Pal therattipal(Palgova) is a delicious dessert made in southern part of India. It is famous in srivelliputhur in tamilnadu. A decade before, people used to prepare this dish in home itself. But nowadays we are buying it from sweet stalls. If we do it in our home it will be surely delicious and we can reduce the quantity of sugar if necessary also. It will take at least 45Min's to prepare Pal therattipal(Palgova)and one more advantage is that we do not need to stir the milk continuously. We have stir it at the time when milk initially boils and later for 5 Min's after we add sugar


Milk1 Litre


In a heavy bottomed pan, heat the milk. Stir the milk to avoid overflow.
Allow the milk to boil till it becomes thicker and reduces to 1 cup of quantity
Now add sugar and continuously stir for 5Min's till the Palgova starts to thicken without sticking on to the sides of pan
Remove from flame. Now the delicious Pal therattipal(Palgova) is ready for serving. We can get 1 cup of palgova from 1 litre of milk

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  1. it luks so yummy....i am a fitness freak....but will try this out for sure.

  2. Hi,

    I'm a male and after reading the "Paal Therattippaal" receipe, wanted to try it myself. I did and it came out so yummy!!! I gave it to my wife to taste without mentioning that I had prepared it and she loved it :) Thank you for this lovely receipe.

    1. So what u too havr mouth right ♥♥