Jangri is a very yummy and traditional sweet variety. Jangri is one of the popular sweet dish available in most of sweet shops in India. We can see many people buying Jangri from the sweet stalls especially for Diwali and other festivals. This is a very simple and easy to make sweet dish at home with all simple ingredients. We just need little patience to get the right shape, otherwise this is one of the easiest dish to make at home.

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Preparation and Yield:
Preparation Time1 hour
Cooking Time1 hour


Urdal1 cup
Raw Rice2 teaspoon
Sugar3 Cups
OilFor Frying
Kesar color(Saffron Color)1/4 teaspoon
Orange Essence4 Drops


  1. We can buy Jangri cloth that is available in the shop. Also we can use thick plastic cover. In the bottom middle of the cover, heat the needle and insert the needle in middle of the cover to make a small hole. Soak the urdal and raw rice in water for 1 hour

  2. After an hour, Rinse the urdal and rice and grind it in grinder by adding very little water like we do for medhuvadai

  3. Take 1 handful of urdal flour and put it in plastic cover. First take a plate and try to squeeze the cover to make jangri pattern. We need to make one circle and then followed by small circles to make a flower like design. Try once or twice in the plate before trying directly in the oil just to be confident enough to proceed with. Heat oil in heavy bottomed pan. When the oil is hot enough, squeeze the plastic cover(like we do it using mehandi cone) so that the urdal flour comes out of the small hole in the plastic cover. Rotate your hand to squeeze the urdal flour in hot oil like a small circle with flower like design just we practised on a plate.

  4. Let the urdal flour gets fried in oil. When the jangri turns golden brown color and becomes cripsy, remove from flame. Repeat the steps for the remaining urdal flour. 

  5. Heat another heavy bottomed pan, add sugar. Add water so that sugar dissolves in water. Stir the sugar syrup continuously until the syrup is sticking in hands. Now add organge essence and kesar powder and stir it well. Switch off the flame. To prevent the sugar syrup to get crystallized, we can add a teaspoon of lemon juice. If the sugar syrup gets crystallized after some time we can again keep in low flame and add a tablespoon of water and make it dilute again.

  6. To this sugar syrup, add 5-6 fried jangri and mix it well so that the jangris get dipped in sugar syrup. Leave this for 5-10 mins and then take those jangris out of sugar syrup and place it in a plate. Repeat the steps for the rest of fried jangris

  7. The delicious tasty Jangri is ready to serve for any occassion especially for the festival of lights(Diwali)
  8. Jangri

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This is the first time I am at your blog. You have very traditional recipes. thanks you for taking time to document all your knowledge on cooking. I really appreciate it.

Hi, Am from Chennai..I have been using this site more than a year now.
Brahmin cooking is really made simple here. I thank God for this site


I found your website when i was looking for ideas for Diwali bakshanams :-) Got inspired by your jangri recipe and tried it today. it came very well. thank you.... I used a ziplock bag and cut a small hole at the corner instead of the cloth.

Hi mami,

i see u r recipe it is good and i have doubt u mentioned abt corn flour but u didnt mentioned.after grinding we have to add or wht.pls tell me i want to make jilebi.

HI, Yes, you need to add the Corn flour after grinding.

mami,today i made jilebi,after going through ur receipe.it came out well except for the sugar syrup.after the syrup gets cold it becomes solid.my son liked the jelabi.mami can u give the receipe of kathrikai rasavangi.thank u mami.latha

I like your recipes and tried a few of them successfully !
In the above Jangri recipe...you have listed corn flour in the ingredients but do not seem to use it in the recipe. I guess it should be mixed after urad & rice are ground. Please advise.

Hi , Thanks for mentioning the typo error. Corn flour is not needed. The rice flour itself will make the jangri crispy.

But mami my jangiri drink oil very much wat mistake .if I put in oil the jangiri also get double in size and soggy not crispy y mami

Hi Sara, we should not keep the ground urdal batter for a long time without using. The more you keep the urdal batter, it may tend to drink more oil. Also grinding of urdal batter for long time makes it more softer and lot of aeration would be incorporated in the batter which would tend to drink more oil because of the little pores. Also once the oil is hot, we shoudl keep the flame in medium and fry the jangris. because if the flame is high, it will change the color of jangri quickly without becoming crisp. These are the possible reason. Please give a try and let me know.

Yes mami I grinded it 45mins.how much time is enough to grind and take the batter ?tell me mami

We cannot bind the grinding with time Sara. We need to sprinkle water very little by little and grind the urdal till it reaches ball like consistency. If you have a handfull of urdal batter, you should be able to roll like a ball. for me everytime it will take only 20 minutes to grind the urdal batter (1cup of urdal). Grinding it for longer time incorporates more air into the batter. pls try this again

what is the shelf life of jangris?

Shelf life of Jangris is 3-4 days

Hi Mami, Tried your Jangri recipe yesterday and it came out Great!! My family just loved it. Never thought I could make Jangri. Thank your for your detailed instructions...

Yesterday, I hv tried this, came out well but soggi, I don't know the reason, where it went wrong, taste wise its good. But not crispy. Pls help me to get perfect jangri like yours.

Hi Ramya, the crispiness comes from frying of the jangri patties. The main ingredient is uriddal right. so like normal medhuvadai, we need to fry the jagri patties in medium-high flame till they are crispy. If you take it earlier, then the patties would be soft and it would become soggy after you dip it in the sugar syrup also we dont need to immerse the patties in sugar syrup for a longer time. that would also make it soggy.

Thanks a lot. let me try again!!!

Thanks for the wonderful recipe... I never thought it was so simple. happy cooking and eating!

I tired it this type but it wasn't bad .. it came out like jilebi thin and crispy rather than usual soft fluffy jangris..when put them in hot oil it fluffed well but as it got fried it was crispy but thin..i don't know why..could it be because the urad dhal batter was quite fluffy send grounded for 45 mins

If the batter is fluffy like medhuvada batter then it will puff up easily. Preparing batter in Grinder aerates the batter naturally, if we grind it in mixer jar, aeration process doesn't quite happen. so if we beat the batter nicely for 5 mins, we can incorporate air in batter and the jangles will be soft and fluffy.



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