Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

Seven Cups Cake is a delicious sweet and an easy sweet!. As the name indicates we are going to take 7 equal quantities of the below ingredients and we are going to make a tasty Seven Cups Cake. Very easy to make in less time and a very good dish for Diwali and other festivals.

Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)
Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

Especially when we are planning to share our homemade sweets with our friends and relatives, we need to make more quantities and this is one of the dish which gives more pieces of cake and also simple to make. Some sweets like rasgulla, jangri are little complex and also sticky. So we all look for some hassle free and simple dish and Seven Cups Cake is the perfect dish. The ingredients used in this dish are all simple and easily available in our kitchen. I always prefer to make this yummy cake and distribute to my friends and relatives. Lets see how to make this yummy cake!
Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)
Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

Yield 35 pieces
Preparation Time-
Cooking Time30 mins 

Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)
Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

Gram Flour/Kadalai Mavu1 Cup
Clarified butter/Ghee1 Cup
Grated Cocunut1 Cup
Milk1 Cup
Sugar3 Cups

*1 Cup = Cup can be of any measure. I have used 1 cup = 250 ml, which gives an yield of about 35-40 pieces.

Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)
Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

  1. Take a plate and grease the plate with ghee and keep it aside. Fry the Gram Flour with a teaspoon of ghee. Stop the frying when you get a nice aroma (may be for 2-3 mins) . Don't let the color of the Gram Flour change. Switch off the flame. To the fried gram flour, add coconut

  2. Add the sugar to the pan. Add a cup of milk and mix all the above ingredients in a pan

  3. Finally add the cup of ghee and mix well. Heat the pan and stir the ingredients continuously by keeping the flame medium to low.  Keep stirring it.

  4. In about 10 - 15 minutes, when the cake starts to leave the sides of the pan without sticking, then that is the right stage to remove the cake from the flame. There will be a formation of forth on the cake mixture and at the same time the cake starts leaving the sides of the pan without sticking. Note - This is the right consistency when you need to switch off the flame and transfer the content into the greased plate. Otherwise, the mixture will break into small tiny pieces. Pour the cake mixture into the greasy plate. Level the cake in the greasy plate using a flat spatula so that it is evenly spreaded. Leave the cake mixture to cool off in the plate. Now using a knife gently put vertical lines. Again cut the cake diagonally so that we get diamond shape cake pieces. Remove the diamond shaped seven cup cakes gently and store it in a air tight container

  5. The mouth-watering seven cups cake is ready to serve
  6. Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)
    Seven cups cake (7 cup cake)

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Hello mami,
Approximately how long does it take on the stove? I am trying to get an idea of the total time required to make this sweet, it looks very interesting.
Thank You,

Hi Gowri,

Approximately this will take about 15-20 mins. As i mentioned, When the cake starts to leave the sides of the pan without sticking, then that is the right stage to remove the cake from the flame.

Hello Mami,

Happy Diwali. Thanks so much for this recipe. Tried it and thanks to the precise measurements and instructions in the recipe, it turned out perfect!!

Thanks for the recipe maami. I am trying this just now. Looks like it takes forever for the cake to cool down :( It is still sticky and i am not able to cut it. Has my effort gone waste??? :( what do you think is the problem? Thank you. Chithra

மாமி நமஸ்காரம்,
உங்களுடைய blogai இப்போதான் பார்த்தேன். மிகவும் நன்றாக இருக்கிறது. எனக்கு சூரத்காரி ஸ்வீட் செய்முறை தேவை. இந்த தீபாவளிக்கு பண்ண விரும்புகிறேன். உதவுவீர்களா?
உமா ஸ்ரீதரன்

how many pieces will come maami?

Hi Uma, i have not tried Suratkari. Will give a try and publish soon.

Hi, we would get 20-25 pieces depending upon the shape of the diamond pieces

hello mami, some how after pouring the mixture into plate, i was not able to make pieces. the mixture was too sticky. :(

Hi, We need to keep stirring, the mixture, till it rolls like a ball and does not stick on the sides of the pan. Then only we should remove from the flame and pour it to a greased plate. If we remove early, the mixture will be sticky like a halwa and we cannot make pieces and similarly if we keep on stirring after it does not stick on the sides of the pan, then the mixture will break into pieces/powder and we cannot make it as a cake, so the we should be more alert while doing cakes. So please give a try again later and let me know your comments

Hello mami, in the context of making more pieces, I put thrice the quantity and I kept Sugar to only three cups so that it doesn't get surgary. All the rest I added thrice the quantity. Now I kept stirring for almost an hour and it never rolled like a ball. :( I gave up as I started getting boils in my hand. What could have gone wrong.

Hi, whenever we need to increase the quantity we should maintain the ratio. If you keep the sugar same without increasing, the cake taste will not be good and since you have increased the quantities of other ingredients, you should need to stir till it rolls like a ball. For the above ratio itself, we need to stir atleast for 40 minutes to make it thick. So we should have patience and keep the flame in low and then we have to stir.

Hi , It's the first time i wiil try it and i want to know a "cup" is equal of what ? How many gram ?

