Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai

Karadayan Nonbu Adai (Sweet Adai) is the special neivedhyam dish we prepare for Karadayan Nonbu. Rice flour with jaggery juice is steam cooked and the yummy adai is concocted for the auspicious day. Sweet adai and Kara adai are the dishes we generally prepare for the Nonbu and women has to eat the adai as their fasting dish. 

Preparation Time30 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Yield16 Adai

Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai
Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai

Raw Rice1 Cup*
Karamani1 tablespoon
Grated Jaggery1 Cup
Finely Sliced Coconut1 tablespoon
Cardamom Powder1/4 teaspoon
Water1.5 Cups
Ghee1 tablespoon
Salta pinch

* 1 Cup Capacity = 200ml

Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai
Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai

  1. Soak the raw rice in water for 30 mins and then drain it and spread it in a towel for about 10 mins 

  2. Take the rice in a mixer and grind it to a fine powder. Sieve it to extract the lumps and you can again grind the lumps once more to get fine powder. 

  3. In a pan, dry fry the wet rice powder for a while till the flour changes its color to golden brown(The flour should not stick the vessel), you can also test it by taking a pinch of flour and try to put a circle and if you are able to draw using the flour then you can switch off the flame. Initially with the ground flour is so smooth that you could not be able to draw a circle but after we dry roast the flour, we should be able to draw. Now our rice flour is ready. 

  4. In a pan, dry fry the karamani till the raw smell goes off and pour some water to cook the karamani. 

  5. When the karamani is cooked take it in a plate and keep aside. The rice flour and jaggery ratio is 1:1. If the ground rice flour is 1 cup then take 1 cup of grated jaggery in a separate vessel. Add 1/2 cup of water(for one cup of jaggery) to the vessel and add the grated jaggery and stir it well 

  6. Once the jaggery gets dissolved in water, Strain the jaggery juice using strainer in a bowl to remove the dust. Add the strained jaggery juice in the pan and add the remaining 1 cup of water.Add a pinch of salt, finely chopped/sliced cocunut, ghee, cooked karamani and cardamom powder and bring the jaggery juice to boil

  7. When the jaggery juice starts to boil, add the rice flour little by little and stir it continuously and properly to avoid lumps. Stir it well till the flour is half-cooked and tightens. Switch off the flame.

  8. Now make small balls out from the flour and place it in a ghee greased plastic cover and press it in center to make it like a vadai and put a small hole and place the patties in the idly plates and cook it for 10mins in pressure cooker

  9. The delicious Karadayan Nonbu adai is ready for Neivedhyam and for serving. Sever with butter.
  10. Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai
    Karadayan Nonbu Adai | Sweet Adai

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HI Madam,

Nice to read your stories I am much exsiccated, and I rely want to see you!

When your 3rd son going to married? Are you looking for any girl for him? If yes let me know please

Hi Madam,
Did the nombu today and the adai's came out very well, especially the sweet adai. Usually my husband and children prefer salt adai rather than sweet. But this time they liked the sweet adai very much. Thanks again. Can you please give me the recipe of salt adai also. - Indira

Hi madam,
Pl tell me what to do with the cooked karamani.
At what stage it should be added and how.

Hi madam,
Pl tell me what to do with the cooked karamani.
At what stage it should be added and how.

Hi Vatsala

The cooked karamani should be added to the rice flour when we add coconut. I have missed to mention this. Thanks for pointing. I have corrected the recipe now.

I stay in US maami and your elaborate steps are really helpful.

Thank you so much

Dear Mami, Can you pls reconfirm the ratio of raw rice to jaggery? Because you said 1:1 whereas in this recipe you have mentioned 2 cups rawrice to 1 cup jaggery. Thanks, Milee

HI Milee!

I think the ratio 1:1 is for rice flour:jaggery and not rice:jaggery.

Hi Milee

As dr Kat mentioned, the ratio 1:1 is for fried rice flour and jaggery and not raw rice and jaggery.

what should be done to make the adai harder it is so soft when i touch that it broke down into pieces pls tell me a solution



The water:jaggery:rice flour ratio should be correct to get a soft and unbroken adai. If the water added to jaggery is less than mentioned, then mixing up of the rice flour will not become like dough, rather it will break down. So water should be added correctly to the jaggery. If the adai flour is broken, we can keep the flour in a pan and keep it in low flame and add little water and mix well again and then try out the patties.

Maami, Both the adais came out very well today. Thanks for the recipe :) - Gayathri.


As per your ratio W:J:R but Sweet Adai was sticky and uncooked. Why?


W:J:R is 1.5:1:1. Here R is Fired rice flour. We should pressure cook the patties to cook completely.

Right recipe. Explained & portrayed well.

Do we have to put the weight for the pressure cooker or should it be steamed?
Thank You for your wonderful recipes

Thanks Mami. With your recipes and procedures living in the States seems like being right next door to amma's house in Chennai :)
The adai came out perfect :). My hubby finally believes I can cook :)

Just made the vell adais with your recipe and they came out really well. I never got the J:R:W ratio correct earlier! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! I just made the vella-adais an hour ago and they came out really well. Did not get the W:R:J ratio correct in my earlier attempt a couple of years ago.

Hello Mami, thanks for the recipe. Both adais turned out great. I used idiyappam flour instead of making rice flour. For the rest I just followed your directions. I love your website too. Very comprehensive one stop place to check on procedures for festivals.


I am your follower. I would like to try this recipe. Could you plz tell me what is karamani?

Hi Vaijayantee, karamani is red cowpeas in english.

Hi Mami.. I made the Vella adai and uppu adai as per your recipe yesterday... it came out very very well. This is the first time I am making it. Reminded me of my paati - she used to make it for nombu when I was little. I felt very happy to be able to carry the tradition on.

Thanks again.

Hi Mami...

I am Dharani and currently residing in US. This is my first karadaiyar nonbu after my marriage. I prepared the velladai seeing your recipe and it came out really well... Thank you so much.

mami, can we use store bought flour? if home made, should it be new raw rice or regular ponni raw rice we use for cooking? tkia

regular ponni rice can be used. If we are very orthodex, its better to use rice instead of store bought flour. But you are working and prefer to do it quickly, then you can use the store bought flour but dry roast the flour before using it

thank you mami for your clarification.

Hi mami pls can I use white karamani instead of red ?

Hi Mami,

I am follower of your recipes. Thanks for valuables information for young generation.
Mami ., how to make Salt karadayan adai .
And please tell me at what time / day we should start fasting and doing pooja followed by.

Lakshmi :)

Yes Priya you can use white karamani also

Hi Selva, Please refer this link for salt adai. http://www.subbuskitchen.com/2011/03/uppadai.html. Also this time the nonbu time is early morning between 4.00 am and 4.30 am. So have a light dinner or fruits for dinner on 14th March and after tying the thread, you can have the adai and continue the fasting the whole day. Have adai or light dinner at night.

Mami, do we need to check any consistency level of the jaggery syrup ? like it has to have sting consistency or ball consistency. Can u pls explain.

Will it be a problem if I don't strain the jaggery for dust ? Kindly let me know.

Dear mami, with your valuable suggestions, adais came out perfectly. I made it with home made flour. You've become my ready reckoner now a days. With namaskarams to you.

Dear Mami,
Always I used to have problem with water ratio. This time it came out perfect with your recipe. Thank you.



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