Varalakshmi Vratham/Varalakshmi Pooja

Varalakshmi Pooja is an important pooja performed by many women in the states of Andra and Tamilnadu. This year Varalakshmi Viratham is on 4th Aug 2017.

Varalakshmi Pooja is celebrated on the friday, before the full moon day, in the Tamil Month Sravana (July-August). Varalakshmi is yet another form of Lord Vishnu’s consort, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Varalakshmi is believed to be the one who grants boons (Varam).

Varalakshmi Pooja can be performed any woman with no restriction of caste or creed. The legend of Varalakshmi Vratham is that Goddess Varalakshmi appeared in a woman devotee named Charumathi’s dream and expressed her satisfaction in the woman’s devotion towards the Goddess.

Varalakshmi Vratham / Varalakshmi Pooja

During this auspicious day, married women gets up early in the morning and decorate their front yards with rangolis. Later they take oil bath and wear new cloths and jewellery. Also they start preparing neivedhyam for the pooja and decorate the kalasam. Every women who has the ritual to perform this viratham will have the Varalakshmi face(Amman mugham) in Silver. As a conclusion to the festivities, they sing praises of the goddess and also invite another married woman to don the role of Lakshmi and offer them sweets. That evening, the neighbours are invited to the home and offered tamboolam. Together they sing hymns in praise of goddess Varalakshmi.

Decorating Varalakshmi Amman
In a thambalam(Plate), plantain leaf(Vazhaiilai) is laid and over the leaf, put 1 cup of raw rice and spread it evenly. Keep a silver pot(Sombu) and decorate the sivler pot with sandal and kumkum. The silver pot is filled with rice or water, coins, turmeric, betel leaf and a nut. Take a coconut rub it with turmeric keep that Over the silver pot, on the top of the coconut, decorate with karugumani bangles and cover the silver pot with blouse piece. Now place the Varalakshmi face over the coconut and tie it tightly in the back of the coconut to avoid falling. Decorate the Amman Mugham with different colors of flowers and gold chains. Decorating amman with Panju thiri malai is very auspicious. Now decorate a small table with thoraman and maaviali(Mango tree leaf) and place the thamabalam inside the table. On the day of varalakshmi viratham, in the morning, we need to decorate the amman in thambalam first and in the entrance of house, we need to wet the floor and put kolam and place the amman thambalam in the kolam and we need to sing "Varalakshmi Ra Ve Ma Intiki" and slowly lift the amman thambalam and bring it to the Pooja room where the small table is ready with thoranam and maavilai and place it thambalam inside the table slowly and gently.

Preparation before Pooja:
We need to ensure the following items to be kept ready before starting the pooja as it not advisable to get up in the middle of pooja.
  1. Coconut
  2. Beetle leaf with nut
  3. 5 varieties of fruits if not at least banana
  4. Flowers( Especially lotus petals and Ganera(Sev arali poo) are very auspicious)
  5. Neivedhyam Items ( Annam (Rice with dal and ghee), Pacharisi Idly, Kozhakattai, Payasam, Vadai)
  6. Nonbu Saradu (Holy yellow rope with a small flower tied in the middle of each rope). This ninbu saradu has to be placed in Varalakshmi Amman's Feet
  7. A Tumber with water and a spoon
Perform Pooja
Pooja is available in the internet as well as we can get DVD's which can be played to perform the viratham. We can also call sastri(priest) who will perform this pooja at our home.

Vinayakar Pooja

Take a beetle leaf, and place it by the edge facing the north side. Take 2 teaspoon of turmeric and using little water make small mountain like mould which represent Lord Vinayakar. Place it in the middle of the beetle leaf and place some kumkum at the top of vinayakar and chant the following slokas by taking flowers and akshadhai.
  1. Om Sumugaya Namaha
  2. Om Yegathanthaya Namaha
  3. Om Kabilaya Namaha
  4. Om Kajakarnikaya Namaha
  5. Om Lambodharaya Namaha
  6. Om Vigadaya Namaha
  7. Om Viknarajaya Namaha
  8. Om Ganadhipaya Namaha
  9. Om Thumakedhave Namaha
  10. Om Ganadhakshaya Namaha
  11. Om Balachandraya Namaha
  12. Om Vakrathundaya Namaha
  13. Om Soorpakarnaya Namaha
  14. Om Heryrambaya Namaha
  15. Om Skandhapoorvajaya Namaha
  16. Om Mahaganapadhiye Namaha
Nanavidha Parimala Patra Pushpani samarpayami. We need to perform the above vigneshwara pooja and move the beetle leaf to the north side and then start with Varalakshmi Pooja.

