Ragi Porridge | Kezhvaragu Kanji | Finger Millet Porridge for Toddlers

Raagi porridge is another healthier recipe for the toddlers. We can start this from the month of 4. Though doctors advice only mother's milk for first 6 months, many babies do not fully utilize the mother's milk, for such cases, Ragi porrodige is a boon. This porridge will not upset the baby's stomach and we can trust it fully. Many of the elderly woman advice us to soak the ragi over night and then allow it for another 12 hours till we get sprouts. But for those who are in abroad and where they cannot find rice mill, then we can use this alternate method.

Ragi Porridge is a healthier porridge for toddlers
Ragi Porridge | Kezhvaragu Kanji | Finger Millet Porridge for Toddlers

Preparation and Yield:
Preparation time4-5 hours
Cooking Time15 mins
Yield1/2 Cup

Ragi (Finger Millet/ Kezhvaragu)3 teaspoon
Palm sugar / Cane sugar1/2 teaspoon
Ghee1/2 teaspoon
Milk (optional)1 Cup
WaterAs needed

Ragi Porridge is a healthier porridge for toddlers
Ragi Porridge | Kezhvaragu Kanji | Finger Millet Porridge for Toddlers


  1. Soak the Raagi in water for atleast 4-5 hours. Drain the water and grind it in mixer along with water little by little.The Raagi will not be ground nicely, it will be coarse. We just need the milk which we get when we grind the raagi with water.

  2. Filter the Raagi milk using  strainer and take the milk aside in a bowl.

  3. Keep the filtered milk aside. Also soak the palm sugar  in the hot water to melt the sugar. Once the sugar melts, filter the mixture to remove any dust particles. The main purpose of this is to remove the dust from the palm sugar and also, the raagi milk will get cooked very quickly and if we add the palm sugar as cubes, the palm sugar will not get dissolved in the porridge. This porridge is mainly for the toddlers and infants and hence we need to take atmost care to take our the dust from palm sugar and also to ensure the porridge is smooth without any lumps

  4. Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add raagi milk and stir continuously, add water little by little and stir till the raagi milk is cooked completely and its consistency reaches the porridge consistency.Finally add palm sugar/cane sugar syrup and mix well and keep stirring till it becomes to a porridge consistency

We can give this as a semi-solid by adding little ghee and feeding it with a clean spoon or we can dilute this with milk and give it in feeding bottles using the nipples for thicker liquids
Give this in smaller quantities and increase it little by little once it suits the baby
Ragi Porridge is a healthier porridge for toddlers
Ragi Porridge | Kezhvaragu Kanji | Finger Millet Porridge for Toddlers

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shall i give this for 2 yrs old child

Hi ChendurPriya

For 2 year old child, you can give traditional health mix which includes raagi. I am in the process of publishing the recipe for health mix, which includes, soya beans, nuts, raagi, sabuthana etc which will be more healthier for a 2 yr old.

Hi Ma'am,

I follow your page regularly.
Can you let me know some healthy recipie for my THREE years son ?

Best Regards,

thank you mam i saw ur healthy mix post. thanks u so much

hi ma'am,

i stay in uae and we get the ragi powder. how do i use it to make the porridge?

Can I make this with the ready made Ragi powder?

Yes you can use ragi powderr also.

Thanks for the wonderful recipe mam. My baby is 3 moths old. Can i start now? I live in bangalore....so its chill here. Will ragi create cold in babies? Once again thank u

Mami can we give this ragi kanji even if baby has cold ?? because ragi kulirchi nu sonanga..

Hi, yes Raagi is kulirchi so it is better to avoid raagi if your baby is having cold. Once the baby recovers from cold you can continue. Raagi has high nutritional value so you can very well give this on other days

Hi Mami.. I'm giving ragi kanji for my 4 month old little girl.. Enga Patti Ku evlo omam podanum nu theriyama konjam athigama potuta.. Athu papa Ku othukuma?? Further ah continue panalama?? Omam evlo podanum.. Pls help me mami..

omam will not do anything but still if you have any confusion, then make ragi kanji again without omam and mix it with the rest of the kanji mavu



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