Badhusha Sweet

Badhusha (Badusha / Balushahi) is an easy to do sweet and it will be very delicious. We can make this with easily available ingredients. Even if people don't like sweets, can try this as it is a very mild sweet. Maida based doughnuts are deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup to coat it well. A very simple to make sweet yet so delicious. Many of us have a tradition to make this delectable sweet for Diwali and many other occasions. Try this version of soft and yummy Badhusha and share your experience!

Preparation Time20 mins
Cooking Time30mins 

Badhusha Sweet
Badhusha Sweet 


Maida Flour(All purpose flour)1 Cup
Sugar1 Cup
Fresh Curd1 laddle
Ghee2 tablespoon
Soda Salt1/4 teaspoon
Oil(Vanaspathi/Ghee)For Frying
Baking Powder1/4 teaspoon

Badhusha | Badusha
Badhusha | Badusha

  1. Take the maida in a bowl and add soda salt and baking powder and mix well. The soda salt and baking powder aerate the flour nicely so that the inner part of badhusha is very soft after frying. We can also sieve the flours along with soda salt and baking powder to make sure they are mixed well. Add ghee and mix well

  2. Now add fresh curd to the maida and mix well. 

  3. Do not knead the maida it to a dough. Instead just mix well as shown in the picture. Cover the badhusha dough and keep it aside for 20 minutes

  4. Heat a pan, add sugar and water to soak the sugar. Stir the sugar well

  5. Keep stirring the sugar the syrup gets a one-string consistency as shown in the below picture. When the sugar syrup reaches one-string consistency, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and stir well and remove the sugar syrup from flame. Adding of lemon juice will prevent the crystallisation. 

  6. After 15 minutes, heat a pan with oil. The oil should be in medium heat only as the badhushas need to fry inside and outside evenly. Higher flame makes the outer portion cook quickly leaving the inner portion half-cooked. So keep the flame in medium
  7. Take the dough and knead well and make small balls out of the dough. Each ball should be pressed to make a patti and in the middle, just press your finger to make a hole like impression. Do this for the remaining balls out of the dough. The dough should not be kneaded smooth. There will be small pores in the patti which will help the patties to fry well in oil and also those pores will absorb the sugar syrup deep into their inner side. 

  8. When the oil is hot enough, just drop 5-6 patties in oil and keep in medium flame and allow the badhushas to cook nicely

  9. Gently turn the badhushas around and allow it to fry on the other side 

  10. When the badhushas are fried nicely and it becomes golden brown color as shown below, remove the fried badhusahs and place it in a paper towel to drain the excess oil

  11. Add first batch of fried and drained badhushas to sugar syrup and flip flop both the sides to soak it in sugar syrup. Leave it for a minute so that the pores in the badhushas absorb the syrup nicely till its inner portion. 

  12. Remove the soaked badhushas from sugar syrup and place it in a plate. Repeat the same step for other batches of fried badhushas

  13. The scrumptious soft and yummy badhushas are ready to serve. Consume it within a week.. avoid refrigiration
  14. Badhusha | Badusha
    Badhusha | Badusha

Note: Its always good to fry the badusha patties in ghee or vanaspati instead of sunflower oil. We should not add more soda salt which will make the patties to break when soaked in sugar syrup.

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Can I use baking powder instead of soda salt?


Hi Suhasini
I haven't tried it with baking powder. The soda salt has been used where i saw the making of badhusha or where i read. But you can read in the below link where its mentioned that both of these are used for same purpose. But, since i have not made so far, i can not recommend you/advice you on this. Sorry !.


Thanks for answering my previous question.One more doubt
Is it necc to use sour curd?Can I use fresh curd


Hi Suhasini

Yes, you can use fresh curd also. There is another method to prepare badhusha without curd also. You have to use 1/4 cup of ghee for 1 cup of maida flour. Mix the soda salt and ghee and add this to maida flour and use the above steps. In this way we can try out badhusha without curd also.


