Thayir Vadai (Dahi Vada)

Thayir vadai is a very delicious south Indian snack. I love to make this dish very often and even i would always order this when i go for any hotels. Thayir vadai is simple to make. Many people think that preparing Dhahi vada in house is not delicious as we eat in hotels. But i bet, if we follow the below method, we can get the same taste and i could say that ours is too tasty compared to the hotels. Try this and let me know your comments!

Thayir Vadai (Dahi Vada)
Thayir Vadai (Dahi Vada)

Urdhal1 Cup
Green Chilli1
Grated Ginger1 teaspoon
Saltto taste
Oil For Frying
Curd1.5 Cups
Grated Coconut2 teaspoon
Grated Carrot2 teaspoon
Coriander Leavesfew
Kara Boondhi2 teaspoon
Milk1/2 Cup


  • Soak the Ulundhu(Urdhal) in water for atleast 2 hours. If we soak in water for more time then we would get more smoother vadai
  • Grind grated coconut, greenchilli, cashew and ginger in a mixer by adding little water to a nice paste. 

  • Add curd to the ground paste and swtich on the mixer in pulse mode once and take that in a bowl. Add necessary salt and mix well
  • Take little quantity of the above curd in a deep vessel and add 1/2 cup of milk and 1 cup of water and adjust the salt and stir well
  • Keep this ready to dip the fried vadai.

  • Strain the urdal after 2 hours and grind it in a grinder without adding water. Grind it till the urdhal is smooth without any bumps. We can sprinkle little water if grinder is not trying to jam. But we need to stand near the grinder and grind the urdal atleast for 15 minutes to get a smoother and thicker dough
  • We can always do a simple test to check if we have ground the batter properly. Take a bowl of water and drop a pinch of batter into water. If the batter sinks first and then floats then that means we have to grind it more. If the batter started to float immediately, then we have ground the urdal properly and we can stop the grinding.
  • Take it from grinder after the urdhal is ground properly  
  • Add salt, finely chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves to the batter and mix well

  • Now Heat the oil in pan and once the oil is hot, add a little amount of flour to check for the readiness of oil. If the flour comes up right way, then the oil is ready
  • In a banana leaf or small plastic cover, add little amount of urdhal flour and make small hole in the middle and spread the flour and then take it from leaf using water and add it to the pan
  • Alternatively, we can wet our palms and do as mentioned above

  • Add 4-5 urdhal flour and add it to oil. Slowly change the vadai to other side to cook properly in both sides

  • Once the vadai becomes golden brown color, remove from flame and add it to the diluted curd mixture and allow it to soak for atleast 5 minutes

  • After 5 minutes, take the vadai diped in diluted curd -milk mixture to a broad vessel
  • Repeat the steps for the rest of the vadai flour

  • We can keep the dipped vadas separately and keep the curd mixture separately in Fridge. 
  • While serving, we can take the dipped vadas and garnish the thayir vadai with grated carrot, kara boondhi and coriander leaves. 
  • Also we can sprinkle a little amount of red chilli powder and cumin powder for garnishing
  • The delicious thayir vadai is ready to serve cold

Thayir Vadai (Dahi Vada)

  • We need to soak urdal atleast for 2 hours. Soaking for 8 hours will make more smooth vadas
  • Generally we are cautious that the vada should not consume more oil so we prepare the batter and prepare the vadas immediately. But for this Dhahi vada, we can keep the ground batter aside for ateast 10 minutes so that the vadas come fluffy and soft.
  • Aeration is very important to make the vada crisp and fluffy. The Aeration is natural if the dough is being prepared in a conventional way in the manual grinder (Aaatum Kal). Grinder is also equally good. But if you are making the dough in Mixer, the make sure that you mix the dough well using your hands for about 2-3 minitues to get the aeration.
  • We need to make the size of the vada smaller than we do for usual vada as we are going to dip in diluted curd-milk mixture and because of which the vada tend to become fluffy
  • Some of us usually do this by dipping the vadas in hot water before topping up with curd, but i personally feel that hot water is making the vadas more softer and reduces the taste. So try to take smaller quantity of curd topping in a bowl along with milk and water and stir it well with a pinch of salt and then dip the fried vadas in this
  • We can keep the dipped vadas and the curd mixture separately in fridge for atleast 2 days and we can take them whenever we want to serve
  • This way we can plan for a wonderful starter/dessert for our guests 

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love dahi mom use to make it specially on holi

Hi Mami..
I love this and try to make it all the time. My Urad vadas come out very well. But when I make the Thair vada, it becomes bit hard. I was soaking it in hot water. Will try this curd and water and milk combination.. and hope that it comes out doesnt get fluffy as you explain. What can be the issue?

It came out faantastic. All my family members loved it. I used a little warm water in the place of normal water.



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