Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam

Semiya Payasam is one of the oldest and traditional recipe. I read in one of the website that Semiya payasam has more than 500+ years of history and they quoted that Purandaradasa has mentioned Semiya Payasam in one of his spiritual keerthana "Rama Nama Payasakke". Whatever it is, believe me, its one of the simplest and tastier payasam which can be cooked quickly. For most the festivals and auspicious occasions we prefer jaggery based payasam. But for parties, birthday or other good occasions I prefer to make semiya payasam. My Granddaughter love Semiya Payasam and call that as "Noodles Payasam". She often request me to make this simple and delicious Semiya Payasam.

Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam
Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time-
Cooking Time25 mins

Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam
Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam
Vermicilli / Semiya1/2 Cup*
Milk2.5 Cups
Cardamom Powder1/4 teaspoon
Ghee1 teaspoom
Sugar3/4 Cup

*1 Cup = 250ml

  1. Heat a pan and add 1/4 teaspoon of ghee and roast the semiya till you get a nice aroma and the semiya changes to slightly brown color. 

  2. Boil the milk in the pan and When the milk starts to boil, add vermicilli to cook the vermicilli in the milk . Once the vermicilli is cooked, add the sugar and cardamom powder and cook the mixture till the vermicilli is fully cooked and combined well with the sugar. Remove the vermicilli payasam from flame

  3. Heat the ghee in the pan and add cashew nuts and fry it until they become golden color. Add this to the cooked vermicilli.

  4. Serve Vermicilli (Semiya) Payasam warm in bowl.
  5. Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam
    Vermicili(Semiya) Payasam

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Hi Mami,
Could you please post the recipe for Juvarasi payasam(sabudana)? I tried twice , but it was a total disaster :-(

Do we need to roast the semiya , for the payasam or use it unroasted?


I will post the recipe for Sabudhana soon. Thanks


If we buy roasted semiya, then we dont need to roast it again. If not, its better to roast in in a little ghee. Thanks

I am 59 years old woman.i am happy to see your is very useful even to the beginners and also to the passionate cooking woman like me.esp.the photoes and the Method step by step are superb.Thanks.
Gomathy Venkatachalam.

Hi aunty i follow hour posts regulary i have learnt a lot my payasam always becomes sticky n absorbs complete milk where iam going wrong.regards deepika

Hi Deepika, Cooking the semiya in the milk makes it sticky only. You can cook the semiya separately with a cup of water and then add it to the boiling milk, then the semiya would not absorb the milk fully.



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