Aloo Methi

We can do a lot of side dishes with potato(Aloo). But Aloo Methi is one of my favourite dishes because of Methi leaves. Methi leaves is a God's gift to us. It is so health and an important herb that we should include very frequently in our cooking. It is rich in protien, calcium, iron. Minerals and vitamins are also very high. Both methi leaves and seeds tastes bitter but thas exceptional medicinal uses and also have many good things to boost our beauty.

Some known homeremedies with Methi(Fenugreek)

1. If we eat a teaspoon of methi seeds daily, we can get red of backache and other body aches as methi seeds are nourishing
2. For diabetes, we can eat a teaspoon of methi seeds or we can soak a teaspoon of methi seeds over night and grind it to paste and consume first thing in the morning
3. Fenugreek leaves which is rinch in iron is a good  medicene for Anemia
4. Fenugreen leaves helps in preventing hair loss and helps hair growth and also delays graying of hair
5. When applying the fenugreek leaves paste in the face helps in preventing pimples and wrinkles

I guess, i have given more information of the methi leaves. I hope, now everyone understands the benefits of Methi and will use th leaves and seeds in day to day life. Since the taste of leaves/seeds is bitter, we can prepare some wonderful dishes using methi and make our kids like this medicinal herb.

Now lets see how to prepare Aloo Methi
Aloo Methi
Aloo Methi


Potato(Aloo)6 medium size
Jeera (Cumin Seeds)1 tablespoon
Red Chillies2
SaltTo taste
Grated Ginger1 teaspoon
Grated Garlic1 teaspoon
Methi(Fenugreek) leaves1 Cup
Coriander Powder1 teaspoon
Turmeric powder1/4 teaspoon
Hing1/2 teaspoon
Oil2 tablespoon

Aloo Methi
Aloo Methi
  • Peel the skin of potatoes and chop it to a medium size cubes and soak it in water
  • Wash the methi leaves and finely chop it and sprinkle some salt and keep it aside for 30 minutes
  • Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, hing
  • When the cumins seeds starts to sputter, add grated ginger, garlic and broken red chillies
  • Now add chopped potatoes and mix well. Cover the pan with lid and let the potato cook till it is soft.
  • When the Potatoes are cooked,  add salt, chopped methi leaves and  coriander powder and mix well
  • Keep in low flame for 5 minutes. Finally add crushed Kasoori Methi and stir once and then switch off the flame. 
  • The yummy Aloo Methi is ready to serve hot with Chapatis/Rotis
  • Aloo Methi
    Aloo Methi


  • To get rid of the bitterness of the methi leaves, we can sprinkle little salt and leave it aside for 30 minutes before using methi leaves
  • Do not over cook the potatoes. The potatoes should be cooked completely at the same time it should not smash
  • If you need more masala taste, we can add 1/2 teaspoon of garam masala. I  prefer less masala in aloo methi so i have added only broken chillies

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