Aloo Paratha

Paratha is an Indian whole wheat bread variety. Paratha's can be made with many different fillings. The most favourite and popular filling is with Aloo(Potatoes).  Aloo paratha with plain curd and butter or with onion raitha is one of the usual recipes in northen part of India for Lunch. Even Aloo Paratha with our favourite pickle/chutney is a wonderful combination. We can either make cooked fillings or uncooked but cooked fillings always taste better than the uncooked. Here i have given the cooked version of filling. I always prefer to stuff more filling to get richer taste.

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a great lunchbox recipes for kids. We can cut each paratha into triangular pieces and keep it in lunch box. We can also keep cucumber raita or tomato raita as an accompaniment for lunch

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time20 mins

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

Ingredients for Paratha:

Wheat Flour2 Cup
Salt1/2 teaspoon
Water3/4 cups+3 teaspoon
Oil2 teaspoon

Ingredients for Filling:

Potatoes4-5 medium sized
SaltTo Taste
Oil teaspoon
Cumin Powder1/2 teaspoon
Coriander Powder1/2 teaspoon
Chilli Powder1/2 teaspoon
Green Chilli Finely chopped1/2 teaspoon(Optional)
Corainder leaves finely chopped1 teaspoon
Ginger-garlic paste1/2 teaspoon

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

  1. Take wheat flour in a bowl and add salt and 1 teaspoon oil and mix well. The oil which we add before preparing the dough help in making the paratha crispy. Add water little by little to make a smooth dough. Again add 1 teaspoon of oil and knead well. Close the bowl and let the dough rest for 15 minutes

  2. Meanwhile lets prepare the filling. Wash the potatoes and pressure cook it. You can also cook it in microwave.Peel the skin of the cooked potatoes and grate it nicely and keep it ready to prepare the filling. We can mix the masalas directly in this grated potatoes and mix well along with salt. This is the uncooked version. 

  3. Heat a heavy bottomed pan, add oil, an when the oil is hot, add ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, green chillies and salt and stir for a minute. Now add grated cooked potatoes and coriander leaves and mix well

  4. Keep the filling in flame for 1 more minute and then remove from flame. Now our aloo filling is ready to prepare scrumptious parathas. Take the wheat flour and cut it into equal pieces. Its always good to have equal pieces.

  5. Make small balls out of the cut dough. Take 1 ball of dough and using the rolling pin, roll it to a small circle. We can also use our hands to spread the dough to a small circle without using a rolling pin. Place one big ball of aloo filling in the middle of the rolled paratha

  6. Carefully close all the edges of the circle and remove the extra dough and pat the ball of dough in the middle to form a patti. We can grease our hands with wheat flour and slowly and evenly we can spread the paratha so that the whole filling is evenly spread. 

  7. We can also roll the stuffed paratha using a rolling pin. We can sprinkle some wheat flour before rolling so that the filling does not come out or stick in the rolling pan.  No need to roll so thin like a chapati. Make thicker paratha 

  8. Heat a tawa, add rolled paratha and add butter and allow the paratha to cook in one side. After sometime turn it to other side and cook it

  9. The yummy and crispy paratha is ready to serve with curd
  10. Aloo Paratha
    Aloo Paratha

  • Do not add too much of oil while preparing dough, as it may make the paratha brittle
  • If we dont have much time, we can just cook the potatoes and add the masala and salt and mix well, instead of cooking the masalas
  • While we spread the paratha after filling with our hands, we may get some air bubbles, gently break it using a fork and then keep rolling
  • Try to use more filling to get tastier parathas

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I like Alu Paratas. Only suggestion is not to use newspaper for spreading which is avoidable from health point. Thanks

All time my favorite parathas.Love to have any time.

I need one right now.... :)

This is the first time some one has given how much water to be used while making dough which is a key factor.Thank you very much. I am a subscriber and an admirer.
Great job!!

I love this and make it all the time. But I do not use ginger garlic paste and also do not saute the masala. I use all the powders direct into aloo without sauting in the oil.
I like this it is change from my routine recipe

Great recipe. Will Definitely try. note to creator recipe. Please keep posting delicious Recipes.

I love this Aloo paratha recipe. Aloo Paratha are my favorite and I love to try different parathas. This paratha recipe is refreshingly new. I am going to try

this.Can't wait to try it.thank you for shearing your post. Regards, Aalo Paratha

Hi I tried this recipe. It was so yummy. Thank you for sharing

what is good side dish of this aalo paratha?

Hi, for any parathas the best accompaniment is plain curd or raitha. I personally like cucumber raitha with aloo paratha

thanks for ur sharing :)



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