Varalakshmi Pooja

There are many DVD's available in market, you can buy them and follow the instructions or we can call a priest(Sashtri) and perform the pooja. If you are living abroad and have a short time to perform viratham, then you can chant "Mahalakshmi Ashtothram" and put flowers for each sloka and finish the pooja.

After the pooja is done, we need to perform neivedhyam which is followed by maha deeparadhanai.

General Neivedhya Items for the pooja

SalyannamPlain white cooked rice
Kruthakula Payasam Paruppu Payasam(Dal Kheer)
MashapubamUlundhu vadai (Urid dal vada)
LattugamPacharisi Idly
SanagamKondaikadalai Sundal(Chick peas sundal)
NalikerakandamCoconut break into half
JambubalamNavarpazham(indian blackberry)
Peejapurapalam)Guva fruit
NarthapalamOrange/ sweet lime

Once the Neivedhyam and Deeparathanai is done, every women in the house including babies from 1 year should tie the nonbu saradu in their right hand. Generally, the elderly married women in the house ties the nonbu kayiru in her right hand with the help of her husband and she will in turn ties other nonbu kayiru to kanya(unmarried) girls at home. Everyone after they tie the knot in their hand ,they will pray to Varalakshmi godess to seek her blessings.

Saradu Katum Slokam
Before tying the knot, we need to do the following.

Take a tambalam and place coconut, fruits, beetle leaves with nuts, turmeric and give the thambalam to the women and chant the following sloka and tie the nonbu saradu

" Navathanthu Samayuktham Navakranthi Samanvitham
  Pathneeyam thakshanye hasthey thoragam harivallabey"

After saying these lines, we need to tie the knot to the first elder women in the family. We have to again  repeat the same for the rest of kanya girls in the family.

If we have invited Priest, we need to give him a thambalam with beetle leaves with nut, fruits, coconut, neivedhyam items and also his fees.

On this day day for the dinner, woman should not eat rice. They can eat light tiffin. Generally it is a tradition to eat the neivedhya items for dinner. My mom used to eat only pacharisi idly for dinner.

In the evening, We need to make fresh arathi and after lighting the deepam, and we should invite other married women and give them thambulam along with chick peas sundal. Generally in my young days, my mom used to do sundal the next day which we call it as Punar Poojai.

Punar Poojai:
Next day, we need to do Punar Poojai. We need to do neivedhyam(fruits) for Amman. We need to chant Lakshmi Ashtotharam and do deeparathanai. Chant the below mantra using flowers and akshatai

" Asmath Kumbath Sri Varalakshmem
  Yadhasthanam Pradhishtapayami
  So' Panarthey Kshemaya Punaragamanaya cha "

Chanting the above mantra, we need to put the flowers and akshatai in Amman's feet and gently move the kalasam to the north direction and we can sing Amman songs.

Before going to sleep, we need to take the Amman kalasam and keep it inside the rice drim(sack). We can use the coconut in the kalasam the next friday and make payasam.

Please click here for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). I tried to answer some of the questions on this pooja to my best knowledge.

Recipes for Neivedhyam:

Pacharisi IdlyChick Peas SundalArisi Paruppu Payasam

KozhukattaiUlundhu Vadai

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hi i have a question on varalaxmi pooja .If 2 women do together one keeping amman with kalasam and other one keeping amman in a silver bowl is it the right way.please help me.

Hi mami,
I'have one doubt wether we have prepare paruppu payasam or semiya payasam?i've seen in one article that we have prepare white payasam.

Normally we prepare paruppu payasam for neivedhyam.

Can a 4month pregnant woman can do this pooja ?

Anybody can do the pooja and pregnant woman do not need to fast.

can I start it for the first time this year

it is very helpful thank u

kindly intimate the exact time to perform puja

kindly intimate the exact time to perform puja

nirmala radhakrishnan

its very helpfull and informative so thankyou verymuch

Can I eat out on day of varalakhsmi pooja... is there any restrictions on what not to eat .. (like onion, garlic)

I have already completed the pooja this morning and everything went well. thank you for all the good information

no you cannot eat outside

can we make this kozhakattai mavu with ready made arisi mavu available in the shop..if so whats the measurement

please post appam recipe

Useful information for the latest generation.


We can make kozhukattai with ready made arisi mavu or even with idiyappam mavu. Take the same measure. For 1 cup of rice flour you need 1.5 cups -2 cups of water. The pooranam ingredients remain same.

