Sweet Somas/ Karchikai

Sweet Somas/ Karchikai/ Kajjikayalu/ Karanji is a scrumptious and famous sweet in Maharashtra. In TamilNadu we call this as Somas/Somasi. In Andra it is Kajjikayalu and in Karnataka it is Karchikai. In Maharashtra Somas is made as neivedhyam for Vinayaka Chaturti Festival. I make this often as it is very simple and a crispy sweet.

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Preparation Time45 mins
Cooking Time 40 mins
Recipe CategoryDessert
Recipe CuisineSouth Indian
Sweet Somas/ Karchikai
Sweet Somas/ Karchikai

Ingredients For Outer Cover:
Maida/All Purpose flour1 Cup
Rawa2 tablespoon
Salta pinch
Oil/Ghee1.5 Tablespoon
OilFor Frying

Ingredients for Filling:
Roasted Gram Dal1/2 Cup
Sugar3/4 Cup
Grated Coconut1/2 Cup
Cardamom Powder1/2 teaspoon

Sweet Somas/ Karchikai
Sweet Somas/ Karchikai

  1. Take the maida, rawa, oil and salt in a bowl
  2. Add water little by little and knead the flours to a nice soft dough. The dough should not be sticky but should be tough. Keep the dough aside for atleast 45 minutes. Meanwhile we prepare the filling and keep that ready
  3. Take the roasted gram dal in a mixer 
  4. Grind the roasted gram dal to a coarse powder. Coarse powder will have more taste than the nice powder. Take the coarse roasted gram dal powder in a bowl
  5. Add sugar and cardamom to the mixer and grind it to a nice powder. 
  6. Take a pan, add grated coconut and fry it till it gives us a nice aroma. We don't need to fry till it becomes red color. A Light brown color with a good aroma is enough
  7. Now mix coconut, coarse roasted gram dal powder and sugar powder and keep it ready. Now we are ready with the filling
  8. After 45 minutes, again knead the dough and make small balls out of it
  9. Take one small ball of dough and knead it to a small poori using a rolling pin.
  10. Using a flat plate or a round lid, we can press the poori and remove the excess dough and make a correct circular shaped poori
  11. Take 3 teaspoon of water and add 1/2 teaspoon of maida and make it as a paste. Wet your finger with the maida-water paste and gently apply it on the edges of the poori. This is to paste the poori to a semi circled shape after filling the poori. Now take 1 teaspoon of filling and place it in the middle of poori
  12. Carefully close poori to make it a semi-circle and press the edges to stick it properly. 
  13. Take a fork and gently make impression in the edges
  14. Repeat the process to finish the rest of dough
  15. Now heat oil in a pan, when the oil is hot enough, reduce the flame to medium flame. Gently drop 4-5 somas and fry it nicely on one side. Gently turn them to fry them evenly on the other side. Repeat the same to fry all the somas.
  16. The crispy and delicious Sweet Somas/Karchikai/Kajjikayalu/Karanji is ready to serve. We can sprinkle some icing sugar(powdered sugar) on top of somas before serving which will gives a yummy taste for the outer cover too...
  17. Sweet Somas/ Karchikai
    Sweet Somas/ Karchikai

  • The rawa added for the outer cover is to get a crispy outer. If you want a soft outer cover you can avoid adding rawa. 
  • Instead of rawa we can also use corn flour
  • We can also grind cashew/pistachio to a coarse powder and mix it with the fillings. This gives a rich taste while to bite the inner portion of somas
  • Always keep the flame in medium to fry. High flame would make the somas turn dark red and also we would get more bubbles in the outer cover
  • We can also use plain water instead of water-maida paste to cover the poori with the filling. Maida paste is used to make the the poori to close stiffly so the fillings will not come out while it is being fried in the oil
  • We can also use somas mould available in shops to get the impressions

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ye, but karanji is the sweet dish which is prepared during diwali here. not for ganesh chathurti. and the stuffing can be of dry coconut, kaju, badam, kishmish and rawa. this is actual karanji in north.

this sweet dish is well known at Maharashtra and is prepared during Diwali, and not during ganesh festival.
Also the stuffing can be made of grated dry coconut, rawa, cashewnuts, sugar, badam and kishmish.

Hi Geetha, Thanks for your comments. Read somewhere that it is being prepared for Ganesh Chaturthi. Thanks for pointing this out.

There is a Ganapati temple in Bangalore I forgot the name, where this sweet is made and weaved as garland and offered to the lord. Girls who are of marriageable age can do this to get married soon. It happened to some of my nieces.

Mami thanks for this receipe. I tried this just now. It looks awesome but looks like the outer cover has come out soft and not crispy. I did add Rawa to the dough. I am not sure what mistake I did. I have not tasted it yet as I have made this for naivedyam.

I tried this just now. It looks awesome but the outer cover seems soft and not crispy. Where could I have gone wrong mami? I have not tasted it yet as I have made this naivedyam.

Hi Rads, Adding Rawa/corn flour is mainly to get a crispy outer cover. We need to fry the Somas in a medium-low flame to get a nicely crispy somas. If we keep the flame high, then the outer cover will turn dark brown quickly and we think it has been fried and take it out and it will be soft. So try frying them in medium low flame to get crispy outer cover

thanks mami...the dishes are easy to make after seeing your recipes...usha



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