Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu / Baby tender Mango pickle

A pickle made using Vadu Mangai or Mavadu (tiny baby tender mango) is very popular in tamil nadu. Unlike other pickle Mavadu pickle is little watery. The mavadu water is the mixture of salt, spice and the tender mango extract (over a period of time) gives an awesome taste and flavor  I can eat only curd rice for a complete day if i have Mavadu

This is a seasonal product. You will get Mavadu only in March-April. The preparation of this pickle is very simple and quick. 
Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu / Baby tender Mango pickle
Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu / Baby tender Mango pickle

1 kg(16 cups - Refer the picture
for exact measurement for a cup)
Salt1 Cup (Powdered Salt)
Chilli Powder100 gms(1 cup)
Turmeric Powder1.5 teaspoon
Gingelly Oil4 tablespoon
Mustard Seeds2 tablespoon

Generally if we get 1kg of vadumangai and measure it with a 200ml tumbler, we will get 16 cups. So first measure the vadumangai and take 16 cups. The rest of ingredients are given for 16 cups of vadumangai. If you are not getting 16 cups for 1 kg of vadumangai, do not panic, just adjust the rest of ingredients as per the ratio. For 16 cups of vadumangai we should take 1 cup of powered salt and 1 cup of red chilli powder and that is the ratio. Lets see the method now...

Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu

  1. Clean the vadumangaai and keep it aside in a vessel. I would recommend to clean the vadumangaai with a cloth. If you clean it using the water, then make sure that it is completely dry before you start the further processing. If its wet then it well get rotten soon. To this add turmeric powder, oil and salt and shake the mangoes well for the mixture to mix with the vadumangaai and keep it for a day

  2. Grind mustard seeds to powder and mix it with the red chilli powder and add these to the vadumangaai.

  3. Shake the mangoes (or using the laddle) well for the mixture to mix with the vadumangaai
  4. Keep the mixture for 5-6 days and pickle itself produce water. We should not add any water. Twice a day (morning & evening) stir the vadumangai for the uniform spread of the mixture. Once you see the water (usually after 4-5 days) you can stop the stirring.
  5. Now the delicious vadumangaai is ready to serve with Curd Rice

Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu / Baby tender Mango pickle
Vadumangai Pickle / Mavadu / Baby tender Mango pickle

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I like your recipes and advice my daughter to try them.

In this particular case, I feel that putting for 2 cups of mango, one cup each of salt & chili powder will be too much.

I usually put one cup each of salt(branded) and chili powder for 5 to 6 cups of mango and it comes out very well.

Do you use kal uppu or branded salt ?

Thanks for your comments. Its my bad... Instead of putting pakka(1pakka : 8 cups)i wrongly put cups. I have corrected the post now. I normally grind the kal uppu and take 1 cup of it. Once again thanks for pointing out the mistake.

Thank you for ur prompt response. I feel ,again you have made a mistake. Instead of putting for one pucca, you have put for 2 puccas. Please confirm whether I understood wrongly.

No, this time not. Just a week before i followed this same ratio and made it. It came out very well and i have been doing this for very long time and this is how my mom has taught me.

So you say for 16 cups one cup of salt and one cup of chilli powder.Have I understood it correctly this time? Please confirm.

Hi Gomathy

Yes, your understanding is right. 16 cups of vadu mangai = 1 cup of chilling powder + 1 cup of salt (powdered).

Ihave to try it. But I put for 6 cups of vadumangai one cup of salt and one cup of chilli powder and it comes out very well with thick gravy. Any how Next time I will try urs also. Thanks.

No wonder i was wrong with salt measurement!I used 8:1 salt where as you have suggested just half.I was not using oil too....It was still used for a whole year without spoilage.This method i will try.Thank you for the guidance.

Mami can we use corn or sunflower oil instead of gingely oil(it is tough to get that oil in my place)

if i take 6cups of vadumangai and one cup of salt is it right. bu chilli powder should be put after 2 days.

No. The measurement is not right. for 8 cups of vadumangai, its only 1/2 cup of salt. Adjust the salt ratio if you have only 6 cups (less than 1/2 cup). You can add the chilli powder in the next day

Excellent. Although tasted them, made by mother never really attempted it. If i skip the chilli powder, will it still be ok? Also, some receipes call for castor oil?