You can refer the this link for appam recipe.

Dear mami,
Ur information is very helpful. What to do when we decorate the amman and ready up things for pooja and suddenly get menses/periods unexpectedly? can we keep the amman waiting for a week?

wonderful information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend nandu , hyderabad,i have read atleast 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards, Varalakshmi Vratham

i'm into 7th month pregnancy can i perform normal varalaksmi pooja without fasting.

Most Helpful information for me thank you soooo much

I am doing varalakshmi vrat first time. I don't know anyone here to invite for thamboolam. Because we shifted to new house . What should i do mam ?

Hi Sukanya, you can go to nearby temple and give thamboolam for ladies coming there. You can take vethalai, pakku, blouse bit, coin, flower and sundal and give it to the ladies who come to temple.

Hi madam.. The post was very useful.. I have a doubt.. u have mentioned that before going to sleep we need to remove the kalasam and keep it in rice box..but is it on nombu day or the next day

Hai mam..pls clarify my doubt. I m unmarried girl. Can I do this pooja. . I m working.. so if I finish d prayer in early morning do I need to keep fast.. clear my doubt mam

grat information madam.. thanku very much madam..

The next day we need to move the amman in north direction and keep milk as neivedhyam and then after 10 minutes, we can remove the kalasam and keep it in rice box

Hi Shalini, it is a general tradition to perform this pooja only after marriage according to the family customs of your in-laws. But you can surely pray to goddess before going to work. Fasting is not mandatory for you.

Hi, Sorry for the late response. After 5 months of pregnancy, it is not good to do any pooja. So you can do it next year.

Due to health issues I am NOT able to perform the poja on the exact day of varalakahmi.can I do the poja with all thE traditional methods the next Friday ?

Can v do this pooja during periods??

As per my best knowledge, this should be performed only on this specific day.

Hi maami. I find your blog so useful. I would like to ask you if the kalasam you are referring to is the coconut together with Amman's face? Because you were saying that we must put the kalasam in the rice pot so if that's the case must we put the Amman's face together with jewellery in the rice pot? Or just the coconut itself?

do I have to move the kalasam and keep, so that I can take it tomorrow. please could you explain me the concluding procedure of the pooja?

Where to keep the Amman mugham after the prayers?

hai mam i am the lover of ur site
acually i saw the face of laxmi statue ( like a mould) in net
where can i buy
plz need ur sharing

Hi mam,
ur website is very useful. But if u post all the details in tamil, it will be very useful for many of the people like me who are living in urban areas. We are not able to identify the material names in english

mami can u publish all the information in tamil?

The kalasam slipped , half the rice and the coin and including kalasam everything fell on the ground while removing the varalakshmi. Is it good or bad?

Aunty thank u very much .

hi mami,
I'm doing this for the 1st time.As you have mentioned earlier,to filled the silver pot with rice or water,if i use water, what should i do with the water after completed the pooja.

Hi, We can use the water for our cooking.

Hi mami,

kindly advice me where to keep the aman mugham after the prayes.

Nice blog and the post seems quite informative about gifts,Thanks for sharing such a huge post.
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Hi mami
I am now 5 th month pregnant. Can I do varalakshmi Pooja .

Hi sunitha, I will check with my MIL and let you know by tomorrow

I checked with my mom and she confirmed that you can perform the pooja

Hello mam. This is a very useful post specially for the ones who are doing the vratham for the first time. I have one question mam. Can we use the dolls for the vratham that are available in the market ? Can we reuse them next year?

Generally, they will use amman mugham (Goddess face made in silver.) But many people design the goddess face in coconut. You can get a round coconut and apply turmeric all over and then decorate the coconut by drawing face and decorate with jewels. But if you are doing for the first time and don't have silver face or not sure of how to design goddess face in ccoconut, then you can use the dolls. Ultimately, its all how we do the pooja dedicatedly that is more important. So all the very best.

Thanks a lot mam.

Hello Mami,
Thanks for ur valuable information, I have 1 doubt that is if I'm not able to invite other ladies for pooja, can I visit their home to give thamboolam?

Sure. You can very much visit their home and give the thamboolam.

Thank u so much

I have never done this pooja before. Even in my family no one does it. But I had a dream of a women (sumangali) at the temple asking me to do it. So I checked with my in-laws. They said, since this will be first time, it has to be started either by priest or some one who is doing this pooja. Is that true? Can I start by myself? Please guide me!

Hi Hema, Your MIL is right. This is has to be started by an elderly women who is already doing this Pooja. That's the tradition.

