I heared first time about Vazhaipoo vadai from the movie "Kandukonden Kandukonden" and tried immediately and it turn out to be too good and appriciated by all my family members. Then Vazhaipoo vadai became the default snacks for guest visits. You can also try Vazhaipoo vaidai instead of our conventional vadai as its different and will be appriciated by the visitors/guests. Please try and let me k now your comments.

Vazhaipoo Vadai(Bannana blossom vadai)

  • Ingredients:
Chopped Vazhai poo(Banana flower)1 Cup
Green Chilli2 Nos
Channa dal(Gram dal)1/2 Cup
Thurdal2 tablespoon
OilFor Frying
Urdal2 tablespoon
Chopped Ginger1 Teaspoon
HingA Pinch
SaltTo Taste
  • Mix all the dhals and Soak the dhals in water for 3 hours
  • After 3 hours filter the water and keep the dhal for 1 more hour
  • After an hour, Keep 3 table spoon of the dhal separately in a bowl and grind the remaining dhal with salt and a pinch of hing without adding water.
  • Add the above ground mixture with the 3 table spoon of the dhals in a bowl along with green chilli and ginger and keep this aside.
  • Chop the vazhaippo. You can click here to know how to prepare the Vazhaippoo for the vadai. Heat some oil in a pan, and add chopped vazhaipoo and fry for sometime till the vazhaipoo is cooked completely
  • Add the fried vazhaipoo to the dal mixture and mix it well.
  • Heat the oil in a kadai and once the oil is hot, make small rounds of ground dhal and press it in the center and put it in the oil and deep fry it.
  • Once the Vadai becomes brownish color take it out in a bowl with a paper towel to dry the oil and serve hot.

You can also try Keerai Vadai.


  1. First time here - Nice recipes and very nice blog!

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  3. This was awesome and I tried as well... and all the recipes that are given in this website are awesome. Thank you mami for all the recipes. This is very helpful for the newly married girls like me.. I am getting great appreciations from my inlaws by ur recipes.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments Anu. Keep trying the recipes and share your comments and suggestions.

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    1. Hi, I remember that Anu has posted the same comments twice thats why I removed. If not, please post again, i will publish it.

  6. Very nice Mami.I am gonna try today.