Carrot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)

Carrot is such a lovely vegetable from which we can make many different types of dishes. I tried Payasam with Carrot and it turned out to be very good. Carrot Kheer, a healthy and tasty payasam variety. We can serve cold and also we can pour this in  popsicle moulds and freeze and serve as popsicles. A soothing drink particularly during hot summer.  Try carrot payasam (Carrot Kheer) next time instead of a conventional one. This would be well appreciated by your family and guests. Try it out and let me know.

Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)
Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time15 mins
Cooking Time30 mins
Recipe CategoryBevarages / Payasam
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Milk3.5 Cups
Condensed Milk1/2 Cup
Grated Carrot1 Cup
Sugar1/3 Cup
Cardamom Powder4 teaspoon
Cashew nuts10 + 1 Tablespoon
Almonds1 Tablespoon
Ghee2 Tablespoon

Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)
Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)

  1. Peel the carrot skin and grate it and keep it aside. In a small bowl, add almonds & cashews and add water and soak it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, drain water, peel almond skin . Add 3-4 tablespoon of milk and grind the nuts to a smooth paste

  2. Heat the ghee in a pan, and add broken cashews and fry it till it turns golden brown color. Keep this aside. In the same pan, add 1 tablespoon of ghee and saute the grated carrots for 4-5 minutes in low flame. Take the sauteed carrots aside

  3. Bring milk to boil. Add sauted carrot and stir well. Add ground almond-cashew paste and stir well

  4. Add Condensed milk along with sugar. Condensed milk is optional. We can exclude and increase the sugar, but it gives a nice flavor. 

  5. Add cardamom powder. Keep the kheer in low flame for 3-4 minutes. Garnish with roasted cashews and stir once

  6. Serve the delicious Carrot Kheer ready to serve! Refrigerate and serve cold! 
  7. Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)
    Carot Kheer(Carrot Payasam)

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Generally I hate Carrot....but this one looks really juicy and like the soup's color so I may try it.



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