Hello Madam ...
I have a doubt that as this is the second year of my marriage I couldn't perform puja in the first yr coz of some issues .. As I got the info that u shouldn't start the puja in the second year ... Is this is right ... Plz help me out from this confusion

Hi you can perform the pooja. But as it is the first time, you take the pooja from a priest or an elderly women like mom-in-law or mother who is already doing this pooja

Hi mam , what are the things We have to keep inside the kalasam?? Is thre any counting ?
How many mango leaves we use in kalasam 5 or 9

Hi madam,
varalakshimi Puja comes on the 5 Th day of my menustral cycle.can I perform Puja or take tambulam from others.I am quite confused with different answers.suggest me..thanks in advance

Hi Manasa, if your cycle is completely over, then you can very well perform the pooja. But if your periods not completely over, then you should not do the pooja

Decorate the kalasam with sandal and kumkum. The should be filled with rice or water, coins, turmeric, betel leaf and a nut. No specific count for mango leaves

Vanakam mam. Can i do this pooja since its 32 days after my mother in law passed away.

Mam pls let me know in the case where we are not in India and neither my mom or mil is near by me to start this. This is 2nd year of my marriage & I would like to start this. Advise me.

Mam pls let me know in the case where we are not in India and neither my mom or mil is near by me to start this. This is 2nd year of my marriage & I would like to start this. Advise me.

Hi mam can Amman face be in brass and it looks like some different ammann not like Lakshmi can be used for varalakhmi vratam

This is the proper lakshmi face made out of silver and not brass

The actual tradition is to take the pooja from mom-inlaw or mom. But if you really want to start, you can check with them if they are ok, you can take the pooja from any elderly women staying around you who is already doing this pooja every year

after finishing puja shall I go to office ad givent hambulam in the evening. chitra

The Varamahalakshmi Puja is performed in Karnataka as well. kindly provide with complete information.
Its one of the important festivals in Karnataka.

Hi mam, when to untie the yellow nombu saradu...and what to do after un tie???

We can untie anytime later than a week. It is not advisable to untie on tuesdays and fridays.

Sure Chitra you can give tabulam in the evening.

Thanx a tonne . U have described this in detail.

Hats off to you mami. Great post.

Hi man,after Pooja next day do we need put naivedyam in the morning and in the night offer milk and after 10min I have to remove kalasham and put rice bag or I have to put kalasham in rice bag in the
morning only I.e on Saturday morning

Hi mam
I and my mother did varalakshmi virat for ages. My mother died this year. I being unmarried can do virat or not

So sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, you can do it as it is your family tradition. You can do the pooja and you can invite elderly women who is ur relative or friend and ask her to tie the saradu to you.

Hi mam,
Thank you mam.i want to ask after one year or third year of my mother death we can do puja .can I also do kedra kowri virat since we are doing for ages.i being unmarried can do both virat .

My mother died on March this year. Can I have atleast fast for kana sashti fast for six days and also for mahashivrathri

Hi mami my mum has never done this pooja before or neither does my in law but I would like to do it this yr, is it OK? Or should my mum do it first this year?

If its first time, then we should take this vratam only when it comes in tamil month Aavani. this year its on 12-august which is on Aadi month. Also we should take this vratam from an elderly women(Sumangkali) who does this vratam every year

Hi Mam,
Iam doing pooja for the first time and i dont hav my mom or mil near and mil dont hav this festival can i do it

If you have someone near you place who is doing this pooja then u can take it from them. But this time the vratam not coming in Avani month, so you need to wait for the year when the vratam comes on the Avani month.

Madam, I brought a beautiful lehenga to decorate varalakshmi. Can I reuse it for next year or should I wash and reuse it.

I bought a beautiful lehenga to decorate amman.can I reuse it for next varalakshmi vratam or wash and reuse it.

hi amma,
I am widow.I am very much interested to do pooja. I dont want to do pooja like vratam, just I want to do pooja to get blessings of maatha laxmi. Can I do as you people doing (eg: by keeping kalasam). Please amma clarify my doubts. Just I want to perform pooja in traditional way to get maatha blessings.

Thank you for information. I have a doubt. I got married last year. This vratham is second year of my marriage. I didn't start varalaxmivrath in first year. Can I start it now that is second year of my marriage.

Namaste Amma. I got this same situation. I can start the vratham this year. But what is the mean of " taking the Pooja from priest".

