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I, Subbalakshmi, could write for hours about myself, but there is a direct focus of this blog. About me in a nutshell: I am about 56 years old and married for 35+ years. All along I am a typical house wife.

The objective of this blog is to inspire you to cook and show you how easy it is to cook. Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. As I am from a South India, some of the recipes will have a south indian flavor.
But this part was supposed to be “about me”… :-)

About my childhood
I born in a small village in the Tirunelveli district called Kallidaikurici. This is a very beautiful village in the banks of the river Thamirabarani. My mother was a wonderful cook. Most part of my cooking skills has come to me from my mother and I am sure it’s applicable to every one of you. She used to cook a very tasty food for almost 10+ family members daily with the minimum available things and infrastructure. You can feel the flavour of Tirunelveli taste in my recipes and my birth place is the reason for the same.

Marriage life
I am married for 35+ years now. After marriage I shifted to my in-laws house in Nagercoil (Asramam village). My in-laws were from Kerala orgin and this is the reason why you also see the flavor of Kerala taste in some of my recipes. My mother-in law is equally good in cooking as my mom and she inspires me equally. My husband worked for state transport corporation and got retried. I have three sons and all of them were married

Since 2006, I am living in Chennai with my elder son. As cooking was an integral part of my day to day life and also the inspiration given by my elder son and daughter in law (Sowmya) , we decided to share the recipes which i learnt over a period of time from my mom, mother in law, relatives, friends and through my daily experiences and present them in the best possible manner. In addition, Sowmya is also equally passionate about cooking and experimenting new recipes, this blog also contains many of the recipes contributed by her. I am just sharing my experiences and recipes and this is Sowmya who take the pictures and presenting this to you. I would be happy to hear success stories from you who have tried recipes posted here. It would be my pleasure, if you've benefited in some way by what you read on http://www.subbuskitchen.com/.

I would like to thank my elder son (Venkat) and daughter in law (Sowmya) who are in behind the scene and help me in running this blog.

You can reach me at subbalakshmi@subbuskitchen.com. You can find me on .

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I'm newly married and I live in US. I am also a Tamil Bhramin from Tanjore District. Most of your cooking and the style of cooking I could see is like how my mother does. So instead of calling my mother to India everytime, I use your blog and cook food. This helps me a lot and I cook very well. Thanks for all your recipes :)

I have come across this website only today;i want to try each item and will let you know.still learning to cook.

Hi everybody
I have been searching for a machine to make Idiyappam.Finally I have found a good one.If any body interested please see www.oritha.com.
I really wanted to share this good news with you all.

There is one item called VADAKARI. You have not included this item along with Dosa Vadakari
Please try to tell us how to prepare this recipe
On behalf of so many interested persons

Hi.I am newly married and live in Dubai..I am also Tamil Brahmin from Kerala.I found your recipes are similar to my mom's recipes.Especially the traditional recipes which are prepared during Festival seasons..Thanks for the recipes.By seeing your blog I am now more confident of cooking dishes especially festival recipes.Thanks once again for these recipes..

viji says,22/september/2011 10.50 p.m.
Dear Mam,
I live in
delhi for past 13 years. My mother cooking is very tasty but i missed her. After seeing your receipes
I am very much happy.This helps me to my cooking.
Thank you

Dear Aunty , Thanks so much for this blog.. Iam devoping interest in cooking and i try a lot of my grannys cooking which i learnt from my Aunt. Iam from Tirunelveli Saiva pillai family and i love the tirunelveli taste . I have decided to try all the receipe u have posted. My husband and son are food lovers and now i can indulge them in variety.. thanks a lot


Very lovely, and most useful, website, especially for those of us that love tamil nadu brahmin cuisine! Thank you for this blog.

Mami :

We follow your website and would you be nice enough to inform us with a general idea as to what to cook for Swami samaradhanai. Thanks for the help.


Hello Mami,

It will be nice to get 'Sambar satham' recipe. Please post it if you get a chance.


Dear Mami,

Wonderful website! Very nice to see a full list of all our traditional Brahmin recipes. I always refer to this, when I want to cook up something different.

