Kozhukattai Mavu Preparation (Kozhukattai Outercover)

We can make many different varieties of delicious Kozhukattai and offer as neivedhyam to Lord Ganesh on the auspicious occasion of Ganesha Chaturti (Vinayaka Chaturti). For any variety of kozhukattai / modak, the outercover preparation is same and making a perfect dough out of rice flour is the main aspect to get softer kozhukattai. Only if the outer cover is soft, we would be able to enjoy the taste the filling. This the traditional and conventional preparation of kozhukattai mavu (kozhukattai outercover). I have been making this for many years and the outercover would be perfectly soft using this method. Please refer this to prepare any kind of kozhukattai.


Raw Rice 1 Cup
Water3/4 Cup
Milk1/4 Cup
Oil1 teaspoon
Salt1/4 teaspoon

  1. Wash and Soak the rice in water for 45 minutes

  2. Drain the water after 45 minutes and spread the rice in a clean white towel or a paper towel for 5 minutes. 

  3. When the excess water is absorbed, add the spread rice to the mixer

  4. Grind the rice to a nice powder in the mixer

  5. Seive the rice twice to get a smooth rice flour. We can again grind the coarse rice powder again in the mixer and again the seive it to get a nice rice flour

  6. Heat water in pan, add salt, oil and milk. The water ratio is for the rice flour. For 1 cup of grounded and sieved rice flour, we have to add 3/4th water and 1/4th milk. The ratio differs for ready made flour sometimes. So always try 1:1(riceflour : water) ratio and then adjust rice flour or water accordingly. 

  7. When the water starts to boil, add rice flour  

  8. Mix the rice flour well and when it is mixed remove from flame. If you feel the dough is hard, you can sprinkle some warm water and mix well. Or if you feel the dough is very sticky, sprinkle some rice flour and mix to make correct consistency dough.

  9. Knead the dough well with the hand once and wrap it in a wet cloth and leave it for 10 minutes
  10. Now the kozhukattai mavu is ready for preparing yummy kozhukattai's
  11. Take gooseberry size ball out of the dough and using oil and water make small cup and add pooranam in the middle and close it

  12. We can then cook for 5 mins to prepare kozhukattais

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From know onwards making this recipe will be very easier with all detailed been provided here procedurally.


Mami, I Struggled in the morning to make kozhakkatai maavu... I didn't have the right proportions and so had great difficulty making the kozhakkatais. Then I searched online and stumbled upon ur blog. I made one batch according to ur instructions and it came perfectly. Thank u for posting this blog. Made y life soo much easier. Now onwards I'll be able to prepare kozhakkatais properly!!

I tried it and everyone in my family liked it a alot.Thanks for posting it with a well detailed description of each step.

Can u tell me the way to make the traditional way of making kozhukkattai mavu instead of using readymade rice flour?


Traditional way of making kozhukattai mavu is always soft and wonderful. We can take 1 cup of raw rice, rinse it in water and soak it for 1 hour and drain the water and spread it a clean white towel and allow it to dry. Grind the mavu in a mixer to a nice powder. We can grind it in little quantities and seive it again and again to get a smoother rice flour. Then we can follow the above method to prepare the outer cover.

Mami your recipe to make the kozhukattai covering was very easy to follow and it came out perfectly. I had bought the special rice flour for modaks and followed your instructions. Thanks for the detailed instructions including photos- it was very useful.

Thanks Lalitha. Keep trying the other recipes and let me know your valuable comments and suggestions.

Thanks a lot. Tried it and came out well.

tried the recipe...but why did my kozhukattai after steaming become loose jacketed and opened up. what mistake am i doing ??


We need to steam the kozhukattai only for 3-5 mins. If we steam it more sometimes it may tend to become loose and open up. Sometimes the quality of rice also makes this happen. Next time try to add 1/4 cup less water and try to make the cover and let me know your comments.

hi mami

I just soak the rice and grind it well and make maavu by keeping in the cheena chetti with some coconut oil till all the water is absorbed and make into a ball. I am going to try this this time.


My shell was a little hard. What is my mistake?


I made maavu as you told. But when making kozhukattai the outer cover is coming very thick. Not as thin as my mother makes. Kindly advice what is my mistake & how to correct it.

Hi, If the dough we prepare is very hard, we can sprinkle some warm water or 1/2 teaspoon of oil and knead well before making the outer cup. This will help to get a smooth outer cover.

Hi Lakshmi, If the dough we prepare is very hard, we can sprinkle some warm water or 1/2 teaspoon of oil and knead well before making the outer cup. Also please keep the dough in a wet cloth and cover it well and leave it for 10mins before making outer cover. This will help to get a smooth outer cover.

can we use idiyapa maavu available in stores?

can we use the idiyapa maavu available in stores ?

Yes we can use store bought Idiyappam flour. But the rice flour we prepare freshly like i have given above would give us softer outer cover than the store bought ready made flour.

Hai maami shall I use pulungal arisi instead of raw rice?

Hi Sara, we have use raw rice for kozhukattai. Parboiled rice makes the kozhukattai little hard.

But maami in our houses we restrict in raw rice so only I asked.shall i use the same procedure for parboiled rice?

Hi Sara, yes you can use the same procedure for parboiled rice also. But if the mavu which you prepared seems to be hard then you can sprinkle some warm water and knead the dough again. Parboiled rice generally requires little more water than raw rice.

maami how to make idiyappam maavu by raw rice

maami tell me how to make idiyappa maavu by raw rice

Hi Mami,

Pls advise: what milk - coconut milk (thick or thin) or cow's milk( skim/ low-fat or full-fat)?

tq in advance

Mami, I made Vella cheedai for Krishna Jayanthi. It came out well! Thanks a lot!!

Hi maami...first time i have tired kozhukattai for vinayaka chaturthi by using u r method...it came very soft ...thank u maami....

My maavu became sticky ...I think it got cooked so much..

stumbled into this site while googling....first time ever my kozhukkattais came out as they should be...thanks a ton maami!!!

If the dough is sticky, then you can add a teaspoon of gingelly oil and knead it again then it will not be sticky.

Mami, I made kozhukkattais as per the traditional method. It came out well soft when hot but at night they became very dry. Please suggest how to keep kozhukkattais soft throughout the day.

Thanks for this wonderful recipe. Can I make the modak flour once and store it for future use? If that is the case should I dry roast the flour to remove all moisture. I am not sure if I should dry roast the flour or store it as such. Please guide me.

A million thanks to u Mami !!!
I have never prepared kozhukattai with sooo soft outer covering... I juzz followed all ur instructions n it came out very well...

Hmm yummm.. Is d comment today I got from my 2nd MIL( my sweeeet daughter)...



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