Kanu Pandigai(Kanu Pongal) Recipes

After new year the immediate Hindu festival is Boghi and pongal. But yet there is one more special occasion that is celebrated  is Kanu Pandigai(Kanu Pongal). Kanu falls on the same day of Maatu Pongal. On this special Occasion, sisters in the family will pray for the welfare of their brothers. This is a special festival for ladies.

Kanu Pidi, Kanu Pongal

Kanu day is not an auspicious day. In tamil, we call it as "Kari Naal" or "Kanu Peedai". Early in the morning, elders will take the turmeric and will mark it in forehead and young girls should seek blessings from the elders. Then they have to follow a ritual of "Kanu Pidi" and then take a bath to come out of "Kanu Peedai". They are not expected to take any food/drinks till they come out of Kanu Peedai.

Kanu Pidi - How and Why ?
In a open place put a kolam in east direction. Wash the turmeric leaves and place it over the kolam. We have to keep upto four rices on the leaves.
1. White rice prepared on the previous day (pongal day)
2. Sarkarai pongal prepared on the previous day (pongal day)
3. Prepare red color rice by mixing small quantity of rice with kumkum.
4. The same way prepare yellow rice by mixing small quantity of rice with turmeric powder.

Take 4 pieces of sugarcane. Place these colored rice and sugarcane pieces in small quantities in the turmeric leaves placed above the kolam.

We have to say the following phrases while keeping the coloured rice in leaves
"Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen, Kakka Kootam Kalanchalum Enga Kootam Kalayama Irukkanum"*

(* This specific phrase varies from family to family. If you check the comments below form others you will come to know the different variation of this phrase. But the overall concept is same - we are praying for unity within the family) 

After chanting this we have to break a coconut, place it in a plate having beetle leaves and beetle seeds along with 2 bananas. We have to show aarthi around the turmeric leaves and we should pray for our brothers.

We have to make sure the rice kept in leaves should be eaten only by crows. On this auspicious occasion we prepare variety rices and ladies should not eat rasam (Don't know why, but this what we follow in our family and told by my mom :-) ). Please find below some of the variety rices for Kanum Pongal.
Coconut RiceAviyal

Tamarind RiceLemon RiceCurd Rice

It is also the day for Cattles. Cows are decorated, their horns are painted and turemeric and aarthi are conducted as cow is revered as Mother. In the villages race are conducted for bulls.
Mattu Pongal - Cows are decorated and being worshiped.

Jallikattu -  Man vs. Bull

For Pongal and Bhogi Festival refer the following links
Pongal  FestivalBhogi Festival

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Good site indeed !!

Is it "Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen Kakaikellam Kalyanam" or "Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen, Kakka kuutam kalienchalum, enka koottam kalayama irukkenum" ?

It is Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen Kakum , kuruvikum kalyanam.....thats how our patti thaught us :-) :-)

Hi, I checked with my sister too. Yes, you are right. The below one is right. Thanks for the clarification. I will update in my post.

"Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen, Kakka kuutam kalienchalum, enka koottam kalayama irukkenum" ?

OH no! We were taught (this is 4th generation in New Delhi doing it faithfully) - kakaikella kalyanam, kurivikum kalyanam!"

Thanks! SO cool that others are doing this and remembering it. I NOW live in the US and am doing it...not a crow in sight..breaks my heart.

i would like to know why ladies cannot have rasam on this day.even my mom used to say this but i ve not got a valid ans for this.pl enlighten me on this

hi..im celebrating thala pongal in the US. I want to keeep pidi, im not finding crow here...so give me a suggestion wat can i do that coloured rice( after keeping pidi). Any advice pls?

come back to India.. if it is so important...Jus kidding...

i live in U.S & i used to keep kakaipidi here but since last year i have stopped keeping since i lost interest ,the first reason is it is too cold outside & 2 nd reason is i dont find any crow. i have been married & living here for past 7 yrs.

In our house, we used to keep 'Kanupudi' and recite "Kanupudi vecchi Kaapudi veccchi- kaakaiki kalyanam-kuruviki upanayanam!"Later we used to give the Kanupudi to a cow. Now-a-days in the city, it is difficult to locate a cow to feed it! anonymous kannada Iyengar.