Hello Madam ...
I have a doubt that as this is the second year of my marriage I couldn't perform puja in the first yr coz of some issues .. As I got the info that u shouldn't start the puja in the second year ... Is this is right ... Plz help me out from this confusion

What to do with older saradu? I just keep on piling in poor a shelf.

hi mam
my mother in law passed away on november 2015 can i do the pooja this year?

With wholehearted devotion we can very well perform

Generally it is good to start the vratam when it comes in the tamil month Avani. This time the festival comes in Aadi month. So pls check with your elder women in home about your family custom

We can very well start the pooja first time when it comes in Avani month instead of Aadi month. This year it comes in Aadi month. So pls check your family custom too

We can discard all the old saradu on Bhogi day

Sorry it is a custom to wait 1 whole year before we perform any nonbu or festival if it is from ur in-laws side

Very useful and praiseworthy!
Everybody must adhere to this procedure
Jyothisharatna Raman Pondicherry cell 9443309858.

We just moved to our new house in the US. We don't know anyone and the temple is far away. I wil do the pooja in the morning like every year ....but don't think I can call anyone that evening that ok

So Are you saying that unmarried women cant do this Vratham?

So are you saying that unmarried women cant do this vratham?

Hi Amma i have 3months(running) baby can I perform varalaxmi vratham

No, unmarried women can still perform the pooja. Fasting is not mandatory

I would like to take this vrata from this year. Am married for three years and both mil and mom don't have the habit of doing this pooja in a elaborate manner.
I saw ur earlier replies stating that this needs to be started only when varalakshmi vrata falls in aavani month.
I am very much interested in doing this pooja. Is it OK if I fast and worship goddess lakshmi.
I dono anybody nearby who could help me out as they belong to diff religion. Neither mom nor mil could help me out.
Pls reply asap.

What is the reason for Aavani being the month to begin this Pujai, when the main reason being well being of the family

Hi. Why iyengars not observing varalakshmi nombu?

Hi Mam, can we invite elderly women home and offer thambula even if we don't do the pooja as my mil will do it her place and I can invite her and other elderly women to give thambula. What should the thambula have. Kumkum, manjal, vaithilai, fruits, sweets and money? Please advise

hi mam,
my mother in law passed away on november 2015.after 41 days i started to do daily pooja in my home...can i do daily pooja in my home with slokas and flowers like archanai??

I am unable to perform the pooja on Aug 12th. Will it be okay if I do the pooja on the following Friday Aug 19? Kindly clarify.

Can I do the pooja on Aug 19th? Will it be ok?

Hi my baby is 27 days old and we have done sudhi punyajanam. Can i perform varalakshmi pooja?

Maa am student..kept kalasam..and I put the saree to lakshmi...before doing pooja...everything fell there was noo grip there any problem from this ...Please give me the solution

it is very useful to us i had one doubt for how many days tha kalasha kept in our house and wat we do on next day when it is remove pls reply

Hi All sorry for not responding to your comments. My system was crashed and was not able to check and respond.

Just for the day when we do the pooja, we need to keep the kalash. the same night keep it in rice bag and then dismantle them next day

Don't worry about all these sentiments. If you have a wholehearted bakti, goddess will bless us

There is no restriction for this vratham. You can do the pooja and skip the fasting as you will be breast feeding

Sure you can do it on Aug 19th

yes. We can't perform any abishekam or archanai in temple. Home it is fine.

Sorry for not responding, my system was down. According to the tradition, I have mentioned. but if you really want to perform and you have no elderly woman to assist, you can start by yourself

thank you mam for your valuable information...

Hi mam,
Can u please tel details of kedara gowri vratham procedure for doing pooja was very useful post.For this year 2017..Iam going to do the pooja for first time after marriage...the actual date is Aug 4th,2017.....can i perform the vratham a week before i.e.28th july? Pls confirm

Is varalakshmi devi pooja done in morning or evening.Or is having particular muhurtham.Please let us know.
Thank you.

it should be done in the morning

i used to do this pooja in a grand manner .last year i did simple pooja as i was in mumbai this year also simple as im in disturbed .can i do the pooja again after i return to india ,.in thai masam friday.

Generally its done in Aadi month. but praying and doing pooja is not limited to any month. its our dedication and sincerity so surely you can do anytime

Hi mam.. iam married and staying with my parents and will shift to our house in 2 mnths.... can i buy lakshmi ammavaru face now for vrat and take it with me after shifting?? Does it bring bad luck to my parents? One more doubt mam.... should we keep nivedyam daily if we have ammavaru face

yes you can buy lakshmi face and take it with u. no need for daily neivedhyam. we need to offer goddess during frat days only



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