Banana Flower (Vazhapoo) Thuvayal

Vazhaipoo (Banana flower/Banana blossom) is one of the commonly used flower in tamil nadu for cooking. It has lot of medicinal properties and a very healthy flower and tasty too. But, to prepare Vazhaipoo for cooking is very much time consuming and people do not cook it very often even though it is very cheap, healthy and tastier flower for cooking.
Banana Flower (Vazhai Poo)Banana Flower Florets

The tricky part is to remove the stamen which is nothing but a hard pink layer found in each florets. This stamen never gets cooked and hence we need to remove the same from the florets. You can easily remove the stamen from the top layers of the florets as the stamen is visible. But once you approach the inner layers, the florets are covered and hence removal of the stamen is little bit difficult. Here is the tip.. you can hold the bunch of florets on your left hand and rub the face of the florets on your right hand. This will open up the florets and you can remove the stamen easily. You might notice that the color of the bract was in dark pink color when you start the removal of the stamen and once you approach the inner portion the color of the bract changes from dark pink color to the yellow and finally end up with small white bulb. You can stop removing the stamen at this point as the florets in the inner portion will be more tender. You can cut the flower directly without removing the bracts or stamen. Chop the florets and put them in the butter milk mixed with water as this will keep the color of the florets as white. Otherwise, this become black in color.

Vazhai Poo Usuli (Banana Flower /Banana Blossom) UsuliVazhai Poo Usuli (Banana Flower /Banana Blossom) Usuli

Vazhaipoo(Banana Flower)1
Red Chili6
SaltTo Taste
HingA Pinch
Mustard seeds1/2 teaspoon
Urdal2 Teaspoon
Tamarinda pinch
Oil2 Teaspoon
Grated Coconut(Optional)2 Teaspoon

  • In a heavy bottomed pan, add some oil and when the oil is hot add mustard seeds
  • When the mustard seeds starts to sputter, add the urdhal, chilli and grated coconut and fry till the urdhal turns golden brown color. Take this in a mixer
  • Now add remaining oil, and add the chopped vazhapoo(Banana flower) and fry until it is cooked completely
  • Add the cooked Banana Flower (Vazhapoo) to the mixer along with salt and tamarind and grind it to a fine paste
  • The delicious Banana Flower (Vazhapoo) Thugayal is ready to serve with hot rice

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