Avani Avittam (Upakarma)

Avani Avittam is a most important ritual for Brahmins. It is a ceremony of changing the sacred thread (poonal). I have been told by my father that the right name for this ritual is Upakarma and over a period of time it gets a name "Avani Avittam". It has been observed on different date by different brahmin communities. The dates for this year are given below

Rig veda avani avittam - 7th Aug 2017  (because of eclipse in India Kachi mutt and Sringeri mutt have told us to perform on 6th sep 2017)
Yajur veda avani avittam - 7th Aug 2017 (because of eclipse in India Kachi mutt and Sringeri mutt have told us to perform on 6th sep 2017)

This is the only festival for the brahmin gents. Generally it comes in tamil month Aadi. Once the new moon day of Aadi month completes and full moon day comes, yajur avani avittam will come. For Rig veda brahmins it comes in the day prior to full moon day and that day should be a chathurthi day. In some occasions, both will fall on the same day. For sama veda brahmins, avani avittam will come on the day of vinayaka chaturthi or the previous day.

Even for the younger boy kids, the brahmins will put the sacred poonal which they call as "kalla poonal". First avani avittam after the sacred thread ceremony(Upanayanam) is called as "Tala Avani Avittam" and for this occassion, for homam, we use jaggery payiru sundal and appam for neivedhyam.

On this auspicious occasion bachelor brahmin gents should take head bath. They have to do "samitha-dhanam" and then do "kamokarshith" japam. After this, they can have breakfast and then again take batch and do "maha sangalpam" and then followed by change of sacred thread (poonal). Maha sangalpam meant to clean the sins of the brahmin. After this, they have to do "kandarishi tharpanam."

For Married gents, the same will follow except "samitha-danam". Since the gents do Rishitharpanam on that day, we have to have light tiffen for the dinner. After the gents change their sacred thread (poonal), we have to take aarathi and invite them into our home.

As per tradition, those who has wear poonal has to chant "Gayathri Mantram" 144 times daily during morning, afternoon and evening. Chanting "Gayathri Mantram" removes our sorrow and make us healthier. But nowadays due to the busy schedule, gents are not able chant the mantra for 144 times.

The next day we call as "Gayathri Japam". On that day, the gents who got their Poonal changed on Avani Avittam should take bath in the morning and should chant "Gayathri Mantram" 1008 times. We need to make Payasam on Gayathri Japam day.

Special Recipes:

Nei Appam Paruppu Vadai

Coconut PoliPurana Poli

Aval PayasamFestival Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

There are no hard rule for the particular item to be made for lunch. We usually make one Payasam, Sweet, Vadai, Pachadi, Curry, Koottu, Kuzhambu and Rasam. People in northern tamil nadu usually make Moor kuzhambu for all the festivals. But in our family we make Sambar. For your easy reference, I have given two menus for your reference.

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Thank You for this detailed information

I like the menu plan you have mentioned:) Nice post

Mami,all the recipes are really nice . Can u please let us know what shlokas are required to be uttered during the specific pooja's and what sort of rangoli's to be made.

thanks, the details provided are very informative, simple and useful
Thanks again

I was searching some recipe and this photo invited my attention to this site. The one who is guiding others is my father (Prof.H.Padmanabhan)on the banks of River Poorna(Periyar) near Kalady. Very happy to see this and thanks for uploading this photo.

i need the recipe of hotel sambar .

thanks for so much info along with the menu ideas..!

Pappadom is not fried for Avania Avvitam as it is treated as a tarpanam for Pittrukkal and hence like devasom no ppadom is to be fried

Appalam also not fried for avaniavittam usually make paruppu vadai because there is no puja

Very nice and useful information. Thanks a lot

Thanks for the recipes

It usually comes in the month of Avani hence Avani Avittam.

I need the Brahmin special recipe for kolkotte



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