Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) RecipeKuzhal puttu is a traditional Kerala breakfast dish. Like idly, this also cooked in steam and hence very good for health, as we are not adding any oil for cooking. This dish is cylinderical in shape and made using Puttu maker. Puttu maker is nothing but a steamer which is cylinderical in shape and hence you are getting the puttu also in cylinderical shape. If you dont have the puttu maker, then you can also make this using the idly plate. The main ingrediant for making puttu is the rice flour. Now a days instant puttu mix is available in the market. For those who are living abroad can check this in the indian shops.

How can a kerala food without a coconut? Rice flour is cooked along with grated coconut. Add three hand full of rice flour and then add one hand ful of grated coconut followed by another three handful of rice flour.This is done till the top of the puttu maker (steamer).

Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) RecipeKerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

The best combination of the puttu is the kadala (channa) curry. I make a curry using pacha payaru (Green moong dhal). Traditonal keralities eat this with the banana, but i dont like adding banana with puttu. But the traditional way of eating puttu is with kadala curry and banana. Enough o f story... lets see how to make puttu

Raw Rice (Pachaarisi)2 Cups
Grated coconut1 Cup
SaltTo Taste
WaterTo Sprinkle

First Lets make Rice Flour

  1. Soak the rice for about 3 hours and strain it.
  2. Spread the rice in a cloth or a plate and dry the same.
  3. Grind the dried rice to a fine powder
Lets make Puttu now
  • Add salt and water. This is a tricky part. Dont add too much of water or too less water. Rinse some water and mix it well. Try to make a lump out of the wet mixture and ensure that the lump doesnot break off. This is the right stage when you need to stop adding the water.
  • Now add the handfull of grated coconut in the puttu maker followed by three handfull of rice flour and again followed by one handfull of grated coconut. Follow this step till you reach the top of the cylinder. Close the lid and steam it for 2-3 minutes.Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

  • Readymade puttu flour is available in the market. Skip steps 1-3 above in that case.
  • If you dont have the puttu maker you can still use the idly plate. Fill the layers of coconut and rice flour in the idly plate and cook it in the pressure cooker. Please make sure that you dont put the cooker waiter. You can switch off the stove once the steam come out of the pressure cooker
  • Always serve hot the puttu. If it is not hot, then it becomes harder.
  • As i mentioned above, serve it with kadala kari(Channa) and banana. Some people like to have sugar with puttu.
Kerala Puttu (Kuzhal Puttu) Recipe

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