Adhirasam is a traditional sweet dish which will be done for most of the festivals. For auspicious and even for inauspicious occasions, adhirasam is one of the main dish. Learning to make adhirasam is one of the mandatory requirement for all Indian Women especially Southern part of India. Even for Tamil Weddings, Adhirasam is one of the seer dishes which is mandatory from bride side. Making adhirasam at home is simple but we need little patience to fry the adirasams one by one carefully. Lets see how to make the delicious adhirasam at home with step by step photos and instructions.

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My grand daughters (twins) enjoyed adhirasam and they keep asking for more. Home made Adhirasam will surely be less oily compared to store bought adhirasams and they are little crispier too when eaten fresh.

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time12 Hours
Cooking Time20 mins
Yield12 Adhirasams
Indian Sweets


Raw Rice1 Cup
Jaggery1 Cup
cardamom Powder1/2 Teaspoon
Cooking Oil1/4 Litre for deep frying

Method for making rice flour:
  1. Rinse the raw rice in water atleast couple of times. Then add fresh water to the raw rice to soak them well and leave the raw rice to get soaked for atleast an hour. After an hour, drain the water from rice and spread it in a clean white towel to get it dried. 

  2. It could take atleast 5 to 10 minutes to get dried. If you take the rice in your hand, you should feel damp in your palm or fingers. If you are going to prepare larger quantities then drying of rice takes more time. Also, if we are going  to grind the rice in a mixer, then we should grind it immediately after the rice got dried. Immediately grinding the dried rice in a mixer helps us to get more smooth rice flour without any lumps. If we leave the dried rice for a long time, then we would not get smooth flour in the mixer. But if we are planning to grind it in a rice mill, then it should not be a problem.

  3. Grind the rice in the mixer to a nice powder. Normally we don't get any lumps. But we should sieve it couple of time to get a smooth rice flour. If we get any lumps while we sieve, again add the lumps of rice flour to the mixer and grind it again to a smooth flour and again sieve it. 

  4. Repeat the sieve process again and again till we get a smooth and nice rice flour. Now our rice flour is ready

Method for making Adhirasam:
  1. Add jaggery in a pan with 1/2 cup of water and when it dissolves, strain the jaggery water to remove dirt and sand

  2. Again boil the jaggery water and keep stirring it until the jaggery comes to stone consistency. This means when we take a drop of jaggery juice and pour it in water, it should not dissolve rather we should be able to make a ball out of it. It should not be hard as well. This is the right consistency. When you allow the syrup more than the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will become hard. If the syrup is taken before the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will break while frying. You should be very careful at this stage.

  3. When you take the jaggery syrup from the bowl, you should be able to roll into a ball and also when you drop it it should make a sound while hitting the ground / plate. This is the right consistency of jaggery syrup. Now remove the jaggery from flame and add to the wet rice powder and mix it well along with cardamom powder. 

  4. Mix well, so that no lumps are formed till you get chappathi dough consistency. Now the adhirasam mixture is ready for preparation.. Keep this adhirasam mixture aside for at least one day. The next day, again knead the adhirasam dough and if you feel it is too sticky, you can add little rice flour or if the dough is too dry you can sprinkle little butter milk and knead it well.

  5. Heat required oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Make a small ball of the adhirasam mixture and place it in a oil greased plastic paper. I have cut a zipper cover into 2 sheets. I have placed the small ball of adhirasam dough in the center of 1 zipper cover which is greased with oil. Cover that with another half of the zipper cover 

  6. Using a flat bottomed bowl or lid press the ball to make it flat. We need slightly thicker adhirasam so do not press too much. 

  7. Grease your fingers with oil and gently take out the pressed adhirasam from zipper cover and drop it in hot oil. Keep the flame in medium and allow the adhirasam to get fried in oil. We have to fry the adhirasams one by one only. If we add more adhirasam to the oil, the chances of breaking is too high. 

  8. When the adirasam gets cooked on the bottom side, it will automatically rises up in the oil. Gently using a spatula turn the adhirasam to the other side and allow it to cook for another minute. Then hold your spatula on your left hand and take out the adhirasam from oil. Using another flat spatula, gently press the center of the fried adhirasam ti squeeze out the excess oil from the adhirasam. Do not press too much otherwise the adhirasam will break. So gently do it. Repeat the above steps for the rest of mixture and fry all the adhirasams

  9. The Delicious Adhirasam is ready for Neivedhyam for Thirukarthigai/Karthigai deepam as well as for serving.
Note : If Adhirasam is getting split while frying, then its an indication that you have added more jaggery. Add one or two more table spoon of rice flour and mix it and try again.