Can you please post recipes for Mohan Laddoo and Puliyakuthi Poduthuval

Dear Subu Aunti

I am married to Palkkad Brahmin and originally Maharashtrian Brahmin. This Blog helped me so much and started cooking one by one all your recipes. My husbund is very Happy.
Thank you

Dear mami,
could u please add the receipe of mahani pickle


I have prepared quite a number of recipes after going through your website. Thanks to you, I could make my daughter and husband enjoy the south Indian dishes / preparations during our recent stay abroad.

One query: Have you published these recipes in the form of a book? If so please give me the details of the same so that I can buy and benefit from the book.
Thanks and Regards.
(Email id "abala2303@gmail.com" )

Hi Annalakshmi

Thanks for your nice comment. I haven't published any book yet. May be i don't know to whom should i approach for the same. Will give it a try. thanks for your encouragement.


Dear Mami,
can u pls help me with the recipe of soup varieties and raw rice idly??

Thanks and regards,
(Email ID: abala2303@gmail.com)

Vanakkam Subbu Mami,
Greetings. Through google came to your blog, very happy, i can tell what you are doing is service to the Indian citizens in and outside India, though it might not be something you look at while doing this, but that is the truth. Let me humbly tell you, even a person who has been all along never interested in cooking, will get inspired and motivated to start cooking after seeing your sincerity and love with which you are giving informations not only on cooking, but reasons for the festivals which goes long way to generations that are not growing in Indian atmosphere, wishing you all the best for 2012 and many thanks to your Elder son and Daughter in law who are supporting so that we all enjoy cooking here,

Mikka Nandri,

Thanjai Bala
Hannover, Germany

Hi I am living in Pune at present, but basically I am a tamilian from Tirunelveli. I came to your blog while searching for some other thing in the net. i am very happy to read your recipes. They are written in a simple manner. Today i am planning to write that pachai milagai kulambu. i will definitely give a try to all your awesome recipes. Thank you Aunty

Hi Sathya, Thanks for your comment. It's my pleasure !. Please post your comments after you tried the recipes, so that i can improve upon them if required. All the best and Happy new year.

With luv


today only i went through ur blog for kali and thalagam. tomorrow i am going to try it. very good site. hats off to ur son and daughter in law for the great job. definitely will try kali and come back to u.

selvi, dubai

Thanks Madam for the excellent recipe of Thiruvathira kali. We are originally from palakkad area and I found the dish as authentic as we used to make at home during my childhood days. Thanks a million and with best regards, Revathi

Namaskaram Mami,

Hope you are doing well.

Please advise the items to be made for Seemantham. We are doing the function next week after pongal. The list of items to be made will be very useful.

Thanks a lot for your excellent recepies. They are the best source of guidance on South Indian Brahmin foods.


Atleast you could have named this blog as 'Vegetarian receipes' rather bramin receipes. :-) This is not looking good. Because there is no caste specific receipes from old days. All are life style based receipes. :-) Hope you understand.

Hi, your comment is very valid and my intention is not to drive my blog towards 'caste based', but to identify the recipes from specific orgin. We do have chettinad recipes, palakkad recipes, and many other type of of food within tamil nadu. Since i am from specific origin, my recipes obviously reflect the style of cooking. So, just to tag the style, i choose the specific caste here. Otherwise, its a benefit for all and open to everyone!.

Love your website..keep up the good work :) and ur recipes are awesome :)

Namaskaram I happened to be the Editor of the bi-lingual monthly magazine Brahmintoday published from Chennai for the past 97 months. { pl visit brahmintoday.org for more details.} The 100 th issue will be coming by June on which there will be some spl matters of interest to readers. I would like to have some write-up from you for that issue. you can write about some rare brahminc food generally not cooked now but known to everybody. pl conform.

Hi Vacha,

It's my pleasure. Please let me know if you want a write-up in Tamil or in English, and also by when do you expect. Please send further communication to subbalakshmi@subbuskitchen.com

I am a fan of Subbu's kitchen - I discovered it accidentally when looking for karadayan nombu adai recipes in the US, and since then I am a big fan. Even if I am unable to consult my mother or mother-in-law, I can rely totally on your website. Thanks for the great work. I am sure there are a lot of people benefitting from your site that have not left any comments so far. Since then - perhaps for some 2+ years, I come to Subbu's kitchen for any recipe needs.

Hi, you did not leave your name here. But i am very happy to hear your comments. Happy to hear that my little works are useful to you guys.

