Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)

We usually prepare pongal with rice.For a difference you can try making a pongal with Rawa. Rava pongal(Sooji Pongal) is a delicious and easy to do recipe and you would love to do this frequently as it is quick to prepare. SouthIndians use rice as the main ingredient in many dishes. So sometimes we feel bored to use rice. For Conventional pongal, we use rice. So this Sooji Pongal is an alternative to rice. The method of making sooji pongal is little different to conventional Ven Pongal. First we need to cook the dal and then cook the rava with cooked dal. Finally garnish with Pepper-cumin-cashews along with generous amount of ghee!

Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)
Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)

Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time 30 mins
Recipe CategoryBreakfast
Recipe CuisineIndian
Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)
Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)

Rawa1 Cup
Moong Dal1/2 cup
Turmeric Powder1/4 Teaspoon
Water4 cups
Ghee2 Tablespoon
Whole Black Pepper3 Teaspoon
Cumin Seeds1 Teaspoon
Green chilli2
Cashew Nuts10 - 15
SaltTo Taste
Curry Leaves1 Handful

Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)
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  1. Dry fry the moong dal in a heavy bottomed pan till it turns golden red colour. We can also cook the moongdal directly without roasting. Roasting dal makes it easier to cook.
  2. Add 1:3 (for 1/2 cup dal, you need to add one and half cup of water) water in the pressure cooker and cook the dal.  For proper cooking, you may need to cook this in simmer and allow three whistles. Once its cooked, smash it with a ladle and keep it aside.
  3. In the pan, add some ghee and the rawa and fry it till it turns to golden red color and take it out and keep it aside
  4. Add 2 cups of water (1 cup of rawa = 2 cups of water) in the cooked dal and bring the water to boil. Also add the salt
  5.  Once the water starts to boil, add the rawa slowly in the water, while you continue to stir the water to avoid the lumps. Keep the flame in simmer and stir it till water is absorbed
  6. Add three tables spoon of oil and add the black pepper, cumin seeds, cashew. Allow the pepper to completely fry in the ghee. The pepper has to float on the top of the ghee from bottom once its cooked. Add the curry leaves and fry for a while. 
  7. Mix the ghee mixture to the cooked rawa pongal and mix well. 
  8. The yummy rawa pongal is ready to serve with coconut chutney or Peanut Chutney or Brinjal Gotsu.
  9. Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)
    Rawa Pongal (Sooji Pongal)

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you have not mentioned when to add boiled moong dal to the rava..

Hi Sangeetha, in step 4, I have added water to the cooked dal to which i add the rawa. Please go through the steps and if you have any queries iam happy to help.

Can we make it as a sweet Pongal? If so, plz let me know the steps



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