Parboiled Rice Porridge for Toddlers( Puzhungal Arisi Kanji)

Parboiled Rice Porridge ( Puzhungal Arisi Kanji) is a very healthy dish for a new born baby. Better to start this by 5th month. It is always better to avoid Sugar. Always try to use Palm Sugar(Panam Kalkkandu) which is healthy and yet tasty for the babies. Palm Sugar is good even for diabetics patients as it contains minerals such as iron, magnesium chromium which are good for our body. For those who are residing in place where they don't get palm sugar can use pure honey instead of sugar or in abroad you can get cane sugar which is brown in colour.


Parboiled Rice(Puzhungal Arisi) - 1 kg
Omam - 50gms
Badam - 20
Cashew - 20
Palm Sugar - as needed

Method for preparing porridge flour:
  • Rinse the parboiled rice in water, and in a clean white dhoti or towel spread the wet rice evenly
  • Allow the wet rice to dry in the towel
  • Take the dried rice in a container and add omam, badam and cashew
  • Grind the above ingredients in a rice mill to a nice powder.
  • You can also try grinding it in a mixer in home in smaller quantities and sieve to remove lumps and again grind the lumps to get a nice kanji powder.
Method for preparing porridge:
  • Clean your hands and vessels to start preparing porridge. Hygiene is more important as this for the toddlers.
  • Soak some palm sugar in water, and extract the juice using a filter to avoid sand
  • After preparing the porridge powder,based on the age of the baby, take little quantity(1 teaspoon) on the first day and add little water to in and stir well to avoid lumps.
  • Keep the diluted porridge flour in flame and keep stirring and add little water again and make sure the porridge is cooked completely and it becomes semi-solid.
  • Add palm/cane sugar, and stir well and remove from flame.
  • Once the porridge cools off give it to baby in smaller quantities. Make sure this new diet suits your baby and does not upset their stomach.
  • Once this porridge suits your baby, then slowly increase the quantity.

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Hi could you please post more recipes for toddlers?

Sure Sahana, I am in the process of doing that. You would see more toddlers recipes in the near future.

How long can we store this in a container .thanks for sharing this.this is very usefull.what else can we feed for 6 month baby?


We can store the kanji mavu for longer period but we should not use wet hand while we take. You can see other types of porridge in this link

Can this Porridge given to elders also? if so should there be any changes? pl advise.

Can this porridge given to elders also? if so should there be any changes? pl advise.

Hi Annalakshmi,

For elders, we dont need to grind the rice to a nice powder. Rather we can break the rice in a mixer like a rawa and then cook it in pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles with more water so that it is cooked completely. Then we can add salt and we can fry the manathakali vathal in ghee and use it as a side dish. It is a very healthier porridge and very useful if we are not well or having high fever. It reduces the fever immediately and gives us more strength.

Hello mami,

Thanks for the useful post. I would like to let u know something about honey since u have mentioned that honey can be given instead of palm sugar. Usually doctors say that honey should not be given to kids less than one year old.


Hello, now a days the honey we get is not pure. Thats the reason doctors are not recommending, but if you are sure about the honey you buy, you can surely use it.

Hello Mam,
Its a great blog that you have :) Well, i just wanted to check if I can use these recipes for 4 months old baby ! I just can't wait to give my little one all these ...

hi can we use brown rice instead for all recipes you mentioned to use parboiled rice? Also, can healthy mix be given to 13m+ baby ?

Yes Reetika we can give the porridge for 13m baby. It is very healthy. First give very little quantity and check if ur baby stomach able to digest it then slowly increase the quantity. I have personaly not used brown rice but my sister used to alternate parboiled rice with brown rice. So give it a try.

This can be done only in saaptu puzhungalrisi?



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