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Dear Subbhu Anuty,
ur adhirasam recipe looks delicious.. can we substitute Jaggery with Karupatti??

hi subbu,

very nice and mouthwatering adhirasam. u explained well and it is useful to one and all


we have tried your adhirasam recipe, but it becomes hard instead of soft. pl advise.

To get a soft adhirasam
• Please make sure that the rice flour is very nice powder. If its not then the adhirasam might turn into hard
• Adhirasam mixture should be kept for atleast one day for the mixture to get sour. If not, please add one ladle of sour curd into the mixture.

i added jaggery early...
now the paste is very liquid..
what to do to get right paste..


I have a doubt:

After preparing Adhirsam mixture you mention to leave it for a day.Should I keep it in fridge.

Next day after preparation if I have some dough left can I refrigerate it and use it as and when required?



Hi, Suhasini

After preparing the adhirasam mixture you should leave it for a day to get sourness. If you keep in fridge then it won't get sour.

Yes, after preparation, you can keep it in fridge and use it when required. But try to consume within 5 days.

Wonderful looking adhirasam.
What rice do you u.
You say soak rinse and grind. Is there no drying?
I remember my mom adding oil to the mixture during 24 hours.


Hi, You need to dry the rice in a towel for about 10 mins and make a rice flour. I corrected the post.

Hi, Athirsam is looking very yummy. Pl let me know whether we can use the dry rice flour already at home.


Hi Uma, I would suggest to use the wet rice and make the rice flour when it is with moisture. This will help to get a soft adhirasam. But nothing stop your from trying the dry rice flour, but i haven't tried this yet.


I am pregos and badly craving for Chakkarai or vella adhirasam (sadly, i have to make it on my own). I am wondering what type of rice i need to make it? I am living in states and it is hard to find specific rice varieties. However, i have rice flour. Could this help me out making a decent adhirasam or i have to go with the type of rice (long grain white rice) i have in hand?
Thanks in advance for your reply!

I would recommend you to use the white rice (long grain should be fine). You should soak the rice and prepare the rice flour as mentioned in the recipe above. I don't recommend using the ready made rice flour. All the best for your adhirasam.

Dear Subbu Mami,
Thanks for this wonderful description and all the tips. I will be trying this method for Karthigai
this time. Wish me all the best.

Dear Subbu mami,
Thank you for such a wonderful recipe. I tried making it on Karthigai but it went bit hard.
Want to try it again but got a few questions before I proceed:
1). Raw rice 1 cup when powdered yields more than 1 cup of flour. So should we use 1 cup of raw rice flour or the whole rice flour that we got by grinding 1 cup of raw rice?
2). how should the oil be while frying? Medium heat throught? should the dough raise to the top immediately? how to check the oil temperature?
3). When I fry it, it start breaking on top but stays as a circle. should I pour oil to the top part after putting it in oil just like we we do for making puris?

Dear Aruna
1. The recipe is for one cup of raw rice. Use the whole rice flour that we got by grinding 1 cup of raw rice.
2. Yes, you are right. Take a pinch of dough and put it in the oil. The dough should raise to the top immediately. This is the right consistency.
3. If the adhirasam breaks, then add one more teaspoon of rice flour and mix to the dough. Yes, you can pour the oil to the part after putting it in the oil.

All the best. Please drop me a note on the outcome of the Adhirasam.


Dear Subbu mami,
I tried making this. These were the mistakes I did.
When I made the mixture, the syrup was not enough and I was not able to bring to it to chapathi dough consistency. So thought of adding some curd (I am staying in the U.S. and it is winter here. So I was skeptical of fermentation process) but added too much curd that the dough became very sticky. Even after keeping for a day, it was sticky.
So I added some rice flour to make adhirasam. It did not break, it became a bit crispy like last time. If we add rice flour, will it become crispy?

i just tried out your recipe by preparing dough yesterday and fried it today and it really came out well.i was so concious during the preparation of jaggery to stone consistency and wow nw i have a yummy snack ready of my kid and hubby.thanks subbalaksmi..nice recipe..will try more of ur recipes.

hi mam,
i have a doubt, if i take half kg of rice then should i take half kg of jaggery???? and how much water should be added to the jaggery for preparing the syrup??


this is a great one

Hi mam,

The dough seems to be hard and I'm not able to make a ball too how can i proceed? waiting for your reply to proceed.


Hi, Aruna, the rice flour will make the adirasam crispy. Thats the reason for any snack we are adding little rice flour to get the crispness.

Hi Deepika, for 1 cup of grated jaggery, we can add 1/2 cup of water. That is the ratio. We can maintain the 1:2 (water:jaggery) ratio

Hi Rani, Sorry for the late reply. You can try mixing warm milk a few teaspoons and knead the dough again and then try to make balls. Hope this helps.

