredients for sambhar powder if corriender n red chillies are in powdered form. Thank you!

Can you post the recipe for pori Gul( made for valaikaapu seer)

Y hingu/kayam (asfoeitida) was not added in sambarpodi?

Thanks a lot for ur wonderful recipes .....thanks a looooot😊u r my kitchen guide.... neha saxena

Hi, will post the recipe for pori gul soon. Thanks

We don't add hing in sambar podi. We generally add hing while making sambar during seasoning or after adding tamarind extract.

Can u let me know what proportion I need Chilly powder n coriander powder. Thanks in advance Geetha.

Mam can u pls give measurements of coriander and chillies in cup

For coriander seeds, you can use 1.5 cups. For red chillies, its better to go by grams instead of cup as the chills sizes may vary.

Your recipes are amazing. As a novice, it would be great if you give the measures on the same scale.. In this recipe couple of ingredients are given in gms and others in cups which makes it a bit difficult for beginners..

Available for purchase at Chennai ? .If yes, Please let me know the address.



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