Coconut Seedai

Seedai is one of the important Neivedhyam dish we make for Krishna Jayanthi. Coconut seedai is a traditional dish made in our home every year for Krishna Jayanthi. Unlike, salt seedai, which should be done cautiously, this coconut seedai doesn't have the fear of bursting. A very simple to make seedai with a rich flavour of coconut. We need to make these seedai with our hand pressure only with the moisture of the freshly grated coconut. A very crispy and yummy snack. These seedai are hard to bite. We need to just put them in mouth and slowly enjoy the flavour of coconut and eventually it will crumble and you can enjoy the taste of the coconut seedai!

Quicker Video Version:

Detailed Version:

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time30 mins
Cooking Time1 Hour
Yield20 Seedai

Coconut Seedai
Coconut Seedai

Urdhal powder1 teaspoon
Homemade Rice Flour1 Cups
Grated Coconut1/3 Cup
SaltTo taste
Hing1/4 teaspoon
OilFor Frying + 2 tablespoon

Coconut Seedai
Coconut Seedai

  1. First prepare the homemade rice flour using this link
  2. Along with this homemade rice flour, add urdhal powder (dry fry the urdhal (without oil) in a pan and make a fine powder. Sieve before using it.), grated coconut, hing and salt and mix it well
  3. Now with the hand pressure make small balls of mixture and keep it aside in a plate. Try not to add water to make the balls. You should be able to make the balls with the moisture from the coconut.
  4. Heat the oil in the pan, and once the oil is hot, add 8-10 coconut seedai balls at a time and deep fry it till it becomes golden color. Repeat the process for the rest of the flour
  5. Now the delicious coconut seedai is ready for neivedhyam and for serving
Note : 1. Make all the balls first and then go for deep fry. This will allow the balls to dry in the air for some time.
2. If the mixture becomes very dry and if you are not able to make a ball, then you can sprinkle little water on it and make the balls. If you add more water, then it will create a problem when you put the ball in the oil.

Coconut Seedai
Coconut Seedai

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Mami, I have done Coconut cheedai. It is very tasty.Thank you

Maavai varukka vendama

Hi, usually we grind rice flour in rice mill and we keep the ground flour in sun.But nowadays we are preparing rice flour using mixer and hence we surely need roasting. I have changed the post accordingly.

Mami can we use store bought rice flour. If so should we roast that too

Namaste mami, i am ready for the war again. Your recipe has given me a boost to try doing seedai again. i had done seedai previously, but it started bursting like crackers over me. Any tips to avoid that situation again.

Urad flour- 1teaspoon or 1 tablespoon for this recipe



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