Apple Puree for Toddlers

"An Apple a day keeps the doctor away". A wonderful quote. Many beneficial health effects have been found from eating apples. Apples are indeed best fruit for the babies. Apples are rich in fiber which avoids constipation. Apples are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is the perfect start up for the babies. Though this apple puree recipe is very simple and not require a post, i thought this database for toddlers will help everyone.


Sweet dessert Apple - 1 no


  • Take a sweet dessert apple, wash it, peel the skin and make small pieces.
  • Steam the apple pieces or you can also grate it and cook it in medium flame by sprinking some water
  • When the apple is cooked completely, smash it and make it puree
  • This should we wonderful in taste and you can feed the baby. If in case, some apples are not sweet or sour, then we can add little honey and then feed
In the same way, we can try giving Banana for the babies. Its much simpler. We just need to smash the banana and feed. No need for cooking.

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Namaskaram maami

All your toddler food recipes were quite helpful for me. In fact i am strictly following only ur suggested recipes for my baby who is 6 mnths old now.

Recently i observed that my baby is getting constipated with the intake of apple puree. Will apple puree cause constpation ? Or is ir somethng else thas disturbing her bowel movements

Hi, apples are rich in fibre. In one apple there are 4gms of fibre. Fibre content is good for normal bowel movements. So i believe apple is not the root cause for your baby's constipation. You can take 5-6 raisins and put in a boiling water and allow it to boil for 5 minutes till the essence of the raisins are absorbed fully in water and water content is reduced half. You can then cool off the water and feed your baby. This will surely help with the constipation issues.

Namaskaram maami... Sorry for the delayed response ... First of all thnx for the suggestion and it really worked well ... My baby is respondng to raisins water .. thank you



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