Sprouting at Home

There are countless benefits in eating the sprouts. Yourself can google it and find the benefits of eating sprouts. Sprouting is an easy, inexpensive way to produce your own fresh, healthy food right on your kitchen countertop. You can sprout any combination of dried beans, seeds, pulses, even whet berries. I advise you to eat the fresh raw sprouts. You can also add a pinch of salt and 2-3 dropts of lemon and eat it. You can eat the sprout as a salad or you can mix with any poriyal and eat it. I give a box of fresh sprouts to my son for the evening snacks in the office. This is best evening snacks and i would advise the same to you instead of taking vada/bajji/or any other junks. If you dont like the raw fresh sprouts, you can micro wave it for 3-5 mins and consume it with the salt. In India the sprouts are available readily in the supermarkets. But this may not be available in the markets in the abroad. You can try this three simple steps to make your own sprouts.

Sprouts - How to make it in Home ?
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  • Pour dry seeds/or beans into a container. A large mouth container makes it much easier to get the sprous out.
  • Fill water in the container. Do not add more water. The seeds should be completely immersed in the water.
  • Leave it as it is over night. (8-10 hours)
  • After 8-10 hours, completely drain the water.
  • Cover the mouth of the container with the nice cloth(or cheese cloth) and secure it with the rubber band
  • Set the container upside down on the dish. This will keep the sprouts happy and moist as they grow.
  • Wait for another 8-10 hours.Rinse the sprouts twice/thrice with the cool water in between.
  • The sprout is ready. In the cold countries, you need to wait for another 8-10 hours. You need to rinse the sprouts twice a day with the cool water till its ready.

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Thanks for the info.
easy & healthy...

my kids 4yrs and 2yrs loved karuveppilai powder mixed with hot rice and ghee.
please give me the receipe for soft idly. they generally come a little hard.

Just a small addition to your sprouts, you can get sprouts by doing the above procedure in hot pack-cello

In cold country too you do not need any additional time because the houses here are really warm inside. I leave mine outside. The idly and dosai dough also ferment very easily, say about 5-6 hours

Cheers Rachael



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