And can we use a normal butter ? Is it to be melted ?

Hi Marina, Cup is nothing but 1 measure. We can take a cup of any measure. For example, if you have a bowl that can hold 250gm of sugar, then we can use that bowl and use that as 1 measure and use the same bowl to take the rest of ingredients. I always use a bowl of 150gms to measure the ingredients. Hope i have answered your query. Melted better is the best choice.

Thank you for this simple yumm recipe. Can we put ground badam instead of coconut? Please suggest, how we can replace coconut as i dont like coconut in sweets.


I tried this sweet for diwali and it was easy came out very well.. Thank you maami :-)

I also need a replacement for recipe. Mami can u please help ?

Hi Sumi, we can add ground badam and try. I have never tried with an alternative. This is the traditional method.

Thank you for the recipe. You made my Diwali sweet.
I tried it, and it almost took about 20-30mts and came exactly as you have pictured it.
Wish you and your family a Happy Diwali.

Thank you for the recipe. You made my Diwali sweet.
I tried it, and it almost took about 20-30mts and came exactly as you have pictured it.
Wish you and your family a Happy Diwali.

Hello anti, should v add sugar to the gram flour while it is hot or we should wait for sometime?

Hi Sorna, after we dry roast the gram flour, we should add all the other ingredients including sugar and started stirring it.

I tried this receipe without frying Chana flour (Kadalai Mavu)

Hi Mam, should we use dry coconut or fresh coconut?

Hi Somi, I have tried with both fresh and dry coconut both of them turned very good. But fresh coconut blends nicely with the other ingredients than dry. But taste wise both are good.

I have tried the same without coconut and for the coconut measure I used one more cup it has come out as mysoorpa.

Thanks for sharing this recipe

Mam, Will there be any change in taste if we use low fat milk instead?

Hi Praveena, there won't be any change in taste if we use low fat milk.

hi mami , my cake got tooo dry after the result , what have i done wrong ? can u please guide me 😊 ..I didn't get the same texture of yours..

yummy 7 cup cakes , looks very nice , today we did it , we added 1/4 cup of ghee and sugar little less than 3 , and did not roasted gram flour , taste was awesome but texture is little diffrent , not looks too smooth like yours , what may b the reason ? less ingredients quantity?

Hi, Sorry for late response, When you keep the cake mixture a little longer time, then it would become too dry and hard.When the mixture starts to roll like a ball, we need to pour it into greased plate.

Hi Vibha, Ghee is the main ingredient to give a smooth texture and softness to the cake. 1/4 cup of ghee is not enough. You can add atleast 3/4th cup of ghee. also for these measures, 3 cups of sugar is perfect. so try doing again with the correct measurements and let us know your experience. take a small cup and try it!

Thanks a lot for the tip when cake mixture turns out soft. After reheating in the kadai for couple of more minutes it turned out perfectly fine. :)

You cake is colorful why can't add some dry fruit then it will become more can find more taste cake in our website :Cakes in hyderabad

I tried this recipe today. Thanks a ton .... it came out perfect !!!

Thank you so much for this recipe, Mam. I tired it and is a SUPER HIT. Family just loved it! :)

Hello aunty, I tried this and it is sticky, not able to make pieces. Is there anything I can do to fix this ?

Good post!! I like sweets thanks for sharing the recipe.Online cake delivery in Hyderabad

Wow... x-) I love your blog. It looks delicious. Thank you for sharing this. :)

Can you suggest proportion of ingredients if coconut or nut substitute isn't added, my kids won't eat with the extra texture in the sweets.

It is really a great and simple recipe. But I could not do it. I followed all steps and correct measurement, but it took forever to cook ( I did not use non stick, and I used a heavy bottom kadai).
There is nothing wrong in the recipe, just that it is not as easy as it looks.
Finally got something like thick cake.
Again I say, I'm not blaming the recipe, just saying it took more time to cook and needs little experience. It was my first cake and needs improvement.
I have made Rava laddu and Gulab jamoon and wanted to try Mysore Pak. Thought this one will give me confidence to make Mysore Pak.
Would like to try again and hopefully will be able to.

Sorry to hear about you experience Sangheetha. Yes it is little time consuming when compared to rava laddoo or even mysorepak. I also generally use heavy bottomed pan only. I guess I should specify more clearly that this is a time consuming process. For me over the years of experience it has become easy to make as it will give more pieces than other burfis and easy to share with friends. Hope you get it nicely next time. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Hai mami, when I made the sweet with the given ratio it came out in greenish color not as u shown in the pic. Why it happened so. Texture, taste all was good only the colour matters.

Thanks for the receipe. If a cake turns out like halwa for some reason is there way to change it, like reheat it once more?..Will it turn hard and ve one a cake ? Or is that a no point of return..Pls advise

Prepared this for deepavali. Came out really well 😊 Thanks mami

The dish comes out as described above but it is TOO sweet, can we reduce the sugar ratio to 1.5 instead of 3.

yes sugar sweets, we can reheat and keep stirring till it gets crunchy like burfi

Its the perfect measure traditionall followed, but surely you can reduce



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