Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa is a wonderful dessert dish for any party. It is very delicious and will be liked by all people around the world. Beetroot halwa is easy to prepare and very delicious. I would love to have the hot Beetroot halwa with the ice cream :-)..

Beetroot Halwa
Beetroot Halwa

Preparation time and Yield :
Preparation time5 mins
Cooking time35 mins

Beetroot Halwa
Beetroot Halwa


Sugar1/4 Cup
Ghee3 tablespoon
Milk2 Cups
Cardamom Powder1 Teaspoon
Cashew nutsFew
Badam 4

Beetroot Halwa
Beetroot Halwa

  1. Peel the beetroot skin and cube the beetroot in big pieces and pressure cook it upto three whistles. Cooking the beetroot makes our work easier as it is very easy to grate the cooked beetroot than the uncooked beetroot

  2. Once the beetroot is cooled, grate the beetroot and keep it ready. Heat a heavy bottomed pan with ghee 

  3. Add the grated beetroot and saute in low flame for 10 minutes. Keep the flame in medium low and add the milk to grated beetroot and allow the milk-beetroot mixture to thicken. 

  4. It will take atleast 10-15 minutes for the milk to reduce its quantity and the mixture to gets thicken up. Now add the sugar and stir it continuously in low flame. 

  5. Adding sugar makes the mixture again to a thin consistency and so keep stirring  till the sugar syrup gets thicken. Add cardamom powder and ghee and stir continuously till the ghee oozes out from the halwa 

  6. Keep stirring it till the halwa starts to roll like a ball without sticking to the sides of the pan. Now remove beetroot halwa from the flame and place it in a plate. Decorate it with cashews, badam and pista.

  7. The delicious beetroot halwa is ready to serve. We can keep the halwa in refrigerator and we can use it for 2 days. If we place it in freezer we can even use if for a month. Before serving warm the halwa and serve it.
  8. Beetroot Halwa
    Beetroot Halwa

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