Dear Madam,

Nice to read your blog. One quick suggestion, please give me big and bright picture of dhals specifically. It is very difficult to identify dhal from their names. This really helps for bachelor like me. Thanks and have a great day.


Hello mammi...I have tried many of ur awesome receipes ...I follow this blog for its simplicity...many thanks for ur great work...

Hello Mami I recently started to blog my receipe's. I am also from Tirunelveli. Infact your cooking is just similar to my mom's cooking who is an excellent cook as well. BTW she shares the same name as yours. Your blog is so vast and has almost every receipe that one could think of a Brahmin food. I recently started to blog my receipe's but seriously rethinking if I should continue to blog after seeing your awesome work....I currently live in Dubai. I am sure this site will help me for any doubts that I may have while cooking...I need not trouble my mom. Thank you.

Rohith Hariharan

My Grandmother was from Kaladaikuruchi... My great Grandfather was called SVNCK Iyer...The connection is so obvious.. All my favorite dishes are here... Thank you.. wonderful recipes

You have done a great service in keeping alive the best traditions of brahmin cooking.......... may the gods bless you for your creative efforts. This is a very useful blog and I would recommend this to all newly married women so that they could keep this great tradition alive and well.

Hello mami, your recipes are excellent. I have become ur die hard fan Your site has become like my right hand. I am married and in bangalore. The best part is when I don't know any recipe my husband has started suggesting subbus kitchen. I thank u from the bottom of my heart and owe all the appreciations I get for cooking to you. Your pathiya samayal link is also very helpful.

Hi there

I am from New Zealand. I didnt know much vegetarian recipes and have been looking around for veg recipes for awhile. Looking forward to trying this recipes and impressing my husband and family.

Thank you aunty

Dear Ma'am

I need some help with traditional Tamil food. I am looking for an expert. Could you please connect with me on help@bombayhaat.in. I could not find your email id on this website.


Dear Madam
I am writing this mail from Kallidakurichi (Perumal Sannathi street)from where hails my husband. He belongs to a family which has been residing in the village for several generations. I am regularly trying your recipes and your blog is very useful to my two daughters settled in UK and USA. I would like to know in which street you were living here. After retirement we are enjoying a very peaceful, pollution free life in this beautiful village. For the past 15 years I have been contributing articles on temples, temple festivals, hindu festivals and ceremonies, to several Tamil magazines.

mami did you know me
you are my relative..

guess and let me know, if not will tell in couple of days

by bye mami ....

We want to perform the Varushabdikam of my F-in-law in Tanjore. Can you please recommend a good professional brahmin community practising vedic rituals, and also the place where it is performed. We also need a good cook for this for 4 days.

dear ms.subbu your recipes are delicious and i relive my younger days with my tamil friends. thank you

Dear Mami,
Recently ( barely a month ago) accidentally i got a chance to view your website and since then i have become regular visitor to your website. I used to hear all these recipes name from my granny, who hails from Kumbakonam.

1. Not only me but my husband who is from Andhra Pradesh asks me to view your recipes every saturday and sunday and prepare them at home. so your website has made me tension free. every saturday sunday now i just open your website and make a dish from it. The best part is most of the dish name ( are in tamil) so when i cook them and tell its name my husband feels as if it is some foreign dish For eg. Today i prepared your anjarapetti kozhambhu....so pronouncing that it self was difficult for him :-) and he liked it so much that he said whatever it be it is too good.
2. for navaratri for nine days prasadam i just had to open the website and make the reciepes....so easy...while coming back from office, i just have to open the website in my phone purchase required things and make them and get the praising from mami's ( at Hyderabad). Especially the Aval Puttu, all most all the mami's praised it saying that it is very traditional and old recipe. then i had to share my secret about your website.

cuddos....please keep posting.... this not only helps in cooking but in storing the ancient age old recipes which none of the new genres would get a chance to know ( in this world of fast food)


Thanks Jayanthi for your kind encouraging words. Keep trying the recipes and share your comments.

