Diwali Special Lunch Menu

As all of us know Diwali is a special occasion and every one wanted to make sure that the lunch menu on Diwali day a grand and great. There are many options available for the non vegetarian eaters but many of us may not be aware that there are plenty available in vegetarian dishes also. The intention of this post is to share couple of Diwali special lunch menu which really makes your Diwali a grand. Needless to say that one of the below menu is going to be a lunch menu in my home too. We, brahmins usually don't add Onions on the auspicious days and hence i selected the recipes without onions. Happy Diwali.!!

Image courtsey - southindianfoods.in

  • Diwali Special Lunch Menu

  • Diwali Special Lunch Menu
    Diwali Special Lunch Menu
    Diwali Special Lunch Menu
    Diwali Special Lunch Menu

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    mouth watery recipes subbu mam,really wonderful combi of diwali veggie dishes.the true delight of veggie food and its varieties are known only to few,u have educated fully the starters like me thru your awesome dishes.feel very happy to have u share the secrets of a vegetarian kitchen.

    with luv and regards,
    deepa ram

    This is grt work!! Im going fr menu 1....was so confused wht to make fr Diwali...ure recipes are grt too !!

    i just happened to find ur site its a lifesaver esp for girls like me who are far away from homeland i am in usa married , and ur site is the perfect ans to all my qs as tamil brahmin receipes r so hard to find although i too am married to palghat origin family i learnt few receipes from my mom who r originally from tanjore and somehow prefer that food maybe because i am used to it
    i am happy to see that u write how to celebrate the festivals too i must really thank u, ur site was an inspiration for me to try receipes for diwali

    Subbu mama I tried your Ribbon pakoda... it turned out nicely...thanks a lot

    Diwali menu is really mouth-watering. Thanks

    I think down south we make only tasty jangiris and jilebi (maida) is mainly eastern /north. Pl correct me if wrong

    Jangri is a dish of the Mogul court made in honour of Moghul king Jehangir. It does not have that slight tangy taste that Jelabi has. Jangri is more popular in the south and has a fixed flowery shape and is orange in colour

    Jalebi is made of maida and has a slight tangy taste. It is more yellow in colour and does not have a fixed flowery shape. It is very popular in the north. It is also used as a medicine for chronic headaches and taken on empty stomach for a fortnight

    I am a Maharashtrian married to Tanjavore Marathi person.. Though they have their ancestral roots in Maharashtra they are very much south Indians and like the food that is made in South specially Tamilnadu.. Your site has been a lifesaver to me.. The recipes are liked everywhere and people keep asking for details again and again.. Thankyou once again.. All the best



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