Ommapodi Vadam

Another variety of spicy vadam/vathal. We can use this vadam dough to make ommapodi or thenkuzhal vadam. Ommapodi or thenkuzhal vadam is a spicy and crunchy treat for any Indian Rice Varieties. Just with right ratio of rice batter and water, this would be one of the easiest fryums (vadam) to make at home. Every tamil calendar month "Maasi" (feb mid to mar mid), its a tradition in most of us to make crispy vadam at whole lots which we could use it till next year. Crunchy and spicy Ommapodi madam is a perfect accompaniment for many SouthIndian gravies too :-)

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time2 hours
Cooking Time1 Hour
Recipe CategoryFryums
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian

Ommapodi Vadam
Ommapodi Vadam

Raw Rice3 Cups*
Sago (Jevvarasi)1/2 cup
Green Chilli8
SaltTo Taste
Hing1/4 Teaspoon
Water7 Cups

* 1 Cup = 250ml

Ommapodi Vadam
Ommapodi Vadam

  1. Soak the raw rice in water for 2 hours. Heat 1 cup of water and when it comes boil, add it to the bowl having Sago(Javvarasi) and close the bowl.
  2. After hours, rinse the rice and strain the water and grind it in grinder or mixer to a nice paste. Add the Sago to the mixer and grind it to smooth paste 
  3. Grind the green chillies, salt and hing to a nice paste . Take heavy bottomed pan or cooker. Heat 7 Cups of water and when it starts to boil, Add the rice+sago batter and stir well
  4. Now add the green chilli-salt-hing paste and stir well. Batter should become thick as well as cooked well. If needed, we can add the hot water slowly to cook the batter. We need to stir the batter well so that it gets tighten up and becomes thicker .
  5. When the batter is cooked well, switch off the flame. Cool off the batter and we can start making vadams. Take a clean white towel and place it in hot sun and take ommapodi mould and thenkuzhal mould. Add 1 handfull of batter to the press and press it to make ommadpodi and thenkuzhal vadam
  6. Let the vadam dry in sun. Allow it to dry for 1 day. After the vadams are dried completely, we can store it in a tight container and fry it when we require
  7. Crunchy & spicy Ommapodi & Thenkuzhal vadam ready!
  8. Ommapodi Vadam
    Ommapodi Vadam


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mami what is 1 ratio of water to the batter....does it mean that water and batter should be of same quantity?

They look good! and delicious too!
I would love to try them when I have the time to, I want to learn how to make something like this, I might have the chance to use it on cooking competitions.

You have not mentioned the addition of lemon juice.

I personally don't add lemon juice. But you can add it

Dear mami, I tried out this recipe the first time with 4 cups of rice and the vadams came out well. I tried out the next time with 6 cups of rice and I realised that I had made some mistake as the vadams are turning red after frying. I added lemon juice both times. Can you please advise me as to what could have gone wrong.



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