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Looking forward to your continious support and encouragement..
Subbalakshmi Renganathan – Subbuskitchen Recipes.

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dear maami

i am also a native of tirunelveli. i have completly gone through all your recipes and in fact have followed your instructions for all the festivals last year when i was in united states.

the only lunch menu details left is for avaniavittam. if it is included nothing to beat your information.

hope this will be included early .

mahadeva iyer

Mami, the same way, sumangali prarthanai recipes can also be added. it might be helpful for our generations to have everything in finger tips...

Yes Nikki, the Sumangali prarthanai recipes are coming soon

Subbu Mami,

I am one of the users of your recipes. My weekends cookings are filled with your recipes.

Am proud to cook on my own with your recipes with no one's intervention.

Please help with Sumangali Prarthanai recipes soon as I shall have to prepare for the same in another 15 days to go.

Generally for my mamiyar Davasam, we ask some mami to help. this time i have planned to cook for sumangali prarthanai on my own.

your help here is highly appreciated.

Padma R

Hi Padma,

The sumangali prarthanai recipes are already available on the below link. All the best.


Dear Mami,

The blog is quite interesting. We do follow regularly. However, nowadays navigation has become quite slow, probably with more pages. Could something be done about it ?



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