The new look of the site is very nice. And avoids scrolling down everytime for the recipe. Keep up the good work and keep posting forgotten recipies of your generation. I would love to see the recipe for milagai thokku. Thank you mami in advance

I am a palaghat iyer woman, married to a bengali. I love to cook and have been cooking since I was 10-12 years old; started with making Roti's & Doshai. I am a decent cook of Bengali cuisine but am not much into South Indian cooking. Your blog has inspired me to learn south Indian cuisine. Thank You.

Dear Mami,

Yesterday I have tried milagukuzhambu (milagukoottan) and was very delicious. Though I like cooking, I want to try different tastes from your recipes so that my son and daughter would eat willfully.

Dear Madam, your website is awesome helping not only newly married girls but also anybody and everybody who wants to learn something now and then. before marriage cooking never attracted me but later i had to bcoz my husband and children started enjoying different varieties of gravies esp with roti. and my first visit is to subbus kitchen. my regular foodguides( my chithis) have started asking me why am i not calling them for any doubts in cooking. thanks to you. can you please share the recipe for baked maida biscuits. i remember my mom making them in a cooker without water or a kadai on sand ....not sure, but in a very simple procedure. i yearn for them.

Dear Mami,

I just love your website. I have not come across any other website until now that has such a complete list of brahmin recipes as well as new and inviting vegetarian recipes that I have never tasted before. I am also from Tirunelveli but live in the US now and all your recipes remind me of my childhood, my mom's excellent cooking and all the good times that I spent with my wonderful dad who is no more.

Thank you so much. I am a big fan of your blog!



Thanks so much for recipes. I made the Anjaraipettai kozhambu and it was finger licking good.. My husband loved it and was asking why I never made it before :) You rock!! :D

I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This post
posted at this website is actually good.
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Mami, all your recipes are super...i have tried many of them and turned out to be great success///Thanks a lot...

hai subu,

iam komalanarayanan,i am 55 age,i also lived in kallidai for some time ,and i stuided in ambai and my husband native ,elathur,but he stuied in thiruchiand now iam staying in kumbakonam.my daughter is in hytrabadand my sonis in japan in tokiou,i had one grandsonand one grand daughterok i will touch with u and allready seen u'r subu's kitchen, it's nice and iliked very mucth ok bye.

vendhaya kuzambu is very nice. Thanks for posting this recipe,.

It would be better if you could post recipes for kids (2-4yrs ) and will help most of our new moms.

when I was looking for Thayir semiya, I happened to come across your blog. Being a non-veg and my boys ages 19,11 and 10 can't eat any of the veg, I am not that much used to cooking veg food even though I eat them raw most of the time. We live in US CA and meat and sea food is plenty here.....just can't make my boys eat the traditional vegetarian food, they are okay with Salad, specially the younger boys....My husband and I love vegetarian food and mostly we go out to eat...loved your blog and the mouth watering recipes which I am going to try each day..

Dear Subbu, What a nice blog you´ve created with all these beautiful photos and delicious dishes! I´m from Germany and I visited Tamil Nadu last year. I went to Tiruvannamalai to see Arunachala hill and to do the girivalam. I really fell in love with India, it is such an beautiful country with adorable people. And I enjoyed Indian food and drinks so very much, especially Indian breakfast with sambar, idly, dosha and masala tea, and I missed it when I was back at home. I think I´m quite a skilled cook with European dishes, but Indian food really is a challenge. Maybe some day I´ll try as you inspire me. Thanks for sharing your experiences and reciepes as well as your recommendations concerning rituals and festivals. I just bookmarked your blog! With my warmest regards from Germany to you and beautiful India, Anja

Hello Mami,
While I have full regard for your noble service through tasty food items for a Tamil Brahmin's customary kitchen, I would like you to clarify why the famous "Mendhiyam"(FenuGreek) and "Gingely Oil" are missing in this recipe..May be your recipe is famous for Tirunelveli side people. No issues whatever

Hi your website is really good but could u pls add the recepie of moong dal kootu. Thks!

ஹாய் மாமி நான் உங்க ரெசிப்பி எல்லாம் ரெகுலரா படிப்பேன். follow பண்ணுவேன். இந்த சீசன் ல ஜூஸ் பிரெஷ் ah வீட்ல பண்ணற மாதிரி சொல்லித்தரீங்களா. நன்றி.

