Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)

Porul - meaning,Vilanga - cannot understand, Urundai - balls", which denotes that, one cannot make out the ingredients that has gone into the making of this laddu. "Porivilanga" in due course time. Though it is very hard to bite, it is tasty and healthy as we are not using ghee/butter or refined sugar.

Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)
Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)

Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time20 mins

Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)
Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)

Bengal gram dal(Channa dal)1/2 Cup
Moong dal1/2 Cup
Parboiled rice1 handfull
Grated Coconut2 tablespoon
Grated Jaggery1 Cup
Water1 ladle
Caradmom powder2 teaspoon

  1. Heat a pan, add channa dal and fry till it becomes golden brown color. Take the fried dal aside

  2. Again add moong dal and fry till it becomes golden brown color. Take this aside

  3. Add parboiled rice, and fry it till it starts to sputter and take this aside

  4. Finally add grated coconut and fry it till it becomes red. Remove the fried coconut from flame and keep it aside

  5. Take all the dals and rice in a mixer

  6. Grind the dals and rice to a coarse powder
  7. Take the ground coarse powder in a plate and add cardamom powder and mix well

  8. Add water to the pan, when the water starts to boil, add grated jaggery and allow it to dissolve

  9. Add the grated coconut and stir occasionally to get a stone consistency

  10. Take a bowl of water, add a drop of jaggery juice. The jaggery syrup should not dissolve and if we take the jaggery syrup from water, it should not stick on to our fingers and should be able to roll like a ball. This is the correct consistency of the jaggery syrup
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  12. Remove the jaggery juice from the flame and pour it in the plate having the ground coarse powder

  13. With a spoon or edge of  the spatula, mix the jaggery syrup with the ground powder. Immediately, using our hands we need to take some quantity of the mixed ground powder-jaggery mixture and make it to a ball

  14. Repeat the above steps and make the remaining balls

  15. The scrumptious and nutritious Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai) is ready to serve
Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)
Porulvilangai Urundai(Porivilangai Urundai)
  • Moong dal rich in protien and the magnesium and iron present in jaggery helps nervous system
  • We can even use only moongdal instead of bengal gram dal
  • We can also add dry ginger powder(Sukku). We can add this along with cardamom powder and mix with the ground coarse powder and mix well. Sukku helps in digestion.
  • We should add the jaggery syrup little by little and mix with the coarse powder and make balls

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Very tasty balls..My mom used to add Chukku powder(dried ginger powder ) instead of cardamom powder.

made this for my kids and they loved it.



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