Vijayadasami Recipes

The tenth day and final day of Navrathri, Vijayadasami, is considered to be the most auspicious day to begin new ventures. The books and tools offered to the goddess are taken back with a ceremony named 'Poojayeduppu' (in tamil) 

Another hallmark of this day is the Vidyarambham ceremony which is celebrated in Kerala and southern part of Tamil Nadu, in which small children are initiated into the world of letters by elders. This ceremony is held in temples as well as in various cultural institutions. Also in this particular day the small children start their school.

The mantra "Om hari sri Ganapataye namah" is written on sand or a tray of rice grains. Then the priest/Guru will write the same mantra on the kids tongue with gold.  This is to invoke the grace of the goddess of Learning  by which the one attains the wealth of knowledge. 

Image courtesy : Kerala Events

Vijayadasami Recipes :Usually we make one payasam and offer the same as neivedhyam to the god on Vijayadasami. Some of the Payasam recipes are given below

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thanku for ur receipes. thank u for receipes for poojas also.



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