Dear Mami,

My name is Shalini and I have been following your recipes through Facebook and admire your passion for cooking and sharing with others. I happened to come by your blog today and read your bio and was blown away! My mom is from Kallidaikurichi too and I personally know a lot of people from there! Her name is Sathyabama (nick name: Bama) from Ekambara theru, and her friends include Kutti Vijaya, Gomathi, T Rajam etc. I hope you revert to me, and let me know if you know her. I will be sure to call and check with her too!

Such a small world, and so glad to meet you virtually! I live in California, US. Thanks and regards, Shalini

Not sure why calling it "Brahmin" site doesn't look good. I've seen Moplah Muslim recipes, Goan Christian recipes--and here in the U.S. where I live, Southern Black recipes and Southern White recipes. Mrs. Subbu is merely giving recipes of food prepared by her Brahmin community in their unique style. Brahmin cuisine is different from Chettinad recipes (the Chettiar's cuisine). Different communities in India prepare the same item differently. It is of historical value to state which caste/community makes the item in that way.

Not sure why Mrs. Subbu calling her site "Brahmin recipes" is "not looking good." Different castes/communities prepare the same item differently. It is of scholastic and historical significance, for the serious student of cooking, to know the differences. I've seen Moplah Muslim recipes, Goan Christian recipes, Anglo Indian recipes, Chettinad recipes. And I've appreciated knowing where the recipes originated. I like her accuracy in stating her recipes are from her Tamil Brahmin roots.

Hi Shalini

Nice to see your message. Yes, i know Kutti Vijaya and Rajam as they studied with me in Thilak Vidhyala but sorry I am not sure of your mom. My sister is the daughter-in-law of kattakuthagai ramalinga iyer who stayed in Ekambaran Street. His son is Krishnamoorthy my sister's name is Bhavani. Your mom should know my sister I guess. Very happy to hear all my friends names through you after a long time. Please inform this to your mom.

Fantastic website you have here but I was curious if you knew of any
discussion boards that cover the same topics
talked about in this article? I'd really love to be a part of online community where I can get feed-back from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Bless you!

My blog post Home Page

Subbalakshmi Maami,

Your website is awesome! I have tried many recipes from your site and now waiting to try the mouth-watering pineapple rasam!

Your festive recipes are also very useful. I only wish that I could get the email for festive recipes a couple of days in advance so i can prepare for it...

Subbalakshmi Kumar

Hello Ma'am you have such a wonderful blog here. I came to know about your blog through the recommended suggestions of the wordpress for related articles.I have been following your blog since then only. I keep getting familiar about your posts when I update some similar posts as of yours. You might have also got pingbacks earlier few times. I look up to your blog and posts regularly when I get time. It proves as an inspiring source to learn from a Pro blogger like you.

Hello Ma'am you have such a wonderful blog here. I came to know about your blog through the recommended suggestions of the wordpress for related articles.I have been following your blog since then only. I keep getting familiar about your posts when I update some similar posts as of yours. You might have also got pingbacks earlier few times. I look up to your blog and posts regularly when I get time. It proves as an inspiring source to learn from a Pro blogger like you.

Hello I am a 70 year old Sri Lankan Tamil, hope I can call you Thangachi !. I live in British Columbia Canada.Today I suddenly had the craving for Thayir Vaddi , so I Googled , your site blog popped up. I enjoyed looking at the picture and it brought memories of my mothers cooking in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Reading fan mails shows how you are able to keep the Tamil culture close. You are doing God's work. Well done.
I don't think I will attempt making the Thyir Vaddi , instead I will buy a plain doughnut soak in plain yogurt and pretend it is my mothers Thyir Vaddi. Next time when you are making it please think of me.

Kandiah. Selvaraja.

Your website is excellent....all the recipes are v good...I hVe tried them personally & V happy with the reults. Thanks once again...

Dear Mami,

I am from Ahmedabad. I need to know about preparation of MAMPAZHA PACHADI (MANGO PACHADI). Kindly send me your detail recipe at the earliest to my mail id: kcs_sharma@rediffmail.com. I am a regular visitor of your site and trying to make the dishes at my home.

With regards

Hi I am from Bangalore. Today I read some of your recepies sure i will try them i liked the way you presented it. Thank you for the detailed informations about festivals.

