Sevai can also be called as a brahmin version of Idiappam. Its also an evening dish and and in most of the brahmin marriages it is served as an evening tiffen. Since it is cooked with rice and on the steam it will quickly diegest and good for kids too. But it is not an easy the work involved in making sevai is more. Also you need a Sevai Nazhi for the same. But needless to say, its very tastier.

Parboiled rice - 3 cups
Salt - To Taste
Oil - 3 teaspoon


  • Soak the rice in water for 2 hours and grind it along with salt in grinder
  • In the pan pour oil and add the ground batter and stir it well until it becomes thick consistency. Allow the mixture to cool off.
  • Make balls of the flour and steam cook it. You can cook the flour balls in the idly plates and cook it in the pressure cooker as you cook the idly. Make sure that you dont put the cooker waiter while cooking.

  • Once the flour balls are cooked remove from heat and put one by one in the sevai nazhi and rotate the nazhi to make sevai.

  • Sevai is ready. Now we can either make thengai sevai or lemon sevai else we can serve the plain sevai along with moorkuzhambu

  • You can also make thengai sevai (coconut sevai) as you make coconut rice

  • and Lemaon sevai in the same way as you make lemon rice

  • Enjoy the sevai recipes and let me know your comments !.

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    Hi aunty

    I love this dish very much and wanted to try it for a long time.. i wanted to know whether we could use raw rice or idly rice instead of parboiled rice... It would be very helpful for me if u let me know aunty...

    Hi Meera

    Parboiled rice is nothing but puzhungal arisi which we use for grinding idly flour. We have to use this only instead of raw rice.

    Hi Mami
    Could you please let me know where can I buy Sevvai nazhi in Chennai. I am coming on vacation in August


    Hai madam.I have tried many of ur receipes.I have an small doubt.whenever I use pulungalarisi arising for become as dry as earlier.but in hotel and all it is very soft.what is the secret?but I already know the method of making idiyappam with rice flour with murky achy.that is not so easy for big I need any idea for softness.

    Hello ma'm, I am not sure how long to stir the batter before steaming it. How many mins. should I stir to make a dough? When I made it, the dough turned out sticky .. Was not able to roll the dough into a ball for steaming. So the end product also turned sticky. Help!! ☺️

    i wanted to know whether we could use idly rice for the above sevai...



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