Kadalai urundai (Ground nut & Jaggery balls)

Kadalai urundai (Ground nut & Jaggery balls) is a delicious snack which is liked by both elderly as well as younger generations. Kids like this very much and we can prepare this for neivedhyam for Thirukarthigai. For some of the auspicious virathams, we used to prepare this recipe for thaanam.

Kadalai urundai (Ground nut & Jaggery balls)Servings: 20


Peanuts2 Cups
Jaggery3/4 Cup
Water(For dissolving jaggery)1 ladle
Cardamom Powder1 pinch

  • Take jaggery and fried peanut to prepare for kadalai urundai. Remove the skin of the fried peanut and keep it ready.

  • In a pan, add jaggery and water and allow the jaggery to dissolve. When the jaggery gets dissolved, strain the jaggery juice to remove sand particles.
  • Again add the strained jaggery juice in the pan and allow it to boil in low flame. Keep stirring. The jaggery syrup will start bubbling up. Add cardamom powder and stir it. 

  • When Jaggery syrup started thickening, drop a piece of jaggery juice in a water. It should not dissolve, rather we should be able to rotate it to a  ball.  This is called stone consistency
  • When the jaggery juice reaches the correct consistency, remove from flame and add it to the peanuts and mix well

  • Allow it to call off for about a minute. Wet the hands and take small quantity of the peanut-jaggery mixture and start making equal size balls. If you are not able to make the last few balls,  you may want to heat the mixture again, so that it start melting and you can form the balls again. 

  • The yummy mouth-watering kadalai urundai(ground nut- jaggery balls) is ready for neivedhyam as well as for servings.

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Mami really mouth watering. Thank you very much.i try every dish of yours.:-)lol

lovely recipe..my fav..will definitely try this..thanks for sharing :)

Mami I tried Ground nut Jaggery balls. Followed exact measurements and could not able to make round balls. Where i have gone wrong?? I tested jaggery syrup in the water and able to make ball and even after that could not able to make balls??

Kindly guide me.


your pic has been copied here,

Says take 'fried peanuts'? Where is this from?

Fried peanuts are readily available in all grocery shops. If not we can get the raw peanuts and fry them in a pan.

All your Recipes are Easy and Awesome . Mikka Nanadri



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