Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)

The vadai that we get in Anjeneyar temple as prasadham has an unique taste. The blend of crispness and the spice from pepper are devine. Many times I thought of preparing milagu vadai but today is the day when I finally achieved it. I made milagu vadai as an offering to Lord Anjeneya on this auspicious month of Margazhi. I nearly got the same taste and crisp of milagu vadai as given in the temple but still it would say that vadai prepared for neivedhyam are more tastier as we are offering to Lord and he is blessing us :-). So, why not prepare our own milagu vadai (Pepper Vada) and offer the God rather than just paying some amount to buy readymade vadas? OK, lets go to our preparation.

Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)
Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)

Preparation Time30 mins
Cooking Time45 mins

Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)
Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)

Urid dal1 Cup
Rice flour1 teaspoon
Pepper corns1/2 teaspoon
SaltTo taste (I have used 1 teaspoon)
OilFor Frying

Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)
Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)

  1. Clean the Urid dal and soak it for 30 minutes

  2. After 30 minutes, drain the water from urid dal using a strainer and keep it in the strainer till the water is drained completely

  3. Add the drained urid dal to the mixer

  4. Without adding water, grind the urid dal in the mixer to a coarse paste. If our mixer is not grinding it without water, just sprinkle a little water in regular intervals and grind urid dal to a coarse paste. Please make sure that you don't grind it into a very fine paste. It should be coarse. 

  5. To the coarse paste in the mixer, add the pepper corns and salt

  6. Just give a pulse or two to break the pepper corns and take the coarse paste in a bowl.

  7. To this urid dal paste, add rice flour and 1 teaspoon of hot oil and mix well

  8. Take a plastic paper and grease it with oil. Take 1 lemon size ball of the urid dal batter and place it on top of the plastic paper

  9. Cover the plastic paper with another greased plastic paper 

  10.  Place a flat bowl(Dabara) on top of the cover and press the bowl(Dabara) gently to make a flat round vada patti as thin as possible. Apply the pressure evenly. The patti should be very thin to get a crispy vada.

  11. Gently remove the top cover and keep the patti ready for frying. Make 3-4 patties as per the above said procedure

  12. Wet your index finger with water and make a hole in the middle.

  13. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. Check the oil hotness by dropping a small pinch of urid dal batter. If the batter raises immediately, the oil is ready for frying. Gently remove the plastic cover from the vadai patti and drop it in oil. Drop 3-4 vada patties depending on the quantity of our oil. Deep fry the milagu vadai on one side in a medium flame. Gently turn the vadai and fry it on other side till both the sides are fried crisply and they turn golden brown color. Remove the crispy vadai from oil and place it in a paper towel to drain excess oil

  14. The crispy and scrumptious milagu vadai is ready now for Neivedhyam.


  • Soak the urdal atleast for 30 minutes so that we can grind it to a coarse paste without adding water. 
  • Drain the water from urdal completely before grinding
  • The ground urdal batter should be coarse and not smooth
  • The reason we add hot oil to the batter is that the vadas will be crisper if we add hot oil
  • We can even take 2 teaspoon of split urid dal and mix it with urid dal batter to get crispy vada instead of rice flour
  • We should stand near the stove and keep the flame medium and fry the milagu vada so that it is not burnt 
  • Deep fry to make the vadas crisper
  • Store it in air-tight container and we can keep it for many days
  • Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)
    Milagu Vadai(Anjaneyar Vadai)

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Love this vadai ever... Flavorful...

Parthale sappidanum pola irukku, we will try this thanks for the receipe Sheila natarajan

maami, generally what do u do with the chutta ennai (remaining oil)

Thank you very much for the recipe..!! will try it out soon..!!

With your guidance from the blog i made this vadai for hanuman and offered as vada malai to hanuman-Thank you aunty :)

Mami i tried it out yday for hanuma janyanthi and it turned out to be super awesome :) crispy thin yummy :) thanks a lot for the recipe :) this is the first time i m trying my hands on making vadai :D m so happppppyyyyy :)

Thank you so much.. i tried it for the first time, came out very well.

Thank you so much... Milagu vadai came out very well.

How do we remove the vadais from the plastic sheet, you have said to make 3/4 at a time, how do we take it from the plastic sheet and put it in the hot oil for frying?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Mami, I have tried this vadai. It came out really well. Taste was also Superb ! My only concern was It was very difficult for me to take the patti from the plastic sheet and transfer to the oil pan. In the process of removing the patti from the cover , i lost the shape and also the crispiness...:) Please tell me where have i gone wrong ? Thanks you.

Hi Deepa, the batter should be thick without watery. Also the plastic paper should be greased nicely each time which will help us to remove the vada from the cover. After you remove, just wipe the plastic paper with a clean cloth and again grease it for the next vada.

Mami you recipes turn out the perfect way every time.. thank you for sharing...

can we use halved (broken) urad dal for this recipe instead of whole urad dal?

Hi thanks a lot... Jai Hanuman

Will surely try alwaysliked those prasadams in temple

Am a silent reader of your blog - thanks for the recipe, made this for Hanuman Jayanthi yesterday . Heres the link on my blog with a linkback to your recipe as source..


Hello Mam,
Can we prepare the recipe using 1 cup split urad dal, the other ingredients remaining the same? Will we get the same crispiness and taste?

I have honestly not tried with split urad dal. my mom used add 1 tablespoon of split urid dal to the vada batter to enhance the crispiness. But if you are planning to use only split urid dal, its better to use atleast 1.5 cups and use the rest of the other ingredients

Thank you Mam for your reply. I will try and inform you the result.

Thanks for the recipe. The vada came up well and tasted crispy. But most of it got buldged like poori. How can we stop that?



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