Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)

Carrot halwa is a wonderful dessert dish for any party. It is very delicious and will be liked by all people around the world. I prepared this tasteful dessert for a party where a Hungarian family (my son's friends) came and they loved to eat this recipe. For every party i loved to prepare this dessert. Carrot halwa is easy to prepare and very delicious.
Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)
Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)

Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time 60 mins

Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)
Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)


Carrot1/2 Kg
Sugar1 Cup 
Ghee3 tablespoon
Milk2.5 Cups
Cardamom Powder1 Teaspoon
Cashew nutsFew
Badam 4

  1. Peel the carrot skin and wash it nicely under the running water. Next step is to grate the carrot. But I have a mixer where I can change the blade to grate carrot. So my grating part is not tiresome.  If you have a mixer which can help you in chopping then follow the below mentioned method for the same. Otherwise, use the grater and grate the same (ignore the below mentioned method by using mixer for grating). Finely chop the carrot into thin circular slices to take it to the mixer

  2. Grate the carrot in a mixer using grating blade which usually comes with the current day mixers. Give a pulse or two in regular intervals and grate it. If you are using a grater, you can skip the chopping part.

  3. Take the grated carrot and milk in a vessel and cook them in the pressure cooker. Allow 2-3 whistles. After pressure is set off, carefully remove the cooked carrot vessel from the pressure cooker. You can still see more milk which we are going to  cook further. 

  4. Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the cooked grated carrot and milk. If we use a non-stick pan, we have an advantage of stirring the carrot mixture in regular intervals instead of stirring continuously in a traditional iron or indanium pan(Illupu Chatti in Tamil). Keep the flame in medium high and allow the milk carrot mixture to thicken. When the milk is almost absorbed, add the sugar and stir it. I generally like more sweet, for those who like to have mild sweet can use 3/4th cup of sugar

  5. Adding sugar will dilute the carrot halwa mixture again. So we need some more patience to continuously stir the halwa in low flame till the dissolves and gets thicken .

  6. Then, add cardamom powder and ghee and stir continuously till the mixture leaves the pan. When we stir the mixture the halwa should come like a ball without sticking on to the pan. In a separate pan, add little ghee and fry the cashews. Add the fried cashews and finely chopped badam and pista to the carrot halwa and mix it well. Now remove carrot halwa from the flame and place it in a plate. 

  7. The delicious carrot halwa is ready to serve. We can keep the halwa in refrigerator and we can use it for 2 days. If we place it in freezer we can even use if for a month. Before serving heat the halwa and serve it. Or we can also serve the halwa on top of Vannila Icecream
Presenting Carrot Halwa
Carrot Halwa can be served with Ice cream.  You may also want to check the below link to serve the carrot halwa in the form of Laddoo and Candy
Carrot Halwa Ladoo
Carrot Halwa Ladoo
Carrot Halwa Candy
Carrot Halwa Candy
Carrot Halwa with Ice Cream
Carrot Halwa with Ice Cream

    Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)
    Carrot Halwa(Gajar ka Halwa)

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thank you. i tried it out and it came out well.I would like to know the quantity of carrots required to serve 20 people. Thanks in advance :-)

Maami.. How to make it if dont have a vessel to fit in a cooker... but you have a really small cooker..

How to cook the caroots in milk if you dont have a vessel to fir inside the cooker...
I only have a small sized cooker..

Hello Ganesh, you can directly add milk and grated carrots to the cooker and close it and allow for 3 whistles. After the pressure is released, just open up the lid and keep stirring and continue the next step. So you can direcly cook the whole dish in your small cooker.

Hello aunty, I am a srilankan tamil living in Paris, I love your recipes, thank you very much.



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