Saraswathi Pooja Recipes / Ayudha Pooja Recipes

Saraswathi pooja is considered to be a very auspicious day which is celebrated on the 9th day of the Navrathri. On this auspicious day, students keep their books in the Pooja and Pray to the Goddess Saraswati who is known to bestow knowledge and wisdom to all of her worshippers. Not only do the students offer their books at the deity's feet but they also neatly cover them and make them look as good as new.On each book, we keep Sandhanam and kumkum and keep under Goddess's feet to get her blessings. Since we are keeping the books in pooja in this auspicious occasion, we have a belief that we should not read anything; the next day which is Vijaya Dashami is when we should do pooja and take the books and read thereby getting the blessings of the Goddess of learning.

Saraswathi Pooja

We should chant the following sloka to get blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.

"Saraswathi namasthubhiyam varadekamarubhini vidhyarambham karishyami siddhibhavatume sada"

To all the workers the worship of their tools is a must on this day.This day is celebrated as Ayudha Pooja .People worship Vishwakarma who was the architect of the world . All the tools ,machines etc are cleaned ,painted and well polished after which they are smeared with sandalwood paste and vermilion with great care. In most of the companies, people use to do saraswathi Pooja one day earlier keeping their vault and other accessories which are important for their business. 

Saraswathi Pooja Recipes:
For Neyvedhyam : Usually we make one payasam, medhu vada, chole sundal(Either White chick peas or Black chick peas) and Suyyam and offer the same as neivedhyam to Saraswathi on the Saraswathi pooja. The receipes for the same are given below
Saraswathi Pooja Lunch Menu
For Lunch, we usually prepare Sambar, Rasam, Curry, Aviyal, one pachadi, kootu, curd, dal and plain rice. We can use the vadai and suyyam which we made for neyvedhyam and serve the same for lunch as well. The lunch menu is given below. This is the menu we follow in our home.

Festival Lunch Menu
Festival Lunch Menu

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I am new member of the group. Greetings to one and all. Happy navratri.

Since it's navratri time, can somebody please tell me the different chundals made during these nine days. I believe there is a tradition of one particular chundal each day. Please let me know.


Hi Anusha

Thanks for your wishes and your comment. As per my best knowledge, there is no such order for preparing the neivedhyam. As per belief the concept of arranging these Navrathri dolls on the plank is to depict that Goddess Mahishasuramardini is sitting in her Kolu, prior to the slaying of the demon Mahishasura and therefore it is mandatory to prepare some sundals and offer the same to god as Neyveydhyam. I have posted the variety of sundal recipes in the link Some people prepare the kondakadalai (chenna dhal) sundal on the sarawathi pooja day. We can also prepare Aval Puttu, Sweet Aval, Pori mixed with grated cocunut and sugar as neivedhyam

Thank you for sharing your recipes for Dussera. will try most of them first and again. all the best for the occasion. happy Dussera.Jyothi Mcminn,USA

Happy Navrathri. I accidentally come upon your site. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it. It is the best site for authentic south Indian vegetarian recipes.My husband and my kids thank you too. I am always looking for different recipes. These are like my mom's recipes.

Hello aunty!

Your blog is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing traditional Indian recipes.

Happy Navarathri!

global vegan fare

Great topic, I read this topic your blog is very nice.This blog topic very useful.

I am very happy to read your articles it’s very useful for me,and I am completely satisfied with your website.All comments and articles are very useful and very good.
Your blog is very attention-grabbing. I am loving all of the in turn you are sharing with each one!…

Fantastic site very useful can u also tell us as per tradition what should be offered as naivedyam to god daily during navaratri

For saraswati pujai we also do Uppattai or Appams or sojji appam for prasadam and for evening distribution kondakadalai sundal

Hi I am a new member, I do not have words to describe your site. I am married to a Tamil Brahmin and love your recipes, especially the festive ones as I always wanted to make my food more traditional. My mother-in-law keeps giving me recipes but when I try your recipes my husband goes, "wow, how did you know to prepare this, it is similar to what my mom used to make.

Just love your site. Thanks.

It is a tradition that on Saraswathi Pooja day, all that is related to learning is honoured. It is also a tradition that since it is the day of honouring of learning, students will pray to the goddess to bless them in their efforts. On Vijaya Dashami day, students will receive their books after the pooja and they will restart their studies. This day is also known as Vidhya Arambam day and little ones are initiated into learning on this day.

wow..your recipes are tooo good..I love cooking
thank you
I really enjoyed it..!

Thank you for ur wonderful recipes and explanation.
I just have one doubt, should we prepare sundal and do neivedhyam on saraswathy pooja day during evening or in the morning....
When should we remove golu.

Thank you

On Vijayadasami day, in the evening, we need to keep milk for neivedhyam and we need to make one doll in the sleeping position and then the next day, we can remove the golu.

Hemangi Srinivasan

Thanks for the information, this keeps us going to follow the tradition. Love the receipes.

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Amazing!!! I like this website so much it's really awesome.I have also gone through your other posts too and they are also very much appreciate able and I'm just waiting for your next update to come as I like all your posts... well I have also made an article hope you go through it. Diwali 2017 , Happy Diwali



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