Dear Subbu Aunty,

Followed your method for making the sweet, and for the first time in many, many years i managed to get good results. The only feedback my husband had was that only some of them had a soft centre and crisp exterior. Most of them were crisp throughout though the taste was very good.

Is there anything I could do to ensure a soft centre? Those that had a soft centre I cooked on medium, but the filling oozed out when I pressed them. When I kept the flame low, it became crisp all through. PLease let me know your suggestions.

Thanks so much!

Hello Mami,

I tried this recipe for diwali and it came out very well. This was my first attempt at making such an elaborate sweet. My mother was skeptical when i said that i would be trying to make adhirasam, but seeing the outcome she was very happy.

I also tried ribbon pakoda and mixture. All the dishes came out very well.

Planning to make your brinjal rasavangi recipe tomorrow.

Thanks for all the recipes.
- Amruta

can i add 3/4 jagery for 1 cup rice flour

Hi mam, this year my adhirasam came good. After leaving over night it was hard but by reheating in microwave 30 sec little by little I finished frying. I also tried your butter murukku and ommapodi. Both came good. Ur receipes are great. Simple and tasty. Thank you. Wish u A Great Happy Deepavali and good health.

Thanks mami. Your receipes are great. Simple, easy and yummy.

I think so but I am not tried it before.
I m planning to try today

Mami, I made the dough this evening but after cooling it is very sticky. I doubt I will be able to make balls and roll it for adhirsam, Can you please help me to fix it?

Hi Bala, Sorry for late response. 1 Cup of raw rice when you grind it will get 2 cups of flour. So for 1 cup rice flour 1/2 cup of jaggery is enough.

Hi Lakshmi, dont' get panic.Just sprinkle some rice flour and mix well and you should be able to make malls and roll it. Please try this and let me know.

Mami, thanks so much for responding. I was able to make balls out of it without adding rice flour. I think I panicked too soon. I was able to make flat patties on the paper but the dough was too stretchy when I tried to take it from the plastic paper. When I did take it out, the adhirsam curled up in the oil. I finally made balls in paniyaram kallu and did nevedhyam that way. While the taste was good, I would like to know what mistake I made so I can get it right the next time, Happy Karthigai!

when I make athirasam its soon hard and not good u request u to send a new recipe which is very soft and delicious pleaseee!!!!

Hello Aunty, I tried adhirasam. After frying it becomes likttle bit hard... Each & Every steps I followed U... I could not find what was the mistake??? Can u tell me some tips, plz aunty, as this was my lovable diwali sweet.

Making jaggery mixture with rice flour a day or 2 before makes the adirasam soft. Fry the adirasam always a day after making the adhirasam mixture.

When you allow the jaggery syrup more than the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will become hard. If the syrup is taken before the stone consistency, then the adhirasam will break while frying. Even by mistake, if you you keep the jaggery syrup a little more than the stone consistency, no need to panic, just sprinkle little water to loose the jaggery syrup. Also We should keep the adirasam mixture for atleast a day before deep frying. If you prepare the mixture and immediately fry them, they will be hard only. IF you had kept the mixture for a day, then it should be the jaggery syrup consistency that made your adirasam hard.

Is adhirasam good for mothers having 4 months old baby and does it have any effect over breast feeding

Till we breast feed, try to avoid oily foods. Sometimes if we are not able to digest the oily food, then it will affect the baby also. So try to control till you stop the breast feeding. You can have a very little for taste but it is better to wait.

I tried but it is splitting while frying. I think the problem is with jaggery consistency. Anything can be done?

My grandma used to add sesame seeds in the adirasam

can we use store bought rice flour..?? plz let me know

its better to use fresh rice flour as we use little wet flour. store bought flour are very dry.

Hello madam,
thanks for all the wonderful recipes. i followed ur adhirsam recipe and wanted to make it in two batches. first batch came perfectly good. the second batch , I am not sure what mistake I did, i am able to make a ball pat it, but it fully separates in the oil. is there a possibility to repair the dough?

Hi if we take out the jaggery syrup before proper stone consistency, then we will have a chance of adhirasam getting break up in the oil. You can add little flour and buter milk and mix in the dough. Just try in small quantity, if it is not breaking then u pls proceed. otherwise it is tough to modify the dough, we can add water, wheat flour and make it to batter and make paniyaram

Whether taste wise Adhirasam and Neiappam makes much difference? Also the BOM looks identical but for souring process in Adhirasam

Wt to do if adhirasam breaks in oil please mam reply

If the dough is not sweet, can we add more jagery syrup to it?? Please suggest.

We need to add more flour if the adhirasam breaks in oil.

That would be tough. We can do it before fermentation process



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