Hi Latha, you can refer the following link http://www.subbuskitchen.com/2009/04/mango-pachidu.html

Hello Mami

I'm from USA maharashtrian married to Palakkad Iyer. Thank you very much for such a wonderful site which is always very very helpful. I tried and succeeded in cooking many dishes because they are really given in a simple and easy to understand way

Namaskaram mami!

I am mahalakshmi, currently in london with my husband and daughter. I have been visiting ur site often and also followed many of ur festival recipes. today I read about ur origin in ur about me section, and was very happy to know that u r fom kallidaikurichi. my mother R Valli is also from he same place. just got curious and thought of writing to u. did u also study in tilak vidyalaya school? tomorrow when I call her in the morning, first thing is to tell her about you. happy vinayagar chaturthi! once again following ur recipes tomorrow.

best wishes

Hello Mami

I am pleasantly surprised at the similarities I have with you. I am from kallidai my mom Gomathy is from mudaliappapuram St (svncn)family and my dad from thonthivilagam St (appachi Krishna iyer's son). My in laws are from nagercoil father in law from vadeeswaram and mom in law from asramam. I was searching for arachuvitta sambar and when I read your recipe I knew this has to be tirunelveli only. I stay at Chennai only. Nice meeting you virtually Mami.

Will keep in touch


We are from London, UK. Was referring to this website at work. You have no idea how many ppl erupted with positive response. You should check the hits of this site and I see lots of opportunity to develop and broadcast our traditional south Indian recipes. All the very best. Good luck

You R indeed had thought about helping people and I stand benefitted by it as we consult as and when a new recipe of south indian to prepared in our house. Earlier we were consulting Meenakshiamma cookery book and now tirelessly your blog for all our need. What is the e-book you have written and distributing? I give you my mail ID as I receive unfailingly news letter from you ID being mohanswaminathan@hotmail.com

Subbalakshmi Ramaswamy

Dear Aunty,

I am so happy to have stumbled on to your blog. In fact, I used all the recipes in your blog for Sarawathi Poojai 2 days ago and they turned out lovely as well. :) My family is also from Kallidaikuruchi, but I am living in Netherlands with my husband for the last 7 years. My in-laws live in Chennai. I admire your patience in taking the pictures and adding a detailed step-by-step recipe blog. Next time I am traveling to Chennai, I will carry chocolates as thank-you note for you.


Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments Subbalakshmi. Looking forward to meet you...

Hello Mami,

I have been a devout follower of your blog for a few years now. The food is wonderfully simple and it has the taste of "home" for me. My parents are also from Tirunelveli and our cooking is very similar to yours.. It is great food and my fave is the vathakuzhambu.. I love it absolutely and have had many comments about it.. All favourable.. I use your blog as my goto blog for all recipes and it is on my Bookmark bar.. Great job with the recipes. I made the oats idli one day and it was awesome..

Hello Kay
Thanks for your nice comments and appreciation!

Great recipes - I am a single father in Chicago. I have visited Kallidaikurichi when I was in Ambas and went through many times.

I enjoyed regional foods during my stay there.

Thanks and appreciate your efforts in presenting authentic recipes. This is a great way to pass our tradition to the next generation.

Wishing you all the best

Siva, Chicago

please give me an authentic recipe for south indian sambar powder,and thk you for sharing and motivating many to cook

Hi, I have been using many of your recipes, but its only today I saw this page about yourself. Pleasantly surprised, a fellow kallidaikurichi native. Rajani

Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful recipes. Saw ur blog recently... tried some of ur dishes and it came out very well... Once again thanking you for such a wonderful job.

Dear Madam, Thanks for sharing very good recipes. Today I tried poondu Rasam. I had come out very well. Thank you once again.
Sekar Santhanam, Nagpur

Hi aunty, even my father hails from Kallidai kurichi n my hubby is from Ambai. My father in law was working in Thilagar Vidhyalaya school n now hes retired.Good to know u through this blog.

Thank you aunty for great blog and awesome recipes , I'm not Indian but I cook Indian vegetarian food in my home for my husband.I found your blog today and tried the vangi bath recipe it came out very nice!!

