Arisi Paruppu Payasam

Arisi Paruppu payasam, a traditional Neivedhyam Payasam variety which we do it very often especially for festivals. Very simple and yummy dish. I have used milk for this payasam, we can also use coconut milk. Coconut milk will bring rich flavour to the payasam.

Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time 15 mins

Arisi Paruppu Payasam
Arisi Paruppu Payasam
Moong dal2 tablespoon
Raw Rice2 tablespoon
Channa dal1/2 tablespoon
Grated Jaggery5 tablespoon
Cardamom powder1/2 teaspoon
Boiled Milk1 Cup
Ghee1 teaspoon

Arisi Paruppu Payasam
Arisi Paruppu Payasam

  1. Heat a pan and add 1/2 teaspoon of ghee and fry the rice and dals till the dals turn golden brown color

  2. Take the fried items in a bowl and add 1/2 cup of milk and 1 cup of water and pressure cook it in low flame till the dals and rice are smashed nicely

  3. Smash the rice and dals nicely and keep it aside

  4. Heat the remaining ghee and add broken cashews and grapes till the cashews turn golden brown color. Do not fry too much as the raisins tend to turn black very quickly. Take the fried cashews and raisins in a separate plate

  5. Add the grated jaggery and add 1 tablespoon of water for the jaggery to dissolve. Strain the jaggery juice to remove the sand and keep the extracted jaggery juice again in flame. 

  6. When the jaggery juice starts to boil, add the smashed rice and mix well

  7. When the payasam starts to boil, add milk, fried cashews, raisins and cardamom powder and mix well. Remove the payasam from flame

  8. The yummy, mouth-watering Arisi Paruppu Payasam is ready for Neivedhyam or for Serving
  9. Arisi Paruppu Payasam
    Arisi Paruppu Payasam

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it came out very well, mami. Thanks a lot!

I am making this tomorrow, maami. I have kept everything ready - I am substituting the milk with coconut milk like you said. But I think, i should boil the dals in water and plain milk mixture and then add the coconut milk.. Anyways, I am sure it will turn out well... Enjoy the festival tomorrow.
Subbalakshmi Kumar

Aunty, did as per ur measurements.Really yummy. Perfect offering without tasting.Did for varalaxmi vrat

Can we cook in coconut milk?

Aunty: can you please post payatham paruppu kanji/payasam recipe with measurements? It is also called paruppu thootham and is had when fasting without salt.
Thank you



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