Okkarai is a famous traditional South Indian sweet dish that is made on the auspicious day of Diwali. I still remember my older days where in my mom prepares only Okkarai and Vadai for Diwali. Probably we weren't afford to make other sweets and snacks during those days. Still in now a days in many brahmin families Okkarai is one of the mandatory sweet which is prepared on the auspicious day of diwali. This simple dish Okkarai needs only less expensive ingredients and readily available materials in any house.

Okkarai (Diwali Okkarai)

Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu1 Cup
Grated Jaggery1 1/4 Cup
Cardamom powder1/4 Teaspoon
Cashew NutsFew
Ghee1/2 Cup

  • Dry fry the Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu in a pan till it turns into golden brown color and put the Dal into the vessel
  • To this add boiling water and soak the Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu for at least 3 hours
  • After 3 hours, rinse the Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu and take it out
  • Add 2 hand full of Channa Dal/Kadalai Paruppu and also 1 hand full of jaggery to the mixer and grind it to a nice paste
  • Repeat it for the remaining Dal and jaggery
  • Mix all the ground Dal jaggery paste and add cardamom powder
  • Heat the pan and add 1 spoon of ghee and add the cashew nuts and fry until it turns into golden brown color. Take the fried cashews and mix it well with the ground Dal jaggery paste
  • In the hot pan, add half quantity of ghee and add the ground mixture and stir it once
  • Keep the flame low and stir occasionally
  • The okkarai breaks down into smaller pieces and it should be soft. When we take the small pieces in hand and make into ball then this is the right stage to remove the okkarai out off the flame.
  • The delicious Okkarai is ready to serve
Okkarai (Diwali Okkarai)

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  1. Hema Viswanathan23 October 2011 05:13

    I tried the recipe today for the first time. Came out well.thanks to your step by step recipe. It reminded me of my Paati's okkarai.

  2. This dish brings up fond memories. Long live deepavali, Okkarai

  3. i was searching for okkarai recipe.finaly i find here.thanks mam.


  4. Hi mami,
    i tried many other recepies came out well.but this one not come properly to me.i did as per your method.it is sticked on my vessels.i add more ghee also.what mistkae i did i dont know.first time i m doing this.jaggry burnt smell is coming.pls clear me.

  5. Hi, Sorry to hear that Okkarai did not come well for you. I would like to mention that after grinding, put the mixture in a non stick pan and keep the flame low and stir occasionally. Please try once more and let me know your comments.