Hi aunty, yesterday evening I tried making it.Actually even before I could add curd I felt that the consistency for the dough is right.But still I added 1 spoon of curd.I was able to make out nice patties.But when I fried in oil it all got crumbled.
Can u tell me where I went wrong.Can you give me ur id I can send the photos of dough and patties?


Hi Suhasini

I am very sorry that it didn't come out well in your first attempt. There is no reason why the patties get crumbled. You can post your pictures to I will be out of station for next 3-4 days. I will respond to you by end of this week. Don't give up please..

Hi Suhasini

Thanks for your picture and sorry for the late reply.!

I don't see any reason why the badhusha crumbled while frying. But may be the probable cause was the excessive Ghee added to the dough. I made the badhusha yesterday again and took the step by step pictures to help you and the readers of my blog. It came out very well. I made some minor changes in the recipe and the measurement of the ingredients and published the post again. Please check and try it out. Badhusha is a very easy recipe and it should work this time very well.
Wish you all the best and don't forget to share your new experience in making Badhusha !.

I tried badhusha. outer cover was golden colour but become hard not soft.(not cooked properly) can u tell me how to make soft?

First try at badusha as well as any recipe from ur blog and am in love with ur blog.
So easy and came out perfect.
Couple of things i did was prick the patties instead of just pressing the middle and used the same amt of baking soda instead of soda salt.

Awesome soft badusha everyone enjoyed ..

Thanks a lot mami.


Hi Mami,

I love your blogs. No matter how it comes out for me, but I like to try your recipes. Its always similar to my grandmas. First time I made Badusha with the way you said. My husband liked it very much. Nowadays I started doing it often.

My regards to you.


Mami,I tried Badusha today.It s step step receipe..they came out excellent.....Thanks a million for teaching me..

Can we fry it in veg oil? do we have to use ghee?

Rohini Guruprasad

Dear Mami,
I tried Badusha now.....came out excellent. I have tried it before also but it had not come like this. Thank you very much mami

Thanks again Mami :)
First attempt at Badhusha came out very well.
Never knew it could be done so easily. Next step Okkarai :)

Hi Mami

Instead of soda salt shall we use normal salt for Badusha ...

Hi Mami
I have doubt .. Instead of soda salt we can use normal salt in Badusha .

Hi Remya, No, you should use only Soda salt. We are using Sada salt to get the Badhusha fluffy.

I made Badhusha yesterday as per your recipe, but it was hard. Can you please tell me where it went wrong. I want to correct it today.

Hi Lakshmi, we need to add more ghee to make it soft. Also you can try adding sugar while mixing maida. The ghee and sugar will make it soft. And also add baking powder so that it will become fluffy and soft.

Dear Mami,
I tried the Badusha today, as per the instructions given by you. It has come out just as you have said.... soft and melting in the mouth. Now it is a real hit and everybody at home wants me to make more of it. Thank you very much, mami!

Dear Mami,
I tried the badusha today as per the instructions given by you. It has come out real yummy and soft. It is a hit at home and now everybody wants me to make more of it. Thank you very much for this wonderful recipe.

Hi aunty,
after seeing ur website and especially this sweet i tried doing this..
but unfortunately badhusha is not soaked properly into sugar syrup...
yeah one thing i havent used is baking powder.. i have used only soda salt.
please let me know why this has happened

Hi aunty,
thqqq so much for making this badhusha easily...
but aunty my badhushas havnt soaked properly in sugar syrup. inside it is completely dry. every thing i followed the same except using baking powder.. i have used only soda salt...
aunty please let me know where i have done wrong

What is soda salt? Is it different from baking soda?

Hi mami, can we add little water to make the dough of only curd and ghee should be added.

Yest Soda salt and baking soda are one and the same.

Hello mami

Thank you for posting such authentic recepies. I tried the badusha today and it came out very nice. Diwali is on Thursday today is Sunday and we be just 2 badushas left now ☺️

Can we add eno instead of soda salt?

Thanks Swati, nice to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hi Jaishree, we can add eno salt instead of soda salt.



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