மிக்க நன்றி ,.......
பார்த்தாலே நாக்கில் நீர் ஊறுகிறது ,
வீட்டில் சொல்லி இருக்கிறேன் ,பாப்போம்
எப்படி செய்கிறார்கள் என்று ...........

Hi, we cant make this pickles without chilli powder.

thanks i really had many doubts which was cleared by this recipe

somebody told me that we should add castor oil to this pickle is it so?
that is the reason i am not making this for a very long time

Maami, I really want to try the pickle, but am unsure of the measurement. i brought 10 baby mangos weighing 700 g. How much salt should I add? Also, what is Kal uppu? Can you post a picture of it before you grind it? I think it is what we call sea salt.


Hi Pushkala, there is no necessity for Castor Oil. You can follow my steps to get a yummy pickle

Hi, For 8 measures of baby mangoes, we need to take 1/2 measure of sea salt(sea salt is Kal Uppu). So measure your mangoes in a cup and use the ratio i have mentioned. Also i am not clear how 10 baby mangoes weith 700g. Can you please clarify.

can u give receipe of awakai pickel receipe ?

OMG!!! mouth watering.....feel like having it right away

Thanks for the wonderful brief on preparing Vadu-mangai; It would be great to show the measure of salt in terms of grams, as done for the mango and chilli powder, many users these days being familiar with this weight of measure - By Mahalakshmi Srinivasan

Hello! i m lalitha from Kallidai, S.R. sir's daughter, presently in thane. a regular viewer ,user of ur site. can u tell me an easy method to prepare "varavarisi" ? or can i get from somebody by courier? Try to remember me!

usually in kerala,themasalas are added after the mangoes shrink in salt

Hi i really love ur site and prepare a lot of yummy stuff.i just wanted to know if this will stay well for a long time??

Hi can you suggest how to make the mavadu water thin

Hi how do i make the mavadu water more the picture shown it looks very thick

Which vessels can be used to prepare pickles? Can stainless steel or plastic be used? When I use the porcelain pickle jars the pickles develop fungus very soon. What could be the reason? What is the method to store pickles in porcelain pickle jars for a long time without it spoiling.

For pickle the main preservatives are salt and spices that keeps the pickle without getting fungus. Also refrigerate the pickle as we have unpredicted weather sometimes. For Mavadu, I generally use a huge stainless steel bucket. After the pickle is made, you can use glass jars with air-tight lid and also use dry spoon whenever you use the pickle that will increase the shelf-life.

2 questions above have not been addressed - can I request a clarification on
1. Can we use any other oil in case we are out of gingerly oil?

2. In case we want it more liquid, how do we do it?
3. Also can powdered salt be used instead of Kallu uppu ground


I have a doubt... Usually pickles will be be placed in sunlight... But why we don't place maavadhu pickle in sun...

1. Gingelly oil is the conventional and gives a nice aroma and taste. Sunflower or refined oil don't have any aroma. Other oils have very strong aroma that changes the taste of the pickle
2. The salt added to mango will itself releases lots of water. If you add water, then the pickle will not have shelf life
3. yes you can use powdered salt

what to add if the salt content is more in mavudu

We just need to increase the baby mangoes and adjust the red chilli powder too just to balance the salt

I did as you said. but a layer like White cloth forms. and smell not nice after one month. please answer me.

Got the mavadu with right taste, thanks for that.
Only concern is, water/salt chiller watery is not getting adequate. how to increase it after the mavadu is fully done but lack of salt chilly liquid.

White cloth formation means the pickle is spoilt. Whenever we use wet spoon or if u have added any water by mistake then this will happen

We should not increase the maavadu water by adding external water. The mango along with salt should produce that water.

than ks for the response maami, my question is not regarding adding the water, sorry if i didnt say it right. its about increase the quantity of salt chilly water if the quantity of that liquid is inadequate. The mangoes are not drowning in the liquid, so how to increase that after the mango got completely settled.

even the white layer can be formed if the liquid content is not adequate, it happened to me too, i just added additional chilli salt mixuture. logically the mango should get fully drowned in the liquid else this white color would appear. also, you need to shake the bottle once in two days. if you ensure that these are in place, you are good and safe.



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