Rice Flour2 Cup
Fried Gram(Odachakadalai) Flour1/2 Cup
Red Chilli Powder1 teaspoon
Hing1/4 teaspoon
SaltTo Taste
Coconut sliced pieces2 teaspoon
Fried Gram(Odachakadalai)2 teaspoon
Curry Leavesfew
OilFor Frying
Butter1 table spoon


  • Take a pan, add rice flour, fried gram flour, salt, red chilli powder, hing, sliced coconut pieces, curry leaves, fried gram, butter and mix it well. Sprinkle water and mix all these ingredients to make it a thick dough.

  • Take a piece of plastic paper, spread oil in the paper, make small ball of the flour, and keep it in paper.

  • Grease the fingers with oil and press the ball to flatten it.

  • Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan.

  • Slowly turn the plastic paper over your palm. The greased plastic will enable flattened thattai to slip on your hands easily

  • Turn them to cook evenly until golden yellow/ deep brown

  • Drop them on a paper towel to drain excess oil

  • Once cooled, store them in an air tight container.

  • The delicious Thattai is ready for neivedhyam and for serving.

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  1. This looks awesome mami. I tried once and ended up having unevenly browned thattai, that didn't come out crisp but rather adai. What is the mistake ?

  2. We need to flatten the thattai to thin patties and put some 2-3 small holes so that the oil enters the inner portion of thattai and cook it evenly. Also while frying thattai, we need to keep it in low flame till it is cooked and becomes crisp.

  3. Hi aunty,
    I have been a regular at your site and have impressed my brahmin husband and family with my authentic tam-bram cooking.Im a christian and it was quite a challenge for me to cook first of all 'vegetarian' dishes and that too for a brahmin household.but thanks to your awesome blog I passed with flying colors. Now coming to my problem of the day... I made everything exactly as you wrote here but, as with the previous person I have made hard puris instead of thattais.I made two batches of dough and have tried over 150 tattais trying different techniques but not even ONE was good!!! aaaaarrrghhh!!!! im terribly upset! what did I do wrong??? I read in some site that they used urad dal and not chana dal... was it a typo in your ingredients list or is chana dal the right one??

  4. Gram dhal means pottukadalai only na mami..

  5. the same question. dont know, what is gram dhal powder. . bit confused. pottukadalai maavu or kadalai maavu ( which we use to get from shop)

  6. Dear Mami,
    What is "Odachakadalai". NelaKadalai ya?

    Don't you use varutha ulunda mavu instead of Odachakadalai?

    Please reply me. -Uma Raghu

  7. in some sites it mentioned as only urad dal and not fried gram little confused.... why dnt we use urad dal alone....

  8. Odacha kadalai is pottukadalai. Normal is urad dhal powder. Pottukadalai should work too. Again it is the the ratio makes it soft. Rice flower makes it crisp. Reduce the pottukadalai flower. Mami's ratio is 1 to 4 change it to 1 to 6 to make it crisp also make it thin. Good luck. Roasting the flower for a minute is good.

  9. mami,tried out your recepie..thattai came out very well..made it for the first time today...

  10. can u pl provide me with the recipe for mixture? iam regular follower of ur recipes

  11. Hi Annalakshmi, i will post the recipe for the mixure soon. Thanks

  12. Awesome recipe, perfect proportions, mami! They came out v well!! Thanks!!

  13. Hi mami, can we use the rice flour which we get from shops. Or do we have to soak raw rice for about 1-2 hours, dry the water and powder it?

    1. Hi Renjani, we can surely use Rice flours from shops. But for neivedhyam i wont prefer using them and also in my experience the rice which is soaked and ground has higher quality in taste than readymade flours

    2. Thanks a lot mami.. I shall update you tomorrow after making the dishes :)

  14. HI mami, can we use the ready made rice flour which we buy from shops. Or do we have to soak raw rice, dry it and make powder.. Kindly reply. Thank you !

  15. Mam, I am Lalitha Baburaj. I was able to do Chakli,appam, Uppu and Vella cheedai, in a good manner and they were well appreciated. But for thattai which at first dis integrated when I put it in hot oil for frying. Then I thought that butter content may be more so I added some odacha kadalai mavu and tried again it came out like small pooris. I Just thought that you can prescribe a remedy for my thattai's inflammation. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for sharing this easy-to-make thattai recipe. I'm a first timer out trying these recipes, and it came out pretty good.

  17. Hello Mami

    I tried thattai sedai with urad dhal powder. 1 tumbler roasted rice powder to 11/2 table spoons roasted ural dhal powder. First day it was very cripsy and tasty. Next day it turned soggy (Namathu poiduthu). Not sure whether it is because of mixture or container I used to store. Container is a good tupperware dabba. Can you please advice?

  18. Hello mami,

    Can you suggest me which oil is best for murukku frying. O K oil or kadalai ennai