Kalkandu bath (Sugar candy bath)

Kalkandu bath also known as Ksheeraanam can be made quickly and loved by the kids.


Raw rice (Pacha arisi)1 cup
Moong dhal1/2 cup
Sugar Candy (Kalkandu)1 3/4 cup
Elachi 8
Cashew 10 - 15
Dried grapes10 - 15
Ghee4 table spoon

  • Heat the dry pan/cooker and add a table spoon of Ghee. Roast the moongdhal in the ghee and add with the raw rice for rinsing.
  • Cook the raw rice along with the moongdhal in the pressure cooker by adding 1/2 up extra water than normal rice cooking and for 2 extra wistles in the cooker than normal. This will make the rice smashed. (you can add 2 cups of water and allow 4-5 wistles)
  • Heat another heavy bottomed pan, add Kalkandu (sugar candy). Add water so that sugar candy dissolves in water
  • Stir the sugar syrup continuously until the syrup is sticking in hands.
  • Now add the rice & dhal mixture.
  • Stir the mixture evenly to spread the sugar candy syrup by keeping the flame low.
  • Add the ghee slowly and keep on stirring the bath for atleast 4-5 mins ( you can notice the bath leaves the side of the vessel).
  • Finally add the fried cashews, powdered elachi, and dried grapes.
  • Kalkandu bath is ready to serve.

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