Aadiperukku (Pathinettam perukku)/ How do we celebrate Aadiperukku?

Tamil Month Aadi, marks the beginning of monsoon in TamilNadu. During this month, water levels in the rivers increases due to monsoon. To show our gratitude to the nature and to thank Mother Cauvery river, we celebrate Aadiperukku. Adiperukku is a unique South Indian and specially a Tamil state festival celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil month of Aadi.
Aadiperukku Celebration (Image Credit - The Hindu)
AadiPerukku falls on 2nd or 3rd of August every year. Hence "Padinettam perukku" - Padinettu signifies eighteen, and Perukku denotes rising. This festival is observed predominately by women in Tamil Nadu. The Aadiperukku, as a water-ritual, celebrated by women is said to honour Nature. In this auspicious day, Goddess Parvathi Devi is worshipped by offer of different rice dishes. Offerings of flowers, Akshata and rice offerings are done into sacred rivers like Cauveri. As per Purana, Parvathi devi meditated upon Lord Siva to see the divine vision and Lord Siva appeared as Shanka-Naraya swami. The avatar of Shri Bhooma devi also is believed to have taken place during this month.

Usually the water will be released from the reservoirs well before the start of Adi perukku, the water will be available in all the rivers and branches. People take holy dip in the water and they perform the poojas at the bathing ghats along the river. After the pooja, they will have the 'Kalandha Sadham' (Variety rices) along with the family in the river bank.

This time Aadiperukku falls on 3rd of August.
Aadi Perukku Lunch Menu
Aadi Perukku Lunch Menu

Lemon RiceTamarind Rice

Coconut RiceAviyal

Sweet PongalVadai

Curd Rice

Aadiperukku (Pathinettam perukku)
Aadiperukku (Pathinettam perukku)

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pls let me know how to prepare vilakku mavvu

please tell me this year when, pathinettam perukku is going to happen

Is that carrot drumstick vegetable(in pic) avial?? Can u pls tell how u made the vegetable found in the pic with variety rices

Hi, Yes, that's Aviyal only. You can use Aviyal as a side dish for coconut rice.

Yes, you can very much use the frozen coconut.

pls tel me joining school on aadi perukku is good

hi mami thank you for posting this. At our house we make vella sadam instead of chakkar pongal and ellu sadam
take care

This year aadiperukku is on 3rd August.

Nice blog.Thanks for the recipes. Aadi perukku is one of the auspicious festival celebrated to give a tribute to the water resources. The festival raises your financial stability. aadi perukku raises your wealth

Wow....Nice Blog.Wonderful images.Aadi Perukku is the monsoon festival that is celebrated on the 18th day of the Tamil Month Aadi. This festival is a way of respect towards water and prime role in our life. Tamil people use this day as an opportunity to thank Mother Cauvery.Aadi Perukku Ritual starts on early in the morning and the women offer prayers and express gratitude to Mother Cauvery.Special Pooja’s are done in temple.Worshipping Goddess Durga on the day of Aadi Perukku is very auspicious.she Protects from evil forces, black magic and agony. she also brings peace to home and fulfill all our desires. Click Here To Know More Details



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