Elai Adai / Ela Ada / Plaintain Leaf Adai

Elai Adai / Ela Ada is a famous and traditional dish in Kerala. Boiled Rice and jackfruit steam cooked with jaggery and coconut and cardamom makes this dish a wonderful taste. As the dish is steam cooked, it is healthy too. There are 2 ways to prepare this mouth-watering dish, one way I have given below where I have grind all the ingredients together and steam cooked it. Other way is preparing the outer cover separately and then make the filling using coconut and jaggery and stuff the filling in outer cover and steam cook. The second method I will post soon. Lets see the recipe for 1st method.

Elai Adai / Ela Ada / Plaintain Leaf Adai
Elai Adai / Ela Ada / Plaintain Leaf Adai

Preparation Time2 hours
Cooking Time 20 mins

Boiled Rice1 Cup(200gm)
Jack Fruit15 pieces
Grated Coconut1/2 Cup
Grated Jaggery 1 Cup(200gm)
Plantain Leaf1

  1. Soak the rice water for 2 hours. After 2 hours drain the water and keep it ready with all other ingredients like jackfruit, grated jaggery, grated coconut along with cardamom

  2. Grind all the ingredients in a mixer just for 5 minutes. Do not add any water while grinding. The dough should be coarse and not so smooth. Now the batter is ready

  3. Cut the plantain leaves to small pieces. Take 1 tablespoon of ground flour and place it in the centre of the leaf

  4. Spread / pat the flour gently using a spoon and then fold the leaf

  5. Fold the corners of the leaf again to form a square 

  6. Repeat the same for the remaining flour

  7. Keep the folded and stuffed plantain leaves in a Idly plate

  8. Steam cook elai adai for 5 -6 minutes
  9. Remove the cooked elai adai from the idly plate 
  10. Gently open the leaf and take the cooked rice flour parcel and serve hot

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