We all know that Goddess Lakshmi is the lord of Wealth.Lord Kubera is also the lord of wealth who blessess his devotees with enormous wealth.

This is a very auspicious pooja to be performed especially on every Deepavali.  We can also perform this pooja on every tuesday & friday.

Performing Lakshmi kubera pooja will make both the goddess lakshmi and kubera happy and in-turn they will shower wealth on us. As per the belief, this pooja will relive us from debts and increases our income and inflow of money.

People who are planning to start business, should plan to perform this pooja before starting the venture which will help them expand their profits and wealth.

On Diwali evening (Check the actual day in panchangam), we have to chant Kubera Mantra and Kubera Gayathri. Chanting the slokas will help devotess to get blessings from the Lord Kubera. Devotees can buy the lakshmi kubera photo from the shop and chant the above mantras along with 108 ashtothram on this auspicious day. For chanting ashtothram please use flowers to perform the pooja and finally we can conclude the pooja with 1 cup of milk with sugar for neivedhyam. Married brahmin women should wear the madisaar (9 yards saree) saree while performing the pooja.

Kubera slokas can be downloaded from the following link

All devotees can make use of the above link and get blessings from Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Kubera on this Diwali.

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  1. mami, if we are doing this pooja on every tuesday and friday, which is the suitable time morning or evening

  2. is it that we should not eat souritems,chillyand salt while performing the pooja.should we sleep on the ground.cont..14days wehave to do the pooja

  3. Mami, diwali is already gone, when should i start doing pooja, don't want to wait till next diwali.Please tell me which day is auapious to start the pooja, and what time we are suppose to do the pooja

  4. hello mami, ths is Shobha...i want to start lakshmi kubera pooja, has Diwali is already gone, don't want to wait till next Diwali, please let me know when should i start doing pooja ( which day i should start doing the pooja)

    What is correct time

  5. Let me try it
    Thanks for helping us.....