Paal Kozhukattai (Milk Kozhukattai)

Paal Kozhukattai is the traditional sweet recipe of Tamilnadu. It can be prepared in many ways. Some prepare this using normal milk and some persons will prepare using coconut milk. It is a easy to do simple but very delicious recipe. It is not so sweet and even the diabetics persons can also try to eat it and enjoy the taste.

Paal Kozhukattai (Milk Kozhukattai)
Milk2 Cups
Sugar1 Cup
Raw Rice(Pacharisi)1 Cup
Coconut Milk1/2 Cup
Saffron threadfew
Cardamom Powder1 teaspoon

Soak the rice in water for 30 mins.
Grind the rice in mixer to a fine paste.
Take the ground flour in a heavy bottomed pan,
and keep the flame in low and stir continuously.
The ground flour will slowly become thick in
consistency and will become like a chapati dough.
This is the correct consistency and switch off the flame.
Make Sundakaai(Turkey Berry) size small balls
out of the rice dough as shown here.
Around 35-40 balls will come for 1 cup of rice
Add 2 cups of water in the heavy bottomed pan,
and add the rice ball to it and allow it to cook
completely. We can milk if the water content goes low.

Alternatively you can also cook the balls in the
idly cooker for about 5 mins
Add the remaining milk and coconut milk
and add sugar. When the mixture starts to boil,
add cardamom powder and remove from flame.
We can also add jaggery instead of sugar.
Add saffron threads to decorate Paal Kozhikattai.
The yummy Paal Kozhukattai (Milk Kozhukattai) is ready to serve.

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Your recipes are authentic and will make a wonderful book. Are you planning one? The only other recipe guide we have for such recipes is Meenakshi Ammal's but her measures are hard to follow and some of the directions are too diffcult to follow.

Though I am about your age, having lived in the north most of my life, I don't make too many south indian items at home, but do them all for festivals. Your blog serves as a guide when I forget some ingredient or have stopped making some dish. It serves as reminder to make them again. Thanks for sharing.

remaining milk in the sense, should we add milk in the starting? but for what? please mention clearly.

You can add milk when the water content goes low and then add the remaining milk at the end

Thanks Mini. Sorry Geetha, for the late response. I hope Mini has answered your question. Please let me know if your doubt is not cleared

when i added jaggery to this milk the milk got separated into water and pieces of milk (like thirinjupona paal). what may be the reason/


hi,,,i tried ur came out well.I made some changes and posted in my blog...

Hi Hygee, I saw your blog. The picture looks yummy. Appreciate if you provide a back link in your site.!

Thanks Shankar for the suggestion.Its done. checkout

Solution to avoid the milk to get curdled(thirinjupona milk) when adding jaggery is to add the milk at the very end. For this separately boil milk. Add the boiled milk and coconut milk mixture to the paal kolukkattai recipe at the end and immediately switch off the stove. I have tried it this way as per my Mom's suggestion and it came out good.

Thanks a lot for the recipe. Really want to try this but am not sure about something. May I ask how much water should the rice be soaked in. After 30 mins of soaking, how much water should be added while grinding the rice? Will be grateful to get your response.
Thanks and regards

I steamed the balls and then put them with the milk in the same vessel that I had made the rice dough. It came out wonderfully very similar to Basundi. Thanks a lot for a very interesting low cal recipe.

Thanks Aparna. Keep trying my recipes and provide your valuable comments.

The kozhakatta is very hard mami.. where have i gone wrong.. what to do to correct it i mean to make it softer..

Bala, very sorry that it turned out hard. The dough consistency takes some practise to get right. You might have kept the rice ground batter for a long time in flame to make it like a chapati dough. This is one of the reasons for the hardness.Also u might have kept the dough open for a long time before making it into small balls. This may also make the kozhukattai harder. I wish you for getting good kozhukattai's from the next time.


Thank you very much , First time I prepared this Paal Kozhukattai with your receipe and it was so taste and yummy. .I missed my mother's guidence for the past 3 years and now I got it through you. Once again Thank you.

Mami can we make this with the left over kolukattai mavu



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