Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe

For quite a long time, I have been thinking to publish this recipe. A very quick and simple, instant and yet very very delicious sweet dish. Best gift box sweet, particularly for Diwali. In many sweet shops, this chocolate burfi is displayed as "Double-decker Burfi" as the top layer is chocolate and the bottom layer would be khoya. Great dish taste wise as well as presentation wise. Also we are going to use Khoya which makes our effort very less. I have used homemade khoya. But we can also use store-bought Khoya. Now a days many working women are not finding time to make sweets and snacks. This would be a perfect dish for them.
Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe
Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe

Yield 10-12 pieces
Preparation Time5 mins
Cooking Time30 mins

Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe
Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe

Homemade Khoya *250gms
Milk1/4 Cup
Cocoa Powder2 tablespoon
Sugar1/3 Cup
Slivered Almonds1 tablespoon
Slivered Pistachios1 tablespoon

* We can also use store-bought readymade Unsweetened Khoya

Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe
Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe

  1. Grease a cake or burfi tin with ghee and set it aside

  2. Heat a pan. Add khoya. If you are using store-bought khoya, thaw as per the instructions and grate it add it to the pan. Add milk to the khoya and stir well

  3. Add sugar and mix well. Adding sugar dilutes the mixture. We need to keep stirring the burfi mixture in medium flame

  4. Allow the burfi mixture to cook till it becomes thick and doesn't stick to the sides of the pan. Do not overcook the burfi mixture as it will become hard and chewy. Pour half of the burfi mixture into the greased tin. Using a back of spoon level the mixture 

  5. Again heat the rest half of the burfi mixture in low flame. Add cocoa powder and mix well

  6. Add this cocoa mixture on top of the leveled plain burfi mixture. Grease the back of a spoon with ghee and using that level the top chocolate layer

  7. Garnish with nuts. Again using the back of spoon, gently pat the nuts so that it gets blended with burfi mixture.

  8.  Allow the burfi mixture to cool off completely. If you are in hurry, you can refrigerate the mixture for an hour. After 1 hour or when the mixture cools off completely, cut the burfi into pieces. 

  9. The delicious Double layered Chocolate Burfi ready to serve!
  10. Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe
    Chocolate Khoya Burfi | Double Layered Chocolate Burfi Recipe

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Yummy recipe. Sounds so easy. Thank you very much mami. One doubt. Can we make this recipe using milk instead of condensed milk? Then at which stage we should add sugar and cocoa powder? The condensed milk tin is costly, that's why I wish to use milk.

Hi Jayashree, You can very well use normal milk. Condensed milk eases our work thats it. With normal milk, allow it to boil and when 3/4th quantity is reduced, then add sugar and keep stirring till we get a palgova consistency. The whole milk mixture should start leaving the sides of the pan without sticking. That is where you need to take 3/4 of the khova and pour it in greased plate and add cocoa powder to the 1/4 khova and mix well and add it on top of the spreaded khova in tray. Rest all same procedure. Hope this helps.

Pls give recipe for Horlicks and Bornvita cake (Burfit) too. I was told that we should use Gram flour (kadala mavu) for it alongwith horlicks. pls give perfect ratio. Revathi Chari


I tried this recipie. But I cannot able to make pieces. The burfie after cooled also cannot able to separate. Mami, can you help me in this recipie. Thanks.

Hi Sheela, i guess you have removed the mixture much earlier. We have stir continously, till the whole burfi mixutre starts to roll like a ball and doesn't get stuck to the sides of the pan. If we remove much earlier, it wouuld be like a paste and we wouldn't be able to make paste. Also if we keep it in flame for a longer time, it would become powder. so we should be more cautious to see. When we think the whole mixture starts to roll like a ball, we can keep the flame very low and take very little quantity and try to roll them to make a ball. if you are able to make a ball out without sticking in ur fingers, then switch off the flame. but if the mixture sticks to your finger, then keep the burfi for another couple of minutes in flame and again do the test.

Hello Mami..I want to try this yummy recipe..but having one doubt 2 tin condensed milk =400 GMs or each tin contain 400 gms.Thanks

Hi Archana 1 tin = 400gms. so it should be double. I will correct the recipe. Thanks.


I tried this recipe but first time it stuck to the plate so I again put it bk on Flame & stirred it till it rolled like a ball & didn't stick to the side of vessel but it still was sticky like chocolate. After cool, it turned hard.. can u help me ?



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