I live in US too... I'm a Telugu Brahmin, married to an Iyangar... I was taught to say "kanu pidi vecchen, kaka pidi vecchen, kakKum kutivikkum kalyanam". I think these lines got modified, simplified and got changed in each family.

I put it out for a day and trash it... What to do.

HI, its not necessary to keep only for cows. if we cant find one we can always offer it street animals such as a dog or a cat, etc.... but its a great festival n a great tradition above all as it signifies the unity among not only siblings even relations such as in-laws.. may it spread n prosper.. "KAKA PIDI VECHEN, KANNU PIDI VECHEN, KAKAIKUM KURUVIKKUM KALYANAM" goes the saying in our family.


Therefore, kaka represents our pitrus (forefathers). If we have their blessings with the above 2 lines on kanu pongal our forefathers will bless us n our future generations will prosper..

kanupidi vaichen kakkapidi vachen, en udan piranthan nanna irukkanum is what we say in our house.
We also make vazhakkai podi, Thengai Thuvaiyal, or katharikai thuvaiyal and payasam for Kanu pongal but no rasam on that day. We eat the above with karuvadam or appalams

Can anyone say why rasam is not made on Keanu day?.Additionally brothers you are supposed to give gifts to your sisters.Do not forget it


Can you post a recipe for coriander chutney with tomatoes and lasun

my mother used to say that" kakkakalellam thammil thammil nalla sneham ullathakkum, athinaley akkum oru kakkai chethuponalum matte kakkakalellam ankey irunthu ka ka ennu chollli kathikkinde irukkum. antha samayam namm antha vazhiye ponal namme kothum, nammal akkum antha kakkaye konnom ennu ninachukkindu"
also we have not seen such a thing in any other birds

Hi mami,

All your posting are simply super.

Thank you.

ohh...we chant as "KAAKA PUDI VECHAN, KANNU PIDI VECHAN, KAAKA'VUM KURUVI'UM POLA SANDHOSHAMA IRUKANUM. my granny told crow and sparrow are like brother n sister so we shud pray like that. This is my thala pongal. Feeling excited :)

For red rice, we use to make by turmeric(pachai manjal) and chunam. it'll give red color.Additional wordings our mother told is kuda pirandavan vazha purandham vazha and Kannana enn kanavan pallandu vazhka.

We chant Kaka Pidi vechain Kanu pidi vechain Kaka Kootum Kalainthalum En Kootum Kalaiyama Irrukkunam Endru we pray to god

kaka pidi vechen, kanu pidi vechen, kaka vazha, kanu vazha, ponnu vazha, pirandan vazha,pukkan vazha,neeyum vazha,naanum vazha is what we pray to god.

Sorry the words to be said while keepint the rice for Crows on Kanu Pandigai are wrong........the right lines are
Take some rice in hand and make into round form and then "Kaka pudi kannu pudi kakak ellam kalyanam(twice)
Un Kootum Kalayama erukara madri en kootumum kalayama irukkanam."

Its wrongly written above saying""Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen, Kakka Kootam Kalanchalum Enga Kootam Kalayama Irukkanum"*

Do we have to take bath after keeping kannu pidi. Since we keep pidi after taking bath only..

Hi, Its again the custom based. North Arcot, Tirunelveli follow this custom of taking bath after keeping kannu pidi. Tanjavore women take a bath after keeping kanu pidi

Iyers keep kanupidi and take oil bath and go to their mothers house for lunch. Iyengars keep kanupidi after taking bath. They keep kanupidi in their inlaws house and in their mothers house also. Iyers used to say kanucharu koodathu that means on that day puli karaikkakoodadhu, so all of us used to prepare pulikachal on bhogi oar on ponga

We say it as "Kakaipidi vachen Kannupidi vachen, Kakka k ellam kalyanam, kurvi k ellam simandam"

There are some lines that our elders recite while teetifying manajal on our forehead (nose) - what was that - i am forgetting it....
Also my mother used to say that after keeping the kanu pidi, you should not turn back and see - and should walk away straight into the house - i wonder why?


i need a small clarification. the kaka pidi is kept from left to right. but if by mistake if someone keeps from right to left is it a mistake. Can anyone reply on this.



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