Love this site. Was looking for food to prepare for saraswati puja and found this
wonderful place. Thanks

By posting a comment like this,it is rather u who is making caste specific...
Every community has its own traditions, culture and practices. Here the practices of the specific community is being mentioned. Really don't understand whats wrong in it? There are blogs saying north indian style and south indian style and in detailed the way food is prepared in each state...y dont this be taken in the same way? Brahmin is just like any other caste and group ...when people can say they are muslim and christians without any problem, y is this being an issue?

Dear Mami,
I came across your blog very recently. I tried 3 sweets from your Diwali sweets in less then 20 minutes and 4 savories from Diwali savories in less than 30 minutes and followed your instruction step by step. All of them came out really well and everyone appreciated them. I am not good in making sweets but with your instruction I got them all correct this Diwali... Thank you so much mami for your efforts to put up such detailed recipes in your blog.. It makes cooking so much easier .. Many Thanks

Hello Subbalakshmi. My name is Nadia. I'm writing on behalf of the cooking portal getitcooked.com. I visited your profile on G+ and your website and it's really great. Can you please send me your email or the contact of a person with whom I can discuss the questions of collaboration. My email address is nadia.getitcooked@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.

Hi Subbalakshmi mami,

Thanks so much for the recipes of Thalagam and Kali. I followed it step by step, the photos were very helpful as well.

This is the first year I picked up the courage to make this supposedly 'complex' neivedyam. It came out perfectly nice, just like my mom used to make. We are also from Tirunelveli, so the taste matched perfectly :-))

I plan to try more of your recipes every weekend.


Hi Subbalakshmi mami, your recipes are wonderful help a lot. can you post vanali upma recipe i cannot find. thanks

I am so glad I came across this blog. There are several indian cooking blogs, but very few for tamil cuisine. There are a ton of recipes here and I am excited to try them out.

dear mami,
I also interested in starting cooking blog. can u guide me to start blog? I have basic computer & internet knowledge.
my mail id bhavani.madhu2012@gmail.com

Hello Mami, I tried many of your simple delicious recipes and my family loves them. Thank you so much, like some one already mentioned in the comments, you are doing a big service to all of us who live in different parts of the world (I live in New Jersey).
Kind regards,

Dear aunty, Sowmya,

Earlier, I knew very basic cooking. With daily usage of your recipes, I have learnt a lot. Having a photo for each step in the recipe was especially helpful.

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Hello Mami, I recently tried your kolukattai recipe for the ganesh chaturthi festival, mami i shd tell you it turned out to be awesome!!!!!!! Especially the outer cover was soo soft and tasty... Thank you mami for a wonderful recipe.

Dear Subbulakshimi,
May I have your email address? I will be going over to Nagercoil later this month and wish to interview you.
You can send me an email at chefdevagi@gmail.com

Chef Devagi Sanmugam

Respected Elder,

Thanks so much for your all recipes service. I use your recipes every week for something which I always forget happily, because your recipe is online and available 24/7.


Hi Mami , your receipes are simply supperb , thanks you so much

Hello Mami
Namaskar. Today I tried milagu kozhambu. It came out very well. Could you also publish south indian food that lowers cholestrol. Kind regards ...Anand

Thats so sad. Call your mother too :)

Dear Aunty,
I was looking for that 'perfect' Adai dosa recipe and I landed here. What a great personal story! I am happy to see the encouragement received by you from your son and daughter-in-law to start this blog, and the bonding you have with her. We don't see that often these days! I am in awe and this can only happen with like-minded individuals, Kudos to you both. I will be visiting your blog for more recipes. Regards...Nikki.

Thanks a lot for your lovely words

Thanks for all your comments and lovely wishes

Actually website is totally awesome. All the recipes are mentioned exactly.
Well done. :)

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I don't think "vadakari" is part of tamil brahmin lexicon

I think you have missed the cuisine highlights.Brahmin samaiyal is very unique enjoyed by vast stream of the community.I have come across distinct aachi cuisene of chettiars,gongu nadars and other "castes".Each are unique in their own way enjoyed by vast stream and I think these distinct cuisines will be the "new restaurant" trends in coming years.Indians should stop mocking each caste's distinctiveness

Hello Madam, my name is Vaneetha and I live in Australia. I am a non vegetarian, but for any vegetarian dish I would like to cook, your website is like a dictionary for me. thank you very much for posting such good receipes in such easily understandable way. I have loved many of your dishes. Thank you for your awesome work. Please continue your service



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