Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

Kuzhal puttu is a traditional Kerala breakfast dish. Like idly, this also cooked in steam and hence very good for health, as we are not adding any oil for cooking. This dish is cylinderical in shape and made using Puttu maker. Puttu maker is nothing but a steamer which is cylinderical in shape and hence you are getting the puttu also in cylinderical shape. If you dont have the puttu maker, then you can also make this using the idly plate. The main ingrediant for making puttu is the rice flour. Now a days instant puttu mix is available in the market. For those who are living abroad can check this in the indian shops.
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time2 Hours
Cooking Time40 mins
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

How can a kerala food without a coconut? Rice flour is cooked along with grated coconut. Add three hand full of rice flour and then add one hand ful of grated coconut followed by another three handful of rice flour.This is done till the top of the puttu maker (steamer).
The best combination of the puttu is the kadala (channa) curry. I make a curry using pacha payaru (Green moong dhal). Traditonal keralities eat this with the banana, but i dont like adding banana with puttu. But the traditional way of eating puttu is with kadala curry and banana. Enough o f story... lets see how to make Kerala puttu


Raw Rice (Pachaarisi)2 Cups*
Grated coconut1 Cup
SaltTo Taste
WaterTo Sprinkle
*1 Cup = 250ml

Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

First Lets make Rice Flour

  1. Rinse and Soak the rice for about 3 hours and strain it. Spread the rice in a cloth or a plate and dry the same. Do not allow the rice to dry nicely. 

  2. When the rice is little damp, Grind the rice to a fine powder. Sieve it to get a nice and smooth rice flour. If you have lumps, grind the lumps again and sieve it
  3. Take the sieved smooth rice flour to the pan and dry fry it till rice flour is warm and also if you take a little flour in your hands, you should be able to draw or put kolam with the flour. This is the right consistency. Remove the rice flour from the flame and again sieve it. You can notice a lot of lumps again

  4. Add those lumps to the mixer and grind it to a smooth powder. Add this smooth powder to the dry fried rice flour and mix well. Now our Puttu flour is ready

Lets make Puttu now using Puttu Maker
  1. Lets take all our ingredients readily. Heat water in a bowl and allow it to warm. Add salt to the rice flour and mix well. Sprinkle water little by little. This is a tricky part. Dont add too much of water or too less water. 

  2. Try to make a lump out of the wet mixture and ensure that the lump doesnot break off. This is the right stage to stop adding the water. Add water to the bottom part of the puttu maker till half of its capacity. Keep the bottom portion of the puttu maker in the flame. 

  3. Now take the cylindrical portion of the puttu maker. Put the mould inside it then add handfull of grated coconut in the puttu maker. It is then followed by three handfull of rice flour and again followed by one handfull of grated coconut. 

  4. Follow this step till you reach the top of the cylinder. Close the lid of the cylinder and place it on top of the puttu maker and steam it. 

  5. After steaming for 10 minutes, keep the flame low and gently take the cylinder using a cloth and using the backside of a ladle, gently push the mould on one side of the cylinder so that the puttu comes out in a proper cylinder shape. If the puttu is undercooked, it would break while removing from the cylinder. Also only for the first batch, the steaming process would take a little while, consecutive batches would take less time. Also ensure the water level in the bottom portion of the puttu maker. Adjus the water level if the water is evaporated. 

  6. Now our yummy puttu is ready to serve! Serve this yummy Puttu with Kadala Curry, Coconut milk, banana or with simple cooked green moong dal or plain sugar and enjoy this delicious breakfast
  7. Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe
    Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

Making Puttu using Idli Plate:
  1. Take the idli plates. In each mould, first add 2 teaspoon of grated coconut, followed by 2 tablespoon of rice flour

  2. Again add grated coconut on top of the flour. Repeat the same for rest of the flour and coconut. Place the idli plates in a streamer or cooker and steam it for 5 minutes. 

  3. After steaming, remove the idli plates and gently remove the puttu from each mould. This is the simplest way to make puttu without having puttu maker. 

  4. Also we can use the same process and add the flour and grated coconut to a bowl and place the bowl in a steamer or pressure cooker and steam the puttu. We can also add one layer of cooked green moong dal in the middle of the puttu which will also give a wonderful taste to the puttu. 
  5. Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe
    Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

  • Readymade puttu flour is available in the market. Skip steps 1-5 above in that case.
  • Always serve hot the puttu. If it is not hot, then it becomes harder.

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Puttu with kadalai curry is all time fav. Love it. Nicely explained and tempting clicks



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