Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak sweet / Diwali Special Mysorepak sweet

Mysorepak is my all time favourite sweet. I always enjoy preparing this. Hope this recipe will be useful for all Mysorepak lovers. I bet we surely get the similar taste of Krishna Sweets Mysorepak. Main secret in this recipe is generous adding of ghee and little more concentration in mixing ghee and gram flour syrup.

Another version of Mysorepak with much less Ghee and much easy preparation is given in this recipe - Easy Mysorepak Recipe
Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak that melts in your mouth
Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak  

Yield6-8 pcs.
Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time40 mins
Recipe CategorySweets
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak  that melts in your mouth
Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak 


Gram Flour1/2 cup*
sugar1.5 Cup
Ghee1.25 Cup
Water1 Cup
Crystal Sugar(Optional for dressing)1 tablesooon

*1 cup = 250 ml

Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak
Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak 

  1. Sieve the gram flour in a siever to get a smooth gram flour without any lumps. 

  2. Melt the ghee and keep it ready. We can also add 1 cup of ghee and 1/4 cup of oil instead of using full ghee. 
  3. Take 1 cup of water in a heavy bottomed pan and add sugar to it and keep it over gas stove

  4. Stir continuously the sugar syrup till we get a single thread consistency. Keep the flame medium when we are about to get single thread

  5. When we rub a drop of sugar syrup between our thumb and index finger, it should form a single thread as shown in the picture given below

  6. Slowly and continously add sieved gram flour and with a whisk or spatula continuously stir the syrup so that the gram flour is mixed nicely with the sugar syrup. It is important that you stir continuously to make sure the lump is not formed. Continue adding the gram flour and mix nicely to avoid any lumps. 

  7. Once the gram flour is completely mixed with sugar, add 3 tablespoon of melted ghee as a first batch and  stir with the whisk till the ghee is fully absorbed by the gram flour mixture. It is important that we stir slowly and continuously to make sure that the ghee mix nicely with the gram flour. The ghee will blend nicely with the flour and you no longer see ghee layer separately from the flour. 

  8. Add the next batch of ghee (3 table spoon). Follow the same process mentioned in the previous step. Continue adding ghee batch by batch till all the ghee is finished and the ghee is nicely mixed into the gram flour syrup

  9. Continue stirring, we can find the mysorepak mixture gets thicken and starts leaving the edges of pan. The mixture becomes slightly pale and we get a nice aroma of ghee and cooked besan. We can see froth all over the mixture

  10. The mysorepak mixture rolls like a ball and doesn't stick on the sides of the pan. This is the right consistency to remove from flame. Remove the mysore pak from flame

  11. Add the mysorepak mixture to the greased box and spread the contents evenly and gently pat to smooth the mixture

  12. Allow the mysorepak to cool off a little. When they are slightly warm, take a plate and place the box upside down so that mysore pak fall gently as a bar.  Sprinkle the sugar on top of it for dressing.
  13. Now cut the mysorepak mixture into square/diamond/rectangle shapes using knife

  14. Now the delicious mouth-watering mysorepak is ready to serve.
  15. Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak
    Krishna Sweets style Mysorepak 

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Mami, If you add 1/2 cup of milk to the mixture before thickening, it will taste more nice & melt in your mouth. Its a tip from my sis-in-law Mrs.Uima

Awesome recipe! Came out perfectly. Thank you so much.

I followed the same steps but I got powdery mysorepak with perfect taste and cant make pieces can you pls let me know what should I correct so I can try again.


Hi, Sorry for hearing about it. The moment we get froth everywhere in the mysorepak mixture, we need to remove from flame and pour it in a greased plate. If we delay even a minute, it would become brittle. Please dont give up and try again

Hi Mami, just a quick question - am a little confused by the proportions. The amount of sugar mentioned seems too much for half a cup of gram flour. Wouldn't the mysore pak be overly sweet? Can you please clarify?
Also, approximately how much time does it take to reach the one string consistency for the sugar syrup? Please reply. Thanks.

Hi Aparna, as we are adding more ghee and mixing with the gram flour the sugar mentioned above would be the appropriate proportion. in a low flame it will take 10 minutes approximately to get a single thread consistency

hello mami, I tried it today and it has come out very well. It tastes very good. Just that I did not get that brown color. thank you very much.

Maami, you are too good. You are an online "Samaithupaar" book version.
Happy Deepavali maami.

Mami the photos look awesome! Good work!!

Hi Mami,
Lakshmi Suresh here (Australia). I made it again today for my friend. Came out very well. Feeling very pround. Thanks.

Mami it was really really perfect and wonderful I can't believe I did it.

Thanks a ton. Extremely besh besh.

But then at the last it started kind of spitting so I immediately removed from flame
It has come out superb but let know which is the correct moment to take it off

Aunty your mysore pak looks tempting....but can i ask u something...i would like a crunchy one with pores in it...what should i do???

Hi Maami,

Your Mysorepa recipe was even better than the Krishna Sweets Mysorepaa.
Absolutely stunning. Tried this as a first sweet for Deepavali and it came out very well in the correct blend.
Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and all the Good work you are doing through it.
The Mysorepaa brought some sweet memories especially when you are Home away from Home.

Many Thanks,

Thanks and nice to hear that you loved it. The moment, the mixture starts getting frothy when you stir, then immediately switch off the flame and then stir in for another few seconds with the heat of the pan and then pour it in the greasy plate. After the froth starts immediately, within few minutes, the mixture tends to break so we need to be quick to remove the mixture from flame.

came out very well maam...thank u so much...wish I cud send the pics/.....

Superb taste!! It came out very well!! My daughter who is not fond of sweets feasted on it!! Thank u very much!!


Been following your posts and tried Mysore pak for the second time, came out perfect.
Thanks for the awesome method.



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