Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)

Fresh grated coconut in cardamom flavoured sugar syrup taste wonderful. If you are a sweet lover then you will love it for sure. Coconut Burfi as its name suggest is a sweet made of the coconut which can be cooked easily and quickly. Coconut Burfi (Thengai Burfi) is a tasty south Indian sweet done on most of the festival days. Most of us make this tasty burfi for Diwali. A little care needed otherwise a simple sweet yet so mouth-watering dish.

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Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time15 mins
Cooking Time20 mins
Recipe CategoryDessert
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)
Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)

Grated Cocunut1 Cup
Sugar3/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/4 Teaspoon
Water1/2 Cup
Broken Cashews1 tablespoon

Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)
Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)

  1. Take a tray and grease the tray with ghee and keep it aside
  2. Grate the coconut and keep it ready. The main trick to get a nice and wonderful white coconut burfi, so grate only half of the coconut. Do not grate till the end as we start getting slightly brown color gratings if we keep on grate. So better take 2 coconuts and grate it till half so that we would get pure white coconut gratings. Heat a pan and add the grated coconut and saute it in low flame till we get a nice aroma. This will take only a minute or two. Do not saute it so much otherwise the coconut would change its colour to light brown

  3. Heat a pan with a teaspoon of ghee and add broken cashews and fry them till they are golden brown color. Take this roasted cashews aside. Again heat the pan and add sugar and water. 

  4. Keep the flame in medium to low to allow sugar to completely dissolve in the water and melt completely. Cook it till the sugar syrup reaches the thick single string(Getti Kambi Pagu) consistency. If we take a drop of sugar syrup and touch between the fingers, it should form a thick one string. This is the correct consistency. Now add the grated cocunut and mix it well. To this burfi mixture add cardamom powder. We can also add a tablespoon of milk to the when the sugar dissolved that will bring out the dirt out of the sugar. This is another trick to get a nice and white burfi at the end.

  5. Stir the burfi mixture continuously by keeping the flame low to avoid sticking in the pan. When the burfi mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan without sticking and when we stir at this stage, a foam will be formed and the mixture will roll like a ball. This is the correct stage to remove the burfi mixture out of the flame. Be alert at this stage to switch off the flame otherwise the mixture will be overcooked and gets powdered. 

  6. Pour the burfi mixture in the greasy tray. Allow the burfi mixture to cool off a little and then Make diamond shape / cube pieces of coconut burfi using knife. Take the pieces when the mixture cools off completely and take it in a box and cover it with a lid
  7. The yummy cocunut burfi is ready to serve.
  8. Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)
    Thengai Burfi (Cocunut Burfi)

Note : Cocunut Burfi tastes very well only when you prepare it using the fresh cocunut (not the grated cocunut that you get it in the indian shops.). Try to get the fresh cocunut and grate it using the grating plate.
Also by mistake if you overcook the burfi and it gets powdered, nothing to worry. Keep the burfi again the flame and sprinkle some water and again mix the mixture well and pour it in greasy plate and make diamond shape pieces.

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I have been following your recipes for quite some time, and your recipes are really superb.
I want to try your coconut burfi but the water amount is not mentioned, can you please let me know the amount of water and also about the soft ball consistency can you please mention how much time approximately it will take for the above mentioned quantity of the recipe.

Awaiting your response. Thanks in advance

how much sugar and water do you put?
and what should i do to make it hard.
in my opinon, it takes great when its hard.


Thanks for the comments. I have given more clear instructions now. Please refer the recipe again. I have given the amount water and also the correct consistency for the sugar syrup. We do not need to make it hard. Once the burfi gets cooled off in the greasy plate, the mixture will get tighten.

Hello mami,

would it be possible for you to tell me approximately how many pieces of burfis we can make for the above measurements???

Hi DS,
You will get approximately 25 pieces.


very nice sweet,thank u very much mam.!

Hi Aunty,

I made this for this Diwali today. My suggestion is that you can mix the crated coconut, cardamom powder and sugar. Wait for 30 minutes. Once it gets diluted, you can keep on the stove and wait for greesy. This will help you to save time and gas consumption.

I wish you a Happy Diwali. Followed your receipe. Thanks so much.

how much water I should take for 3 cups of grated cococnut.

For 3 cups of grated coconut,, we need 2 1/4 cups of sugar for which we need atleast 1.5 cups of water.

Hi ,
What is the shelf life of this burfi and can it be stored at room temp or needs to be refrigerated

Hi Shweta Shetty, the shelf life of coconut burfi is around 5-6 days. We don't need to keep in refrigerator.

Thanks for sharing this grandmas recipe. Mind gone bk to my childhood.
In villages we add udacha kadalai as cashew will not be readily avlbl. Grannys sill maks it instantly when grandchildren went to see them..

On step 4. The detail regarding the milk is unclear because of the sentence missing a few words. Can you kindly clarify pls..



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